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Pregnancy Month 1: "No, you don't have the flu. You're Pregnant!"

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The first month of pregnancy is one of discovery and anticipation. It's unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Suddenly, you realize the baby you’ve been imagining is actually growing in your body. During those first weeks, your excitement swings between telling those closest to you and wondering what the journey ahead will look like. We asked parents to share their memories of this very early time in their pregnancy. 

A mom's intuition can be pretty powerful, at least according to Edith, a New York City-based mom of two. “We had been trying to conceive for about nine months. One winter day I felt awful. Had chills, felt tired and weak. Called my mom to complain. 'No, you don't have the flu. You're pregnant. It's your hormones.' She was right. Of course, she’s an OB-GYN!”

The news of pregnancy can be exciting, but feelings of anxiety are normal as well. Mandy, a mom in Nashville, Tenn., remembers finding out about her pregnancy while her husband was away.  “We had been trying to get pregnant for six months or so, and I knew that my husband was still hesitant. I wasn't sure how he would respond when I found out I was pregnant. He was on a trip, so my plan was to tell him in person when he got home.  After I told him I was pregnant, he shared with me that while on his trip, a woman holding a baby on his flight needed to use the restroom. While he was holding the baby, a peace came over him that he was ready to do this parenting thing." 

It's never easy to predict how long it might take to become pregnant. For Jessica, a mom in Queens, New York, she figured it would take a while to conceive since she was over 35. "I bought a pregnancy test a few days before my period was due thinking that it would be negative and that that was okay because we had just started trying. I didn't even wait for my husband to get home. I was so surprised to see the plus sign for positive that I took two more tests before calling my husband to tell him. And then took another test when he got home. I've never felt so lucky."

No one forgets the moment they found out they were pregnant, and it’s a story that your kids will probably love to hear as well. Keeping a journal of your pregnancy throughout the 40 weeks will keep those memories preserved and allow you to relive the best moments with your kids for many years. Consider this the starting point of your family’s story.  

This article is part of our Pregnancy Month-by-Month series. Parents who have "been there" share their memories with parents just starting their journey toward parenthood. To read the next article in the series, click here.

By Rebecca Levey
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