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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Top 10 Must Haves
for the Nursery


Hang a safe, exciting mobile over the crib and keep the little one happy and content as she falls asleep. Try a black-and-white one during the first few months as she learns to follow high-contrast shapes and objects. Some mobiles even have clips where you can change out the cards or insert family photos.

Glider rocker

Whether it's a large, overstuffed chair or a simple rocker, a quiet, comfy spot is important for breastfeeding, bottle feeding or just rocking the little one to sleep. Pick a comfy one — you'll be spending a lot of time here.

Changing pad and diaper caddy

You don't need to invest in an expensive changing table or dresser with a top — just find a functional changing pad for diaper time. Most are waterproof, with removable covers that are easy to wash. And, you can use a simple wicker basket with a handle as a portable diaper caddy. That way you always have easy access to diapers and wipes.

White noise

Capitalizing on the fact that babies find white noise soothing, many companies make machines that produce sounds such as a rainstorm, a babbling brook — or even the sounds the baby heard inside the womb. Some look like small radios, while others are tucked inside cute stuffed animals. Be careful not to rely completely on these magic wonders, because some children become addicted to the noise and cannot sleep without it. Use only when needed, and you will understand why these are so popular.

Ceiling fan

Overhead fans have been promoted as helping to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when installed in a nursery. You don't have to run it at full speed to keep a nice breeze moving throughout the room.

Trash can

Whether you choose the Diaper Genie or a simple receptacle with scented garbage bags, you will appreciate the proximity of this item to the changing table. When the trash cans nearby, it's easy to toss out diapers, wipes and other items to keep the nursery clean.

Temperature with control

Babies need to sleep at a different temperature than adults, and they're not able to regulate their own body temperatures. A thermostat just for the nursery helps you keep a handle on the situation and ensure that Baby has an optimally healthful environment in which to snooze.

Play mat or rug

Tummy time is very important for newborns. Buy a mat or rug on which your baby can lie in the beginning months while playing with family members. Later on, you can set his toys out on the rug, which the baby will learn is his special spot.


No matter the age of the baby, the benefits of reading to her are incredible. Read often to the baby, and she will learn to cherish and look forward to this time with you. Knowing this, you can never have too many books (you probably received many as shower presents). Find an accessible space to store them, and in doing so, show her that books are an important part of her world.

Calming colors

While many parents want to go wild with bright green or fire-engine red in the nursery, such choices can keep a baby awake or make her anxious. Soft, calming colors are far better for a baby's sleeping area. Paint stores offer low-VOC paints that are almost odorless, are non-toxic and come in a variety of pastels and soothing colors.


10 Inspiring Disney Quotes for the Nursery

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

This is an all-time favorite inspiring quote from Winnie the Pooh. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised how many magical quotes are inspired from Disney movies. And well — they are just perfect for the nursery.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites. Which one do you like most?

A Favorite

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
This is one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh. Aren’t they such sweet and inspiring words from Christopher Robin to Pooh?

Wish Upon a Star

“When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are anything your hear desires will come to you.”
I always sing this song to my little ones. It’s not just a great quote for the nursery, but it makes a beautiful lullaby too!

Three Words From Peter Pan

Think Happy Thoughts.
It’s safe to say, this quote could go anywhere in your home, not just the nursery.

Oh, Pooh Bear

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart."
A perfect quote for the little person in your life and a great addition to the gallery wall in the nursery.

Don't Just Fly, Soar!

Such inspiring words from the Disney classic, Dumbo. I think I might hang this one in my office!

Hakuna Matata

“Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase”
It means no worries for the rest of your days! All of you Lion King fans will love this motto.

Advice from Peter Pan

“Never grow up!”
I am sure all parents can relate to these three words.

From Dumbo

“You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine.”
An all-time classic quote for a nursery.

Just Dance

“If you hear music, Dance”
Taken from the wise words of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Be You

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”
Walt Disney gives a reminder to be ourselves.

Image: Disney Baby


Bling on Baby at this Glamorous Baby Shower

Glitz, glam and gorgeous, it’s time to Bling on Baby at this baby shower that is all about sparkle and shine! From bejewelled diaper cakes to shimmering sugar-coated cupcakes, every inch of this fabulous shower screams glamour. Celebrate baby and mom-to-be with maximum pizzazz, creating a glitzy theme that's sure to dazzle!


Set the stage at your glittery shower with a tablescape that says, "Wow!" Decorate with a silver sequined tablecloth, silver plates and tableware, crystal champagne flutes, and elegant black napkins, stamped with silver lettering. Hanging mini chandelier string lights creates an extra special burst of glam throughout the space. 

