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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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The Best Baby Present I Ever Got: Gifts for New Moms

Need some fresh ideas for the registry? Check out what these moms say are the coolest, most helpful baby gifts they received.

Reading time: "My best baby gifts by far were from my mom who gave me my favorite books from childhood—The Velveteen Rabbit, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Winnie the Pooh. We also had a baby shower where all our friends brought their favorite book from childhood, which created an instant library. I loved revisiting the old memories, and creating new ones with my son."
—Jennifer Porter, mom of two, Seattle, Washington

Kid-tested, mom-approved: "Another mom once gave me a cute canvas tote full of her favorite baby things: socks that stayed up, fingernail clippers that are easy to use, great spoons and cups, lotion to soothe chapped cheeks. There were even coupons for diapers tucked inside. It was so helpful that now it's what I always give at showers."
—Sarah Congdon, mom of four,Ames, Iowa

A clean slate: "When I was pregnant with number two, my mother-in-law gave me four months of bi-weekly maid service by a nontoxic cleaning company. This was such a blessing, especially with a traveling husband and horrible sciatica. The toilets would have never been cleaned otherwise!"
—Amber Maxwell, mom of three, Scottsdale, Arizona

Drop in and dish: "We’d just gotten home from the hospital with our new baby and everything had gone wrong: The dog had growled at the baby, I’d forgotten to take my pain meds, and my daughter still wasn't eating properly. I was about to collapse into tears when two friends arrived at the door, meal in hand. They kept me from losing it—and got me to eat on a day I probably would have never remembered to cook for myself."
—Amber Page, mom of one, Bloomington, Indiana

Gifts for Sleeping tight: "Max was so fussy at first. Then one night when he was screaming, I remembered the weird-looking blanket with Velcro a friend had given us.We put it on and a minute later, Max’s whole body and face just relaxed. It helped my husband and I relax too! The Velcro kept the blanket snug around Max, so it’s like he was back in the womb all warm and cozy. We all slept better after that!"
—Judi Ketteler, mom of two, Cincinnati, Ohio


A Dozen Darling Ideas for Baby Growth Charts

Last weekend, we had some friends over and they brought their 5-week-old baby along. My 7-month-old daughter still seems like a baby to me, but when I saw her next to this little newborn, she looked like a giant! It definitely reminded me how fast babies grow up (and then I look at my kindergartener and I’m reminded all over again).

If you want to document your little one’s growth over the years, there are so many cute ways to do it. 

Here are a dozen of my favorite:

The Classic Pencil and Doorjamb.

Some of our family friends have lived in the same house for decades and I love seeing the marks on their kitchen pantry door of their now-grown children. It’s just such a staple! Plus, all you need is a pencil. (And if I ever bought a house that had someone’s growth marks with names and dates, I don’t think I could bear to paint over it).

Washi Tape.

I love washi tape and how you can put it up anywhere without damaging your walls. Just do a long vertical strip and then smaller horizontal strips at the heights of your children (you could use a different color tape for each one!).

Burlap Hanging Chart.

Burlap is so cheap and easy to make your own. Buy a long strip and sew or glue it onto a dowel on one end so you can hang it up wherever you’d like! Use a fabric marker to add height, dates, and names.

Mirror Growth Chart.

Use an inexpensive wall mirror and use stickers or a permanent marker to mark your child’s height on the sides. Plus, then they can see themselves grow over the years.

A Giant Wooden Ruler.

There are tons of tutorials on the internet for making your own giant ruler out a piece of plywood and a little paint. Easy and eye-catching!

Photo Growth Chart.

A Polaroid photo each year, with their name, age and height makes a fun and simple display hung vertically up the wall.

A Vintage Measuring Tape.

Those classic yellow measuring tapes with the metal ends make for a gorgeous vintage growth chart. Hang up a regular one or make a giant version yourself.

Scrapbook Paper.

You can use any combination of fun (and low-cost!) scrapbook paper to make a pretty chart to measure your little ones against. Just tape them up the wall in a straight line and you have an instant original growth chart.

