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If you're an expecting parent, try Huggies® parenting tools to calculate your due date, predict your baby's gender, find baby names, and more!

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Baby Name Finder

Still unsure on a name for your little one? Whether you’re looking to narrow down your choices or want some fresh inspiration, why not use our baby name finder tool to get some new ideas?

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Due Date Calculator

Nothing shakes up your life quite like finding out you're pregnant does. Once you’ve processed the news that you’re going to be a mom, we can help you to find out your estimated date and get ready for your baby's arrival!

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Gender Predictor

If it’s too early to have your second-trimester ultrasound and you can’t really wait to know whether your little one's a boy or a girl, try our tool! Our Chinese gender predictor tool predicts your baby’s gender by calculating the lunar date when you conceived and your estimated lunar due date.

Predict Gender



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Diaper changing is a delicate art. Master it and everyone will be happier. Here's how.

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