Bedazzling Crafts and Blingo

Don’t let your guests feel like Plain Janes. Instead, kick off your activities with a bedazzling craft project that will have them bonding and blinging like pros as they transform blank baby bibs into brilliant fashionista bibs complete with dazzling silver ribbon.  The baby to be will always look fab for feeding in these one of a kind baby bibs, and you’ll have wonderful mementos from this special day. 


For a blingy twist on a classic shower game, play BLINGO instead of BINGO.  Print out BLINGO game cards with names of items on a baby registry such as, “playmat”, “bottle,” and “diapers.” Use plastic rhinestone rings as card markers and have fun as guests fill their cards with glittery stones until one screams, “BLINGO!”

Elegant Food & Drink

Continue the sparkle-filled theme with elegant food and drink. Bring on the bubbly with sparkling apple cider. Fill silver ice buckets with bottles of the cider for a faux-champagne look, without the alcohol. Using edible confectioner’s shimmery sugar dust, which you can find online or in specialty baking stores, elevates simple cupcakes to a splendorous level. Experiment with different shades of sugar and frosting to create a colorful multi-tiered display. 

Build A Diaper Cake

Build a diaper cake that radiates fabulousness with reflective mirrored accents and beaded ribbons in gold and silver. Stacking the diapers into tiers, and staggering the layers with mirrored tubing, will create height and visual interest making it the perfect glamorous centerpiece for the shower. Top the cake with a tight bundle of white flowers, and add extra bling with plastic jewels and rhinestones strewn around the tops of the diaper cake layers.

Celebrating the imminent arrival of your gorgeous baby gives you every reason to bump everything up a notch and go all out with the glitz and glam.  As the mama-to-be you are already glowing, so enjoy this extra dose of sparkle and get ready to Bling On Baby!

Check out all our Baby Shower inspiration and plan the perfect party!

HUGGIES Baby Shower Planner, Bling on Baby Pinterest Board


Disney-Inspired Baby Names from A to Z

Picking a baby name can be overwhelming! Especially if you have a long list of names you love. If you’re a huge Disney fan and always wanted to tip your hat to your love for Disney, check out some of these unique Disney baby name ideas from A to Z!

    A: Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
    B: Bruce, Finding Nemo
    C: Christopher, Winnie the Pooh
    D: Daisy (as in Daisy Duck)
    E: Elsa, Frozen
    F: Fauna, Sleeping Beauty
    G: Gideon, Pinocchio
    H: Hugo, Hunchback of Notre Dame
    I: Ian, The Princess and the Frog
    J: Jane, Tarzan
    K: Kiara, The Lion King
    L: Lilo, Lilo & Stitch
    M: Merida, Brave
    N: Nala, The Lion King
    O: Otto, Robin Hood
    P: Peter, Peter Pan
    Q: Quint, Timon and Pumbaa
    R: Robin, Robin Hood
    S: Sulley, Monsters, Inc.
    T: Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
    U: Ursula, The Little Mermaid
    V: Violet, The Incredibles
    W: Wendy, Peter Pan
    X: Xerxes, Aladdin
    Y: Yao, Mulan
    Z: Zeus, Hercules

Image: Disney Baby Blog


15 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Love

A year ago, I was getting ready for the birth of my third daughter. Her due date was Valentine’s Day, but she decided she’d rather wait a few more days and was born on the 18th.

Of course, we thought about lots of love-related names as we prepared to name her, since we knew she’d be a February baby.

Here are some of my favorites if you’re thinking about names inspired by love too!

  1. Amy – This French name means “dearly beloved.” If you want a more unique spin, consider going with the French spelling “Aimee” instead.
  2. Adora – For that baby you adore, try this regal-sounding name with Latin roots!
  3. Amara – This is a Greek name that means “lovely forever.” Can you imagine anything sweeter for your little girl?
  4. Carys – It’s a Welsh name that means love (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas used it for their baby daughter).
  5. Court – Short for “Courtney,” you can also think of it as a fun spin on the old-fashioned term “courting” for your beloved baby.
  6. Essie – This shortened and modernized version of the Biblical name “Esther” conjures up a woman who entreated her husband to save her people.
  7. Kayleon – An Israeli name meaning “loveable,” it’s often used for boys, but it’s so close to the feminine name “Kailee” that I like it for a girl too.
  8. Lalasa – This Indian name means “one who promotes love.” If you’re having a second or third child, this is the perfect name since it also means “peaceful,” and any second-time parent knows that’s a dream characteristic in a baby!
  9. Lovelyn – Instead of “Evelyn,” this name is perfect for your little Valentine’s baby.
  10. Maite – In Spanish, this name means “loveable. I particularly love this as a unique middle name.
  11. Mila – This Russian name means “people’s love” and it’s a perfect short and easy first name.
  12. Rose – How could this list leave off “Rose,” the most romantic flower of them all?
  13. Sonnet – One of my all-time favorite baby names, this one conjures up images of Shakespeare’s most romantic poetry.
  14. Tris – Originally a boy’s name, Tristan is a Celtic hero who killed a dragon and eventually became a Knight of the Round Table and was deeply in love with Queen Isolde.
  15. Val – If your baby hits the February 14th jackpot, you can’t go wrong with this name!