Paint It Into a Mural.

If you have a mural in your baby’s nursery, painting a growth chart right into the scene is a perfect way to incorporate it into the decor. The tall trunk of a tree or a giraffe’s long neck or the rope ladder hanging from a hot air balloon all make great candidates for a few numbers to be painted right on.

A Quilted Growth Chart.

If you (or a family member) loves the quilt but you don’t need another baby quilt, a long quilted growth chart is a beautiful and different way to use your skills.

A Handprint Growth Chart.

Instead of measuring height, try doing your child’s handprint each year. You can stack them one after another (with the smallest one in front and getting progressively bigger) in a frame for a fun, ever-changing display in their bedroom.

A Shoe Growth Chart.

Every year, pick an outgrown shoe and hang it from a hook board. After a few years, you’ll not only have proof of how they’ve grown, but also the memory of favorite shoes from every age. You can write their age and height on the bottom of each shoe, if you wish!

Image: Getty


15 Creative Ideas for Monthly Milestone Pictures!

It is remarkable how quickly babies grow before our eyes. So many changes occur: They begin to develop those little charming personalities we end up falling in love with, they learn new things, and take on favorites and as well as dislikes.

Many times, I have found myself saying how I wish I could turn back time — or how I wish my children were little babies again. I think as parents, if we could, we would keep them small forever. No matter how fun they get as they grow, there is something very special about those early months.

It is almost impossible to capture every moment, even though many of us have tried, But what we can do, instead of having hundreds of blurry photos with poor lighting in our camera roll, is to set aside a little time each month to take a milestone photos.

Below I have listed some creative ideas for these types of pictures. Monthly milestone photos are a great way to not only capture your child in that specific age, but are also a great way to see how much they have grown and changed. 

Want to take it to the next level? Try combining some of these ideas for memorable and unique pictures.

15 Creative Ideas for Monthly Milestone Pictures!

  1. Use belly stickers: Simply peel and stick on baby’s outfit. 
  2. Sit baby in a chair to compare how much he has grown every month.  
  3. Put your child in an article of clothing that is big, such as a hoodie or cap, to see how he or she fills it in a little more with each passing month. 
  4. Take photos with a white background, and then add in the current age, as well as three or four milestones with a photo editing program. 
  5. Take pictures of the baby with a stuffed animal beside them — you’ll see how the toy looks smaller each time. 
  6. Use a chalkboard to write in age, current milestones, likes, statistics and features. 
  7. Use balloons for each month. Before you know it, your little one will be in a room full of balloons! 
  8. Sit baby in a bucket or basket. Soon they will be standing on it or holding it themselves. 
  9. Use baby blocks with numbers to write out their current age. 
  10. Each month use different items to write out the age, like pebbles, shells, jelly beans, etc. 
  11. Use a desk calendar to put/lay baby on, showing each time the corresponding month. 
  12. Use a small canvas to paint their age. 
  13. Carry/hold baby in front of your belly. 
  14. Use a rocking horse or tricycle. At first it will be in the background, but as baby grows, they will start to play/interact with it. 
  15. Make an imprint of their feet or a handprint on the same large canvas each month.


To get the best photos, make sure baby is well rested and under good lighting. Natural light is best; the next best alternative is daylight bulbs.

Image: Huggies

black and white clock

25 Timeless Baby Girl Names Starting With a ‘T’

If you're looking at "T" names for girls, you'll have your pick of names both timeless and trendy. The choices range from Biblical to basically made up, but they're all beautiful and more varied in sound than you might imagine.

Take a look and take your pick:

  1. Tabitha:
  2. Tabitha has been around since Biblical times, but it's only been widely used since the mid-1950s. It's a beautiful, soft-sounding name with an old-fashioned ring to it, but Tabby makes for a fun and modern nickname.

  3. Talia:
  4. There are countless ways to spell Talia, but its basic form has been gaining popularity for the past few decades. It's a tough-as-nails name, but one that doesn't lose touch with its feminine side.

