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Pregnancy Month 8: "Getting close to the big day."

Photo credit: Getty

Month eight of your pregnancy brings more growth, for you and your baby. You might be starting to go to the doctors on a more regular basis and you may even be imagining what your baby will look like from your sonograms. You’re getting close to the big day, so it’s important to stay comfortable and start daydreaming about what your life will look like once baby has arrived in your arms.

As your baby grows, you may find yourself getting kicked, elbowed and poked by your little acrobat. Karen, a mom based in Japan, had an especially funny experience with her son when she was pregnant. According to Karen, she “remembered how difficult it was to be a very ticklish person during my pregnancy exams. I remember how surprised I was that my son's tumbling tickled me frequently in the last months before he was born! He loves to hear me tell him the stories now, especially when he is gasping for air after a family tickle-fest!”

For Corey, a New York City father of twin girls, the eighth month was particularly memorable. “All through my wife’s pregnancy she had to go to the doctor every two weeks because we were having identical twins and they constantly needed to monitor the fluid to make sure it was equal. The doctors and nurses kept telling us that at 32 weeks the big worry would be over. When we got to the 32-week appointment it was like a mini celebration in the doctor’s office when we saw both girls in their own, pretty equal sacs. And, it actually looked like they were high fiving each other on the sonogram!”

Though you may not be able to see your toes and you may feel aches and pains in new places as your belly expands to accommodate your growing baby, this month is a time when a lot of memorable changes are happening. Give in to your nesting instincts and use this time to start a prologue in a baby book to create memories before your child even enters the world.

This article is part of our Pregnancy Month-by-Month series. Parents who have "been there" share their memories with parents just starting their journey toward parenthood. To read the next article in the series, click here.

By Rebecca Levey
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Pregnancy Month 8: "Getting close to the big day."

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