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The Best Rainy Day Games

Super-fun activities for toddlers that make it sunny inside.

Freeze dance. Crank up some favorite tunes and let your kids start dancing. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in whatever position they’re in. "My oldest absolutely loves this game and would play every day if I let her!" says Kelly Clower, a mom of two in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Animal dice. "Animal dice has become a huge hit at our house," says Kim Young, a mom of three in Carbondale, Illinois. "All I did was take some regular dice and then cover them with animal stickers I purchased at the dollar store. Usually, we roll a die and act like whatever animals comes up. Other times, we roll the die and then research the animal online—we’ll find out about its habitat and what it eats."

Fort building. This transforms any living room into Fun Central: Drape a heavy blanket over two chairs, and put a small radio, a flashlight, and books inside. No parents allowed!

Scavenger hunt. Create a list of objects for your child to find around the house, using images you’ve printed off the web. Set a timer and see how many items they can find within a time limit.

Color game. Spread out colored sheets of paper all over your living room floor and then hand your child a few beanbags, suggests Allison McDonald, a mom of two in Seattle, Washington. "Call out a color and let your child toss a bean bag toward the color you called out. At first, my son had a problem getting the bean bags close enough, so I switched to letting him just run to the correct color. The game was and still is a big hit."

Mirror me. Kids love to imitate mom and dad—give them a chance to make it into a game! Stand across from your child and tell him to do everything you do. Raise a hand, move your head from side to side, shake your rear! Start simple and gradually make the moves more difficult. Then take a turn mirroring your child. Enjoy!

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