  5. Tallis:
  6. This name comes from Thomas Tallis, an early English composer, which gives it a musical ring. It's stands well without that, though, and we love the tall and strong sound it has.

  7. Tamora:
  8. A cousin to the name Tamara, Tamora was worn by one of the earliest and most loved young adult fantasy authors, Tamora Pierce. It was also used by Shakespeare for a queen in his play Titus Andronicus. 

  9. Tamsin:
  10. The name Tamsin is actually a distant cousin of Thomas, and it's much more popular in the U.K. and Australia than it is here -- actresses Tamsin Egerton and Tamsin Greig are proof.

  11. Tanya:
  12. Tanya had a spike in popularity in the 1960s, but it (in all of it's different versions) has never really gone out of style.

  13. Taryn:
  14. Taryn shares sounds with classics like Sharon and Karen, but the T and the Y give this name an updated twist. It comes from the Welsh word for "thunder," which gives a dangerous twist to this otherwise sweet-sounding name.

  15. Tatiana:
  16. Though it's an old name, Tatiana has seen a resurgence in the past few decades. It has a sweet and bubbly sound to it, and it is a name fit for royalty: Tatiana Constantinovna was a famous Russian princess in the 19th century. 

  17. Tatum:
  18. Though its biggest Hollywood association these days is Channing Tatum, Tatum O'Neal has been a famous actress since 1973 when she broke records by becaming the youngest person to ever with an Academy Award.

  19. Tegan:
  20. The name Tegan has seen a sharp spike in popularity in just the past couple of years, and that probably has something to do with the success of indie-rock twins Tegan and Sara.

  21. Tennessee:
  22. Tennessee was popular very early in the 20th century, and though it was most famously worn by Tennessee Williams, it's actually historically more popular for girls. It sounds as Southern as the state, and Tenna and Tessie are both great nicknames.

  23. Terra:
  24. Terra is a Latin word that means "Earth" or "land," so it's instantly associated with the best parts of nature. It could also be considered a variation of the name Tara, even though their sounds are very slightly different.

  25. Tessa:
  26. Though it was originally used as a shortened form of Theresa, Tessa is common as it's own name these days. It keeps the same sounds as Theresa but with a modern and updated twist, making it an easy choice.

  27. Teva:
  28. Another Earthy name, Teva means "nature" in Hebrew. It's a beautiful name with a simple sound, and many brands took notice -- the biggest Teva company is famous for its sandals.

  29. Thais:
  30. Thais is a very old name that has a soft and almost regal sound to it. There's a famous novel and opera by the same name, both of which are about a Saint Thais who lived in Egypt, probably sometime around the 3rd century. 

  31. Theda:
  32. Theda was a popular name for girls in the very early 1900s, but hasn't had much attention since. But it deserves more credit -- it comes from the Greek word for "healer," which makes the meaning as soft and sturdy as the name itself.

  33. Theodora:
  34. Theodora is the feminine version of the name Theodore, and it comes from the Greek words for "God's gift." It also comes with adorable nicknames like Theo and Dora, which make this an easy choice.

  35. Thisbe:
  36. Thisbe is one of the star-crossed lovers in the original Greek myth that most likely inspired Romeo and Juliet. It's also the name of an American author, which adds to this name's scholarly edge.

  37. Tiana:
  38. One of the more recent Disney princesses, Princess Tiana gives this name a touch of regality that it deserves ... after all, it's not far off from the word "tiara."

  39. Tierney:
  40. Tierney is still a very rare name, but it has all the right elements that'll make it a big hit ... it's just waiting for the right moment.

  41. Tilda:
  42. Though it was originally used as a shortened version of Mathilda, Tilda stands on it's own these days. But it still keeps the meaning of Mathilda, which is good because "powerful in battle" is not a name meaning we ever want to see lost to history.

  43. Tinley:
  44. Tinley has shot up in popularity just in the past year or so, and with reason: It has the same cute sounds as other favorites like Quinn and Brinley.

  45. Trenna:
  46. Trenna has the same bouncy and energetic sound as its more popular cousins Brenna and Jenna, which means it could have the same upward trajectory.

