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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way and Huggies wants to help. Explore articles and videos on everything from baby names to nursery decor. Get checklists for planning a baby shower, fun ideas for diaper cakes, and more so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.

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Third Trimester To-Dos

Pregnant mom admiring her belly in the mirror​

Top 10 Must Haves For The Nursery


Hang a safe, exciting mobile over the crib and keep the little one happy and content as she falls asleep. Try a black-and-white one during the first few months as she learns to follow high-contrast shapes and objects. Some mobiles even have clips where you can change out the cards or insert family photos.

Glider rocker

Whether it's a large, overstuffed chair or a simple rocker, a quiet, comfy spot is important for breastfeeding, bottle feeding or just rocking the little one to sleep. Pick a comfy one — you'll be spending a lot of time here.

Changing pad and diaper caddy

You don't need to invest in an expensive changing table or dresser with a top — just find a functional changing pad for diaper time. Most are waterproof, with removable covers that are easy to wash. And, you can use a simple wicker basket with a handle as a portable diaper caddy. That way you always have easy access to diapers and wipes.

White noise

Capitalizing on the fact that babies find white noise soothing, many companies make machines that produce sounds such as a rainstorm, a babbling brook — or even the sounds the baby heard inside the womb. Some look like small radios, while others are tucked inside cute stuffed animals. Be careful not to rely completely on these magic wonders, because some children become addicted to the noise and cannot sleep without it. Use only when needed, and you will understand why these are so popular.

Ceiling fan

Overhead fans have been promoted as helping to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when installed in a nursery. You don't have to run it at full speed to keep a nice breeze moving throughout the room.

Trash can

Whether you choose the Diaper Genie or a simple receptacle with scented garbage bags, you will appreciate the proximity of this item to the changing table. When the trash cans nearby, it's easy to toss out diapers, wipes and other items to keep the nursery clean.

Temperature with control

Babies need to sleep at a different temperature than adults, and they're not able to regulate their own body temperatures. A thermostat just for the nursery helps you keep a handle on the situation and ensure that Baby has an optimally healthful environment in which to snooze.

Play mat or rug

Tummy time is very important for newborns. Buy a mat or rug on which your baby can lie in the beginning months while playing with family members. Later on, you can set his toys out on the rug, which the baby will learn is his special spot.


No matter the age of the baby, the benefits of reading to her are incredible. Read often to the baby, and she will learn to cherish and look forward to this time with you. Knowing this, you can never have too many books (you probably received many as shower presents). Find an accessible space to store them, and in doing so, show her that books are an important part of her world.

Calming colors

While many parents want to go wild with bright green or fire-engine red in the nursery, such choices can keep a baby awake or make her anxious. Soft, calming colors are far better for a baby's sleeping area. Paint stores offer low-VOC paints that are almost odorless, are non-toxic and come in a variety of pastels and soothing colors.


Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Diapers at Disney Parks

Going on a Disney vacation with your baby or toddler is an exciting time for many parents — but as you might imagine, taking your child’s usual gear and routine on the road can be a little tricky! One part of that daily routine is, of course, diaper changes. Where will you change Baby? What do you do if you need supplies quickly?

Luckily, we’ve gotten the scoop on all things diaper at the Disney parks, and there are lots of options. Walt Disney World and Disneyland make the process logistically easy, in order to help families through every diaper contingency.

Where to Change Your Baby

For routine diaper changes, it doesn’t get much easier than at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The Disney parks and Disney resort hotels provide so many readily accessible places for a quick diaper change. You’ll never have to walk any farther than the closest bathroom to find a clean and convenient changing table. There is at least one (and usually more) in every bathroom. Consider packing your own changing pad to keep things clean and comfy for Baby.

Want even more changing table space with other amenities for diaper changes? Head to one of the Disney Baby Care Centers. There’s one in each park at Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and at Disneyland (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park). At the Baby Care Centers, parents will find a number of additional changing tables plus plenty of baby supplies for purchase. Plus, they have quiet spots for nursing, pumping, or bottle feeding.

Purchasing Diapers in the Parks and Hotels

If you need diapers (and are in a park) simply head to the nearest Baby Care Center. The Baby Care Centers stock a limited supply of wipes and Huggies® diapers in a few different sizes. Not every diaper size will always be available, but there is always enough variety to work in a pinch. The most popular sizes — 3, 4, and 5 — are the most commonly found.