Image: Disney baby Blog


15 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Love

If you’re getting ready to welcome a little Valentine’s guy in the next few weeks, you may be considering names that have some connection with the holiday of love.

After all, what could be a better Valentine’s gift than a snuggly new baby?

Here are 15 names I love for a February boy:

  1. Anteros – This ancient Greek name for the god of mutual love has good omens that you and your baby will share that kind of two-way affection!
  2. Byron – Famous for romantic poets like Lord Byron, this is the perfect name for a literary lover’s baby.
  3. Carwyn – A cool, unusual name that means “love” in Welsh. He can go by “Car” or “Wyn” for short.
  4. Connelly – This is a fresh spin on the super-popular Connor, and it means “love and friendship” in Irish.
  5. Chad – If you like a name that isn’t too unusual, but has some special significance for you, this name has African-American roots that mean “great love.”
  6. Dante – Not only does it mean “everlasting,” but Dante is most famously the poet who wrote “Divine Comedy” where his beloved Beatrice guides him through heaven. Plus it just has a fun, modern vibe.
  7. Darrell – This English name means “dearly loved.” Perfect for your little Valentine.
  8. Davis – The name “David” isn’t going out of style anytime soon and means “beloved” in Hebrew. If you want a newer spin on the classic, try Davis or Davidson instead.
  9. France – Paris is the city of love, so France is a great masculine name for a baby born in February.
  10. Het – This Hindu name means “love,” and I always love a short name to go with a longer last name.
  11. Lance – A shorter version of Lancelot, who loved Queen Guinevere, wife of King Arthur (who you probably know from The Sword in the Stone!).
  12. Lysander – One of the love-struck boys from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this name is hip and memorable.
  13. Marcade – I love this unusual, but easy-to-pronounce name of a Lord from Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labours Lost.”
  14. Rhett – If you’re a Gone with the Wind fan, it’s hard to go wrong with the ever-popular name of this handsome leading man who loves Scarlet.
  15. Vance – You may not want to go with the name “Valentine” for your tiny guy, but you can pick another strong name that starts with V!

Image: Disney Baby Blog


How to Throw a Tres Chic Parisienne Baby Shower

The Eiffel Tower. Croissants, baguettes and delicious macaroons. Paris is filled with wonderful sites and, of course, treats. While you may not be able to travel during your pregnancy, you can bring Paris to you in a whimsically elegant baby shower, filled with that je ne sais quoi. Simple touches and a sophisticated color scheme can transform any space into a Parisian Patisserie.

Mix lavender, dusty pink, pastel greens and antiqued golden accents to create a refined tablescape that will set the tone for a chic shower. Using a lace or embroidered tablecloth forms the first elegant layer of the table. Arrange monochromatic bouquets of roses in silver and gold vases down the center.  Use cake stands and trays to create varying heights on the table.  


Create a playlist of famous French singers like Edith Piaf to play during the shower. You will fill the space with authentic French tunes, automatically putting everyone in a Parisian state of mind.

Continue your Parisian theme with the most delicious French luncheon foods.  You don’t need a fancy French bakery in your neighborhood to cater the shower. Serve mini croissants filled with tuna salad, brioche rolls with roast beef, and baguettes with cheese for a vegetarian option.  You can easily find frozen, ready to bake or packaged versions of these French breads in your grocery store, and make homemade sandwiches that look and taste magnifique!

Take a French staple such as Nicoise salad, and compose individual servings for each guest by assembling the ingredients, including green beans, eggs, olives, and roasted potatoes, in small ramekins. Or arrange delicate fruit salads in small glasses for a beautiful and tasty display.