  47. Trillium:
  48. A trillium is a gorgeous, three petal lily, and it's the state flower of Ohio. It's also a beautiful name for girls, and one that only has the purest of meanings.

  49. Tyra:
  50. Tyra has a simple and very elegant sound to it, and of course it's instantly associated with Tyra Banks, TV hostess extraordinaire.

Image: Getty


13 Old-School Baby Names Making a Comeback

Newsflash: Old-fashioned names are getting an update! While we don't expect to say goodbye to Chloe and Noah anytime soon, we're looking to names that hit a peak in the 1920s and 30s instead of pioneer-era names for a little jazz appeal. These are baby names that were fashionable in the flamboyant times of the '20s as well as the hard times of the depression that followed.

A few names from this era in American history are already making major waves, including Annabelle, Calvin, Jack, Lila, and Vivian. They are ahead of the style curve, though some got a head start by never truly fading from use altogether.

That's why we've got our eyes on the names that are filled with potential and just starting to find fresh life. They are the next generation of old-fashioned names, loaded with unexpected charm. If you're looking for an up-and-coming vintage choice, look no further.


In the 30s, the name Arden was known and passed along to boys as an English surname that arose from several places in the UK. Today this name is rare, but when it's used we see it more often for girls, as it brings to mind not only cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden, but the word "garden." Mary Arden was the name of Shakespeare's mother, and he setAs You Like It in the Forest of Arden. There were 235 girls given this name in 2013, and 68 boys.


We love the perfect raindrop sound this boys' name creates, and it has a dapper feel to it after some fledging use in the first third of the 20th century. But today Arlo is poised to leap above its previous position from that era, and even though we wouldn't call this name popular, it's rising quickly. Folk singer Arlo Guthrie was born in the 40s, while celebrities including Johhny Knoxville, Toni Collette, and Natasha Kaplinsky chose this name for their children recently.


This lovely French form of Corina was thrust into the spotlight with the popularity of singer-songwriter Bailey Rae. Despite her chart-topping songs, Corinne remains a unique choice after hitting a high point in the 30s. Corinne is the name of one of Jamie Foxx's daughters, born in 1995.


It may have hit a high point in the '20s, but we predict this gorgeous, vintage French name can find new life today. Eloise's growing popularity signals that our fear of the "wheeze" sound is coming to an end; instead, it sounds exotic and dignified all at once. Helped in part by names like Ella and Lucy, the time is right for Eloise as a fresh choice that happens to work well in honor of a Louise. This name started to gain attention after the release of Love Happens, a movie starring Jennifer Aniston as Eloise. Eloise was chosen by Denise Richards for her daughter (in honor of her mother).


Once a star in the 1920s, the name Geneva could definitely use a fresh look again today. It has a lot going for it: it's a place, in the form of an ultra-glamorous Swiss city, and it has the "eva" sound we've grown so fond of. On the downside, we're wary of names that feel like Jen spinoffs, but have no fear! Geneva is a cosmopolitan throwback name with a personality of its very own.


This Old English surname got a boost with Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan (1833-1911), though parents weren't ready for his name until the 1930s. These days, Harlan is showing a teensy bit of life as it appeared in the top 1,000 again in 2013. It's got similarities to Harlow (favored for girls), and is worn by authors Coban and Ellison.


Flappers loved this name at a time when short and sweet nature-inspired choices were fashionable for girls. But the sassy image the moms of the '20s may have wanted this name to bear went by the wayside when they grew into the happy homemakers of the '50s, personified by TV mom June Cleaver. Today this name feels fresh and young again, like its meaning, which comes from the Roman goddess Juno.


Leon is showing signs of life once more after it hit a peak in the roaring '20s. Helped along by the hit rock band Kings of Leon as well as a protagonist in the Resident Evil video games, this name strikes us as surprising and bold, with antique sensibilities.