Alternatively, you may be able to find diapering supplies in regular bathrooms too. Select bathrooms in the Disney parks sell diaper-changing kits in wall-mounted vending machines for about $1.50. Those quarters you packed for pressed penny machines could do double duty for meeting your diaper needs.

One last on-property location where diapers are commonly available is gift shops. Larger shops, in places like Disney Springs or in the Disney hotels, commonly stock Huggies® diapers in several sizes just like in the Baby Care Centers.

Headed to a water park or pool? Disney has thought of that as well. There are Huggies® Little Swimmers® available for purchase in the gift shops at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach as well as swim diapers in most Disney hotels for use in the pools.

Off-Site Diaper Supply Options

If you need a larger supply of diapers, there are plenty of other options short of packing a suitcase full of diapers for your Disney vacation. Consider ordering diapers from an online retailer and shipping them ahead to your Disney resort hotel. Put your name and check-in date on the box and the hotel will hold it for your arrival. Or, you could look into one of the grocery delivery services in Orlando or Anaheim. Thankfully, diapers can be delivered just like any other essentials your family might need.

For Those Unexpected Moments

Bring a change of clothing or two along with you in your park daypack for any unexpected diaper messes. Pack whatever you might need to clean up Baby, your stroller (and even yourself). Also, if you need a clothing change, Disney gift shops are always nearby ready to sell you either baby or adult clothing that can double as an outfit change and souvenir.

Potty Training at Disney Parks

If your toddler is potty training, keep in mind that the Disney Baby Care Centers and select resort hotels and gift shops stock Pull-Ups® Training Pants in addition to diapers. The Baby Care Centers also are the only place you can find smaller kid-sized toilets. Disney certainly makes it as easy as it can be for little ones who are potty training!

Some of the information in this post may have changed after this writing. Please visit Guest Services online at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, or ask Disney Parks Moms Panel to confirm current policies.

Image : Disney


Co-Ed Baby Showers Honouring Both Mom and Dad

Who says baby showers have to be for women only? Guys want to have fun, too, since they're just as excited about the little one on its way. Some couples may split up and do his and her showers, but others join forces and have co-ed celebrations, inviting fathers, brothers, uncles and male friends, too.

For the best outcome, ask your better-half if he wants to join in and then come up with a theme that works for you both. You may want to stay clear of anything too “girly” and some of the traditional shower games if there will be guys attending. Not to worry, there are plenty of activities that work for mixed genders and can be just as muchif not morefun

Here are some party ideas to get you started:

  • Literary Lunch: Have everyone bring their favourite children’s book to start baby’s library off right. Ask them to write a special message to baby inside instead of a card. Print up quotes from some of the most popular kid's books and let the guests guess which title it’s from for great prizes.
  • Backyard Baby-Q Bash: A perfect co-ed theme for your bun in the oven is a barbecue – or Baby-Q -- with burgers on the grill and a special bun in the oven. Do a toppings bar with everything from mustard and ketchup to chili, shredded cheese, sautéed onions and peppers, sauerkraut, and more.

Instead of spending hours opening presents, Mike Mohammed and his wife Ana played lots of games at their party. “We were very competitive and played guess the baby food, place the egg in the ovary (like pin the tail on the donkey) and how big is mama’s belly,” says Mohammed, a new dad who wouldn’t have expected anything but a co-ed baby shower before his son was born. After all, he too was becoming a parent, not just his wife, he says. “We did a BBQ with lots of food, beer, tunes and fun games we all played together.”

Here are some other games to play at a co-ed shower:

  • Have a relay where teams have to diaper a baby doll, open and eat a container of baby food and dress a doll in record time.
  • Open a bag of Huggies and have guests add their own message with colourful permanent pens. New parents will get a laugh at the jokes and advice when it’s time to change baby, especially in the middle of the night.
  • Instead of the Newlywed Game, play a Parenting Guess Who with questions about the new mommy and daddy. Whose belly is bigger? Who got to name the baby? Who weighed more at birth? Everyone fills out an answer sheet and the one with the most correct answers wins a prize.
  • And then there’s a classic: have everyone bring a baby picture of their own and try to figure out who’s who at the party.

The secret to a co-ed bash is just to have fun honouring both mom and dad. “I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” says Mohammed, of his co-ed festivity.

Image : Getty


Nursery Design: It’s All About the Details

Baby will soon be here, so let the decorating begin. You’ve bought the core pieces for the nursery – the crib, changing station, dresser and rocker – and now it’s time to add the details. Have some fun with touches of your personal style, bright splashes of color, elements that reflect the baby’s gender if you know it, or even some of your own childhood favorites.