Charming paper goods tie everything together. Print place cards, menus, thank you notes and food flags with the same pastel motif to create another layer of elegance to the shower.  These small details help make the theme complete. 

Of course a shower isn’t complete without games! To bring some bilingual conversation into the room try a French/English matching game featuring delicacies from the Patisserie. 

Don’t forget to say merci to your guests for attending the shower.  Lovely gifts such as glittery Eiffel Tower ornaments and artisanal pastel mints packaged in simple woven treat bags are a perfect token and reminder of a day spent in a Parisian fantasy world.


Producing a baby shower with Parisian flair doesn’t have to be daunting. By pulling together stylish, delicate decorative touches, a refined color scheme, and splendid French savories and sweets you can make a tres chic baby shower. 

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower Inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party. Huggies Baby Shower Planner Paris Patisserie Board


Thanks For the Memories: How to Host a Camp-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, the great outdoors! The sun-filled days of playing soccer, canoeing in the lake and singing around the campfire. Even though summer camp was ages ago, it’s not too late to recreate some of the good times for a baby shower, especially if you’re still friends with your former bunkmates. It’s also a great theme for an outdoorsy mom who’d rather wear hiking boots than heels.

For many, just the thought of camp brings back all sorts of memories that lend themselves to fun food, crafts, decorations and general good times, whether you host a baby shower in the woods or your own backyard.

Start the day off right by handing out stickers that look like badges when everyone arrives. Your guests can wear “Most Goals”, “Best Sportsmanship” and “Dodgeball Star”. Of course, the mommy-to-be gets to be “Camper of the Week!”

To greet your crowd, create a banner for the party entrance. Cut out large triangles from brown paper bags and hang upside down so they look like pennants. Write one letter on each to spell out “Welcome” and hang from a rope with clothes pins. Add vintage felt flags or those from your old camp.


Get in the mood by covering tables with burlap. Collect piles of twigs and pinecones that you can tie with twine to create all sorts of creative centerpieces... the more rustic the better. Fill glass bottles with woodsy flower arrangements and large glass vases with pine cones, leaves, rocks and moss for an outdoorsy look. Stick an inexpensive lantern on each table or archery arrows in an old thermos for a cool accent. Instead of table numbers, designate each: “Bunk 1,” “Bunk 2,” etc. If your party is inside, consider purchasing some posters of tree-filled forests, scenic vistas and waterfalls for a fitting backdrop.

Food and drink:

Remember bug juice, that sticky sweet bright red and orange stuff you gulped by the gallon? Create a much better tasting punch made with cranberry and orange juice, seltzer and berry sherbet or crushed fresh berries. Serve it in plastic cups with a camp logo or the mommy’s initials as a take home souvenir from a fun-filled day. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are a must, along with healthy versions of the old camp standbys: potato salad and coleslaw. Add big bowls of cut up fresh fruit and some crudités, and you’re all set.


What’s camp without s’mores? If you are able to build a fire, give everyone a marshmallow on a stick and let them roast away. If not, pack up little goodie bags filled with fixings for sweet treats to take home later. You can also make s’mores on a stick by dipping marshmallows in melted chocolate and rolling them in crushed nuts. Or set up fondue pots and let everyone go dip crazy! Be sure you supply an assortment of goodies that taste great gooey, including pretzel rods, strawberries, bananas and pineapple.

Decorate cookies to look like Girl Scout badges. Or if you have an in with a local troop, buy a batch of Girl Scout cookies and serve the real thing.


Crafts are not only fun to make and a great favor, but they also give guests the opportunity to chat and mingle, perfect for parties where the guests haven’t seen each other in a while or don’t know each other well. Set up a station to make friendship bracelets, tie-dye onesies for the new baby, or get crafty with ice pop sticks.


You might want to forgo tug-of-war with pregnant women in the mix, so opt for something tamer like singing your old camp faves. If there’s a guitar player in the bunch, ask her to bring her instrument or download some appropriate tunes. For the super creative, take a favorite song and change the words to fit the mom-to-be and her new baby. It will be a gift she’ll never forget!

For more inspiration visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner!


How to Throw a Magical Rainbow Baby Shower

Somewhere over the rainbow is a magically colorful baby shower. Why restrict your imagination to a muted neutral theme when you can bring bright swirls of rainbow delight throughout the decor, food and even the invitations? Celebrate with candy-colored fun and create a happy atmosphere through the joy and playfulness of rainbows.

Set the stage for your rainbow shower by surprising guests with a colorful invite featuring multi-colored beads, glitter or confetti. Keep the rest of the invite clean and simple, letting the whimsical details pop, and giving your guests a preview of the delightful shower.


