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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Top 10 Must Haves
for the Nursery


Hang a safe, exciting mobile over the crib and keep the little one happy and content as she falls asleep. Try a black-and-white one during the first few months as she learns to follow high-contrast shapes and objects. Some mobiles even have clips where you can change out the cards or insert family photos.

Glider rocker

Whether it's a large, overstuffed chair or a simple rocker, a quiet, comfy spot is important for breastfeeding, bottle feeding or just rocking the little one to sleep. Pick a comfy one — you'll be spending a lot of time here.

Changing pad and diaper caddy

You don't need to invest in an expensive changing table or dresser with a top — just find a functional changing pad for diaper time. Most are waterproof, with removable covers that are easy to wash. And, you can use a simple wicker basket with a handle as a portable diaper caddy. That way you always have easy access to diapers and wipes.

White noise

Capitalizing on the fact that babies find white noise soothing, many companies make machines that produce sounds such as a rainstorm, a babbling brook — or even the sounds the baby heard inside the womb. Some look like small radios, while others are tucked inside cute stuffed animals. Be careful not to rely completely on these magic wonders, because some children become addicted to the noise and cannot sleep without it. Use only when needed, and you will understand why these are so popular.

Ceiling fan

Overhead fans have been promoted as helping to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when installed in a nursery. You don't have to run it at full speed to keep a nice breeze moving throughout the room.

Trash can

Whether you choose the Diaper Genie or a simple receptacle with scented garbage bags, you will appreciate the proximity of this item to the changing table. When the trash cans nearby, it's easy to toss out diapers, wipes and other items to keep the nursery clean.

Temperature with control

Babies need to sleep at a different temperature than adults, and they're not able to regulate their own body temperatures. A thermostat just for the nursery helps you keep a handle on the situation and ensure that Baby has an optimally healthful environment in which to snooze.

Play mat or rug

Tummy time is very important for newborns. Buy a mat or rug on which your baby can lie in the beginning months while playing with family members. Later on, you can set his toys out on the rug, which the baby will learn is his special spot.


No matter the age of the baby, the benefits of reading to her are incredible. Read often to the baby, and she will learn to cherish and look forward to this time with you. Knowing this, you can never have too many books (you probably received many as shower presents). Find an accessible space to store them, and in doing so, show her that books are an important part of her world.

Calming colors

While many parents want to go wild with bright green or fire-engine red in the nursery, such choices can keep a baby awake or make her anxious. Soft, calming colors are far better for a baby's sleeping area. Paint stores offer low-VOC paints that are almost odorless, are non-toxic and come in a variety of pastels and soothing colors.


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12 Exceptionally Memorable Moments of New Parenthood

You’ve read every baby book cover to cover, but these are the milestones you never saw coming—and you’ll never forget.

1. When you realize the baby in the hospital bassinet is going home…with you.

2. When you can finally distinguish the difference between a ‘hungry’ cry and a ‘poop’ cry.

3. When other moms ask you for advice.

4. When you get what all the fuss over that "new baby smell" is about.

5. When your baby notices himself in the mirror for the first time.

6. When you see yourself in baby for the first time.

7. When the baby squeals with delight as you change his diaper. Who cares if it’s because you were on the wrong end of a surprise spray?

8. When your baby’s cuteness stops a stranger in her tracks.

9. When you make your baby laugh so hard he gets hiccups.

10. When you discover daddy and junior napping together, in identical sleeping positions.

11. When you’re told that you’re a great mom.

12. When you actually believe it.


100 Best Fall Baby Names

fall baby names

By Michele Zipp, CafeMom

While 'Pumpkin' is a great nickname for your little cutie, most people wouldn't put it on the birth certificate. I think it's adorable, but I tend to like different names. And now that Fall is just about here, I'm thinking of all the beautiful baby names that go well with my favorite season. The air gets more crisp, the leaves change into vibrant colors and then fall, and we harvest for the winter. Sounds like the perfect time to have a baby and then nest.

Check out 100 of the best autumn baby names -- 50 for girls, 50 for boys, and of course many on both lists that could work for either. Some are unique, some common -- there's a name for everyone this season.


  1. Autumn
  2. Amber
  3. September (Sepi for short)
  4. November (Nova for short)
  5. Berry
  6. Ivy
  7. Emerald
  8. Emmy
  9. Eve
  10. Jade
  11. Jada
  12. Coral
  13. Cora
  14. Saffron
  15. Cinnamon
  16. Ginger
  17. Raven
  18. Moon
  19. Rain
  20. Breezy
  21. Gusty
  22. Apple
  23. Willow
  24. Juniper
  25. Laurel
  26. Hazel
  27. Ruby
  28. Crimson
  29. Scarlett
  30. Paisley
  31. Tawny
  32. Topaz
  33. Sapphire
  34. Velvet
  35. Opal
  36. Roux
  37. Octavia
  38. Maple
  39. Kaede
  40. Sienna
  41. Sparrow
  42. Sage
  43. Goldie
  44. Maize
  45. Aster
  46. Celeste
  47. Lavender
  48. Lily
  49. Anise
  50. Tabitha

More from The Stir: 30 Hurricane-Inspired Baby Names


  1. Fall
  2. Sorrell
  3. Russet
  4. Azure
  5. Indigo
  6. Indie
  7. Goren
  8. Garner
  9. Adam
  10. Rye
  11. Jet
  12. Finn
  13. Finley
  14. Sawyer
  15. Crispin
  16. Gold
  17. Flint
  18. Mica
  19. October
  20. Octavian
  21. Forrest
  22. Rowan
  23. Leaf
  24. Hawk
  25. Red
  26. Rusty
  27. Ash
  28. Asher
  29. Reed
  30. Oliver
  31. Oak
  32. Wood
  33. Hunter
  34. Kale
  35. Tree
  36. Harvest
  37. Wheatley
  38. Barley
  39. Jasper
  40. Bruno
  41. Samhain
  42. Storm
  43. Dionysus
  44. Dion
  45. Bacchus
  46. Carmine
  47. Gerald
  48. Rory
  49. Harkin
  50. Chestnut

Which Fall baby name is your favorite?

Image Source: Getty Images

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