After all, a baby’s room is much more than the essentials. It should be a warm, comfortable space to welcome baby home. Here are some ways to personalize the space for your little one:


Think non-permanent. Baby grows so fast and so will his or her interests, so make it easy to adapt the art and decor. Accent the walls with removable peel and stick wall decals and borders, like those from Choose from adorable animals, trees, alphabet letters and nursery rhymes. 

Floor coverings

Rugs are a great way to add color, pattern or theme to a room. Babies are messy little creatures so choose one that’s stain resistant and easy to clean. Rugs may harbor less dust and allergens than carpets, plus, they have a shorter life span and can be moved around or replaced easily if your décor changes. Be sure to add nonslip padding underneath for safety.


Choosing sheets is a great way to focus the color or theme of baby’s nursery. If you know baby’s gender, you may decide to go pink or blue; if not, go with a more generic palette of turquoise, yellow, white or a mix of primary or pastel colors that work for both. The best thing about sheets is that you can change these often and thus change the highlight of the room. You may also want to choose window treatments, rugs and other elements that pick up some of the same colors.


This is the key to an organized room that feels comfy without being chaotic. Use open, color-coordinated storage cubes for quick cleanups at the end the day. Find fun shapes and sizes that become part of the room’s design.If you use a toy chest, be sure to follow CPSC guidelines to protect children from getting stuck inside. Choose one with a detached lid or a lid support device to hold the lid open in any position, has ventilation and no latch. With other storage units, be sure they cannot topple over and can be attached to the wall for safety.

Personal touches

It’s nice to add some family history to baby’s room. Perhaps you have something special saved from your childhood…a collection of your favorite Dr. Seuss books, a well-worn stuffed animal, or even a photo of you as a child that you can hang or put on a shelf. You can also blow up photos of relatives and put them in colorful frames so baby will get familiar with his or her loved ones.

Image : Getty


Valentine's Day Baby Names

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day and the birth of your little one in the month of February, you are in for a totally love-filled month. Why not follow your heart and let those joyful feelings inspire you when it comes time to name baby?

Of course, baby names inspired by Valentine’s Day aren’t just for February newborns. Maybe you’re having baby with your one true love, or you just want a way to express the amazing unconditional love that you feel for the little one that you are bringing into the world.

Think that a Valentine’s Day related baby name might be for you? Here are some sweet options to help you get started.

Lovely names from other cultures

It has been said that love is a universal language. If you agree, you might want to consider these love-related names that represent a variety of languages from around the world.

  • Ai
    Means: Love in Japanese
    Best for: Girls
  • Anwil
    Means: Beloved in Welsh
    Best for: Boys
  • Chikondi
    Means: Love in the African language of Chichewa
    Best for: Girls or boys
  • Corazón
    Means: Heart in Spanish
    Best for: Girls
  • Elam
    Means: Forever in Hebrew
    Best for: Boys
  • Flor
    Means: Flower in Spanish
    Best for: Girls
  • Sofian
    Means : Devoted in Arabic
    Best for: Boys
  • Tamu
    Means: Sweet one in Swahili
    Best for: Boys or girls
  • Aimée/Amy
    Means: Beloved in French
    Best for: Girls

Poetry & Flowers

These baby names are for true romantics who believe that poetry and flowers are essential expressions of love.

  • Elizabeth:
    The prominent English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning authored the famous love poem “How do I love thee?”
  • Rosso:
    This boy’s name is the Italian word for red, which of course is the ultimate color for roses and all things Valentine.
  • Rose:
    The traditional Valentine’s Day flower also doubles as a classic girl’s name that has vintage flair.
  • William:
    Name your son after the poet William Wordsworth, who helped start the Romantic Age in English literature.
  • Poésie:
    Oui, this elegant girl’s name literally means poetry in French.

Romantic Places

Salute the spirit of love by naming your little one after some of the world's most beautiful and romantic destinations.

  • Paris:
    This famous French city is known throughout the world as being the city of love.
  • Seychelle:
    The Republic of Seychelles is an 115-island country off the coast of East Africa and it’s known to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.
  • Bali:
    This exotic Indonesian island is a favourite honeymoon spot and would make a great name for a boy or a girl.
  • Sevilla:
    This is the name by which Spaniards know the city Seville, which is often referred to as the most romantic city in Spain. It just might be the perfect moniker for your baby girl, too.

