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12 Treats Every Pregnant Woman Deserves

...besides back rubs on request and the right to pick the restaurant, of course!

  1. A great big shot of chocolate syrup in that decaf.
  2. A present on Mother’s Day, absolutely.
  3. A couple of really nice bras, even if they only fit you for a few months (hey, you’ll wear them on the way back down, too).
  4. The fanciest darn "mocktail" that bartender’s ever created. Umbrella? Yes. Cherry? Yes! Multitiered layers of carefully poured rainbow goodness? Oh, yes.
  5. A seat on the bus. Note: This is actually not a treat, it’s a right.
  6. Popcorn and candy at the movies.
  7. One get-out-of-a-forgetful-deed free card. Per day. No need to be above blaming hormones!
  8. One really nice pair of maternity jeans. Spend a little bit more and rationalize it by knowing how much use you’ll get out of them. Only $1 per wear. Bargain!
  9. A really great dream in which your belly’s back to size.
  10. That tacky but comfy lambskin seatbelt wrapper thing. Whatever gets you through the day!
  11. Two breakfasts.
  12. Quality tummy pictures you can look back on with a sense of wonderment that never really goes away.

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