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Maternity Must-Haves: What You Need to Get Through Pregnancy

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You’ll probably spend a good portion of your pregnancy focusing on crib sheets, wallpaper, all those adorable little onesies, and much more.

After all, there’s a lot your baby will need once they arrive. And it just so happens, shopping for your little one is one of the more fun things you’ll do during your pregnancy...

At the same time, though, it’s important to cater to your own needs during this profound, beautiful, life-affirming, and, yes, intense time.

The good news is there are many products to help make life better while you’re carrying your little one.

Here are a few mommy-to-be must-haves for your shopping list.

  • Exercise tracker: Although it may be hard to drag yourself to the gym, you know it’s good for you and your baby. Get an exercise device, or download an app on your phone to count your steps, monitor your heart rate, and help keep you on course. Your baby and your body will appreciate it. Keep in mind, moms-to-be should consult with their physician on any routine to make sure it’s safe for them.
  • Fitness gear: It might be nice to purchase some maternity fitness wear that not only has stretch where you need it, but extra support and length to cover your bump. You’ll be able to wear these pieces even after your baby is born. And don’t forget a comfy, supportive maternity sports bra. It’s an essential component of your pregnancy wardrobe.
  • Body pillow: As your belly grows, you may find it difficult to get a good night's sleep. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll have to find a new position. Try snuggling up to a full-length body pillow that offers your belly some support and comfort.
  • Comfy shoes: You may covet a pair of heels, but now’s the time to think practical. As your center of gravity shifts, your feet may swell—and even grow a size or more—during pregnancy. You’ll need something supportive so that you don’t topple over, but also comfortable to keep you moving. Think cute flats and fashionable sneakers.
  • Maternity jeans: You can only get away with squeezing into your regular pants for so long by leaving the tops unbuttoned. In may be time to invest in a quality pair of maternity jeans that’ll grow with you and your bump.
  • Maternity belt: Pregnancy can take a toll on your stomach, hips and back. Fortunately, there are many shapes, sizes and varieties of abdominal bands designed to help you carry the extra weight without strain. Look for an adjustable maternity belt that’s machine washable.

This list is, of course, not all-inclusive—your own needs will be as unique as you are. Consider it a bit of food for thought and a reminder to be good to yourself during this life-changing time in your life. 




By Bethany Kandel
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