Image: Getty



5 Classic Gifts Your Baby Will Love This Holiday

By Keiko Zoll,

It's hard to imagine that your baby will remember his or her first holidays, or even their first few winter holidays, for that matter! But that doesn't mean they should miss out on all the fun of holiday presents and gift-giving.

Here are five classic gift ideas that any baby or toddler will adore this winter holiday season!

1. Plastic Blocks
While wooden blocks evoke a timeless image of childhood fun, I advocate for soft plastic or silicone blocks for little hands. They're easy to rinse off in case of the accidental spilled juice or milk, and if they're scattered all over the playroom floor, they'll hurt a lot less if you step on them! Blocks are such a fantastic developmental toy for babies and toddlers of any age, getting them to work on fine motor skills and concepts like stacking, sorting, and even counting.

2. Board Books
Reading is so important, even to the littlest, tiniest baby! Board books are especially resilient to tiny, curious hands. They're also small enough to fit in a stocking - or more importantly, a purse or diaper bag for quick engaging play on the go!

3. Stuffed Toy or Animal
Just like a security blanket, every child has a favourite stuffed toy. It might be their favourite character or perhaps a teddy bear that's been passed down for generations. Whatever it is, just make sure it's age appropriate. And here's a special tip: assuming it's not handmade, buy two, just in case one gets left at the zoo or the park by accident!

4. Security Blanket
Whether you call it a blankie, a minkey, a silkie, a lovey or something else entirely, there's nothing more iconic that a little baby carrying around their favourite blanket! Choose something soft and durable, because you know your little one will be taking it with them everywhere.

5. Musical Instruments
Don't worry - you don't have to go out an buy a grand piano for your baby! But something as simple as a rattle or drum is perfect for the littlest babies during the holidays. Older babies and toddlers will appreciate instruments like tambourines and xylophones. Music is a great way to teach vocabulary (think song lyrics) and basic counting and math skills through rhythm. And what little one doesn't love banging on a drum or keyboard?

What are some of your favourite holiday gift ideas for baby? Share your baby holiday wish lists in the comments!


Is it a Boy or a Girl? Diaper Cake Ideas for the Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? When the mom to be doesn’t know (or doesn’t want to reveal) the sex of her expected baby, a gender-neutral baby shower is the way to go. But, being gender neutral doesn’t mean boring or drab, it simply means the mystery can be part of the fun.  From invites to favors, there are so many themes that don’t require knowing if it’s a boy or girl on the way.  And of course, don’t forget a key décor element to any baby shower - the diaper cake.

Diaper cakes make the perfect centerpieces for a tablescape at the shower. They are a whimsical way to extend the theme of the shower, and supply your host with loads of diapers, which she will certainly need no matter the sex of the baby! 

Check out tutorials online for how to DIY a tiered diaper cake, and then personalize it for the guest of honor by using one of these diaper cake ideas for the gender neutral baby shower.

Circus Diaper Cake- One thing is for sure: once a baby arrives, life will never be boring. Create a circus diaper cake by tying the diaper tiers with red and yellow striped ribbons that mimic the “big top.” Place stuffed toy lions, elephants, and tigers around the cake and atop the lower layers, and finish with a plush clown doll. 

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake- Bath time will be a part of the new parents' nighttime routine for a very long time. Create a rubber ducky diaper cake by wrapping the diaper tiers in yellow ribbon and arranging various styles of rubber ducks on top of the layers. You can play up the bath theme by putting together a few bath time essentials such as small, soft washcloths, mild baby soap, and baby lotion in a mini bath caddy that tops the cake.

What Will the Baby Bee Diaper Cake- Don’t know what the sex of baby will "bee"? Turn the mystery into a pun with a bumblebee theme. Use yellow polka dot ribbon to encircle the diapers, and bumble bee printables to decorate the cake. Then top with a jar of honey or a small bunch of fake flowers for an extra sweet touch.  

Blue and Pink Diaper Cake- Take a cue from the hospital nursery wards that give newborn babies pink and blue striped hats so that they don’t have to worry about which baby gets which.  Alternate the decorating details of the diaper layers with pale blue and pink ribbons and top it with some baby necessities such as a bouquet of pacifiers.

Not knowing the sex of the baby is no reason not to produce a special and unique shower and diaper cake. Instead, use the mystery as a jumping off point for an entertaining and creatively themed celebration.