Create the foundation for your tablescape with a bright solid color of the rainbow such as red or purple. Build your table using bright white place settings and serving platters that show off the vibrant colors of your rainbow themed food. Since rainbows magically stretch across the sky, mimic the effect with rainbow flag banners or tassel garlands hanging from above.

Rainbow themed food is especially fun to create and to serve.  Layered gelatin parfaits in glass tumblers are both beautiful and delicious.  Fresh blueberries, strawberries, melons, and citrus, can be aligned in rows according to color forming a healthy rainbow offering.  Bottles of different flavored sodas and waters make for an easy rainbow themed bar.

However, the true star of the dessert table is definitely the rainbow cake. Don’t slice into it until all of your guests are seated and watching the big reveal. All of that white icing is covering a gorgeous rainbow layer cake inside!

Your guests can get creative by crafting colorful onesies with adorable baby friendly prints. All you need are blank white onesies, some stencils or other pattern cutouts, and fabric markers. Let each guest make a onesie for the baby on the way.  No one has to worry about not being artistic since you’ll supply ideas and templates, and the mom to be will have a bunch of wonderfully personal onesies ready for her new baby.


Finally, don’t forget the diaper cake! Wrapping tiers of diapers in ribbon or crepe paper in the colors of the rainbow, starting with the warmest colors and proceeding upwards – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet – will produce the perfect diaper cake. Top the diaper tiers with rolled, stacked diapers to create a cloud effect on top and create the most joyful shower centerpiece!

Choosing a rainbow theme is the perfect way to bring magic and happiness to every aspect of your baby shower. It’s both playful and enchanting, just like the baby to be you are celebrating on this wonderful day.

For more inspiration visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner!


Diaper Cakes

Can’t imagine a baby shower without a diaper cake? Neither can we! Diaper cakes have established themselves as baby shower must-haves in recent years—and for good reason. Not only does a diaper cake make for an eye-catching centerpiece for the baby shower gift table, it also doubles as a much-welcome gift for the parents-to-be. Here’s what you need to know to create a diaper cake that’s every bit as beautiful as it is practical, and that meshes beautifully with the theme of your baby shower.

Tea for Two Diaper Cake

You’re hosting a baby shower for a friend who is known for her passion for all of all things vintage and her limitless appreciation for a great cup of tea. This one-of-a-kind diaper cake pays homage to her two loves in a creative and eye-catching way.

Diner-Themed Diaper Cake

This classic diner-themed diaper cake is almost unbearably cute, featuring a teddy bear behind the wheel of a classic car. All you need to complete the look are a red-and-white checkered tablecloth (think 1950s diner!) and a red-and-white “baby on board” sign.

Story-Themed Diaper Cake

Once upon a time, there was a friend who hosted a truly fabulous baby shower—a shower devoted to all things books. That’s the story your friends will be telling about you once they get a look at this fabulous story-themed diaper cake. Stick with a classic nursery rhymes theme or build your cake around a modern-day children’s storybook hero.

Camp Baby Diaper Cake

Imagine if merit badges were part of parenting. It wouldn’t take new moms and dads any time at all to earn their diapering badge! That’s the idea behind this camp-themed diaper cake: celebrating the amazing skills development opportunity that is parenting….

Lemonade Stand Diaper Cake

Hosting a baby shower on a hot and steamy summer day? Think lemonade stand! All you need to create this lemonade stand-themed diaper cake are 100 diapers, 100 rubber bands, a few yards of yellow ribbon, a half-dozen lemons, and a handful of artificial daisies.

Twinkle Diaper Cake

Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? Here’s an eye-catching twist on the classic nursery rhyme: a diaper cake that celebrates the arrival of the newest little star in your world. Your party guests will admire its sparkly sophistication (a look that makes it a natural for an evening baby shower).

Travel-Themed Diaper Cakes

Motherhood: it’s a trip! This travel-themed diaper cake pays tribute to the adventure that is motherhood. All you need are colorful ribbon (or, if you prefer, strips from an old map), a few sprigs of artificial greenery, and a “Welcome to the World” sign for baby. Make the travel theme even more explicit by creating this one-of-a-kind Parisian-themed diaper cake.

Garden-Themed Diaper Cake

Baby showers are all about celebrating new life—which makes this garden-themed diaper cake a natural. Decorate your cake with miniature gardening implements, seed packets, and faux ivy to create this naturally spectacular diaper cake.

For more inspiration visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!

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