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Baby stuff you don't have to buy: Non-essential baby supplies

Feel free to nix these baby supplies from your shopping list and just stick with the bazillion other things you’re planning to get.

1. Lots and lots of precious baby outfits
Yes, miniature rompers are the height of cuteness, but here’s the truth: Your newborn will likely be living in a tightly wrapped blanket 24/7 for at least the first few weeks of her life. What is worth buying: A cute cap and blanket for bringing your tot home from the hospital.

Beautiful crib sheets/quilts/bumpers
More important: Having a whole bunch of backup sheets for incidents involving pee, spit-up, and other surprises. As for bumpers and quilts, keep those out of your baby’s crib until she’s at least 12 months old. The reason: They can cause suffocation or contribute to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

A bottle warmer
Placing a prepared bottle in a cup of hot water for a few minutes works just as well.

Lots of teeny bottles
Skip those smaller 4-ounce bottles, which your baby will only use for a few months, and just partially fill full-size ones for the time being.

5. A baby wipes warmer
Some moms love ‘em, but you can easily get by without a baby wipes warmer. Truth is, most babies are fine with room-temperature wipes, especially if that’s what you use from the very beginning. Besides, you can always warm a wipe up in your hands for a few seconds before using.

6. That expensive stroller
Since many strollers are designed for when baby can sit upright comfortably (around three months), you can easily go without one for a while. Instead, start with a lightweight stroller frame that’s designed to fit your car seat. Simply snap the car seat to the stroller frame, and off you go. The baby stays bundled and comfy, and you can spend a few more months researching strollers. Win-win.

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