Image : Getty


Double the Fun! Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Double the anticipation. Double the love. Double the presents! Planning a baby shower for twins means having double the fun, and tapping into some creative themes that emphasize the adorable reality of welcoming two babies at a time. From the tried and true, to more unusual, here are some twin baby shower ideas that are sure to make double the celebration.

Noah’s Ark Shower: The animals came two by two and so will these new babies! With a Noah’s ark theme you can easily find invitations and other animal themed décor in your local party store or online. You can also incorporate small plush animals such as monkeys, elephants, and giraffes into your décor, and top a diaper cake with a big basket of animal bath toys, for decorative touches that are perfectly on theme and make sweet gifts for the mom to be.

Two Peas in Pod Shower: It’s inevitable when you’re having twins that someone will call them, “two peas in a pod.” But no matter how well-worn that term may be, it’s true that seeing two little babies swaddled up napping together is incredibly precious. Capitalize on the peas in pod theme with a green and white color scheme, and foods such as jellybeans in shades of green, minted pea salad, and limeade.

“&” The Ampersand Shower: Think of famous pairs and things that naturally go together to build a theme around the idea of “and.” Serve food such as peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, mac and cheese, strawberries and cream, and milk and cookies. Create favor bags from famous candy like Good ‘n Plenty, M&Ms, Now & Laters, and Mike & Ikes. And speaking of pairs, diapers and wipes make a great gift. 

Tea for Two Shower: An afternoon tea is always a lovely idea for a baby shower, but when it’s centered around twins tea for two takes on a whole new meaning. Think elegant and shabby chic, mismatched china, finger sandwiches, scones and petit fours to create the ultimate grown-up tea party. Decorate with tea roses, silver vases and serving pieces, and sparkling glass tumblers.  

There are some twin baby shower essentials that will be the same no matter which theme you choose. A twin mom needs plenty of diapers so be sure to create an extra large diaper cake, or even two diaper cakes to help stock her up for the many, many diaper changes ahead. Be sure to check with the mom to be to find out if she will be dressing her twins alike or not, and then let your guests discreetly know so she doesn’t get a slew of matching outfits that she may not want.

Above all, enjoy the special details that make a twin shower twice as nice!


Image : Getty


Nesting & Spring Cleaning: What to Know

If you’re expecting a spring or summer baby, your nesting instincts may be kicking into overdrive really soon. While not everyone will get the nesting urge, those who do tend to experience that sudden burst of energy and compelling need to get absolutely everything ready for baby during their third trimester. 

Since nesting is all about prepping your home for your little one’s arrival, spring cleaning may quickly rise to the top of your to-do list at this time of year. But before you rush out to load up on supplies, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help keep you and baby safe during your spring-cleaning marathon. 

Take a Pass on the Paint

Yep, sprucing things up with a fresh coat of paint is not recommended. The EPA states that all pregnant women should avoid being exposed to paint fumes—they are dangerous for both moms and babies. Even water-based paints, low-VOC and zero-VOC paints can pose a threat. 

Lose the Ladder
Your baby bump is bigger than ever. This means that your center of gravity has shifted, and that puts you at an increased risk of falling. This is especially true if you are in your third trimester. Dusty ceiling fans will need to be put at the top of someone else’s to-do list for now.

Forget the Oven
Even if you haven’t cleaned your oven in years, now is definitely not the time to start. Oven cleaners frequently contain toxic solvents such as glycol ethers that can increase your risk of miscarriage.

Delegate Kitty Litter Duty

You should definitely have your partner change the kitty litter and clean all pet cages when you’re pregnant. If you were to tackle these cleaning duties, you would be putting yourself at risk of getting an infection called toxoplasmosis. This infection, which is caused by exposure to pet droppings, won’t harm you, but it could cause hearing or vision problems if it is passed on to baby.

Open the Windows

Exposure to fumes from some cleaning products can put your baby at risk for health problems such as asthma. This is because of the toxic solvents, acids, and fragrances that are often used in many conventional products. Wear gloves and open windows for proper ventilation if working with these products. Better still, try using inexpensive natural ingredients such as vinegar, water and baking soda to clean.

Read the labels
When in doubt about buying or using commercial cleaning products, check the labels to see if there is a warning for pregnant women. If a product label states the item is toxic, or if it contains harmful ingredients like phenols, phthalates or glycol ethers, then you should definitely avoid using it when spring cleaning your home.   

Image : Getty 

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