In the roaring '20s, Marjorie was stylish and fashionable. But it's been a long time since this name felt that way, which actually gives Marjorie a lot of potential among parents seeking something vintage and unique. For the nickname conscious, Marj/Marge is far from on-trend, but Jorie and Jo have plenty of appeal. Marjorie just appeared in the top 1,000 girls' names in 2013 after a long absence, making it impossible to tell if a trend is brewing.


This charming variation of Rose was last popular in the late '30s. We love it today for those wanting a longer take on Rose that feels fresh. A Twilight character helped this name considerably, but we like to think it would have been rediscovered regardless.


In the '30s, this boys' name was at a high point, fueled by the success of Rolls-Royce luxury cars. Today this surname-turned-given-name is a fitting choice to communicate an appreciation for the finer things in life, much more so than Reese or Jayce.


This stand-up name has an obvious meaning and a sturdy feel, helped by its presidential namesake Harry S. Truman. While he gave this name a temporary boost when he took office in 1945, the given name Truman was really doing its best in the decades before. Either way, it's been a struggle for Truman to break out of the 900s today, but it has a great sound, and could almost pass for a virtue name. Chosen by actor Tom Hanks, and TV host Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha Stewart).


A feminine form of William that makes us think of the untamed prairie featured in My Antonia (and other novels by Cather), this name was actually at its most popular in the '30s. We love its sweet, simple sound and easy charm. Chosen by Keri Russell and Shane Deary for their daughter, born in 2012.

This article was written by Laura Emerson from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image: Getty


Top 10 Nursery Must Haves Before Baby Is Born

There is so much excitement surrounding the impending birth of a baby that sometimes the nine months just fly by. OK, maybe not the morning sickness phase, but after that, time seems to accelerate until the birth day. Each of my three pregnancies went by quickly, but it's funny how my level of preparedness decreased dramatically with each progressive pregnancy.

With my first pregnancy, I read all the books nightly, kept a pregnancy journal, bought tiny little onesies, washed them in the gentlest baby detergent, arranged the changing table with diapers and wipes and had a fully stocked nursery. All at around seven months pregnant.

During my second pregnancy, I was busy with a toddler in tow, so naturally, I didn't have as much energy and time. Nonetheless, I still managed to get some hand-me-downs and stock up on the essentials with probably a month to spare.

Pregnancy No. 3 was a whole different scenario. We had gotten rid of our crib after our second child moved to a regular bed and we didn't have even the barest baby essentials. With just a few weeks left in my pregnancy, we realized we needed to get into baby mode-and fast. Those were busy weeks! Luckily, we got it all done in time and had a stocked nursery when the baby was born.

Based on personal experience, here are 10 things I'd recommend stocking in your nursery:


Of course! When you're changing these 10 to 12 times a day at the beginning, these are a stock-up must-have. I'm talking multiple boxes of size 1 diapers. Yes, you do go through that many.


Necessary accompaniment to items mentioned above.

Wipes warmer:

Some people see this as unnecessary, but I personally used one for each baby. Those middle of the night diaper changes are a lot less jarring when the wipes are nice and warm.


Regardless of what time of year it is, short- and long-sleeve onesies are the easiest to change your little baby in and out of.

Waterproof changing pads:

I put these anywhere I change the baby's diaper to protect whatever I'm doing the changing on. And they're also great to stuff one into your diaper bag as added insurance during your one of many daily diaper changes.


I try to use footie pants or zippered sleepers whenever possible, but if not, socks are a must-have for keeping those little tootsies warm. They also make a great stand-in as mittens to keep babies from scratching their faces.

Hand sanitizer:

I bought several pumps and dispersed them around the house, especially at the front door. With so many visitors and people who want to touch and hold the baby, hand sanitizer is your friend.

Nursing pillows:

Between ones passed on from friends and ones I held onto, I somehow ended up with four nursing pillows by my third baby. While that seems excessive, it was awfully nice to have one in each of the main rooms I was nursing in, without having to constantly schlep one upstairs and downstairs.

Receiving blankets:

I always had a few receiving blankets on hand to use as swaddlers, blankets, play mats, burp cloths.

Burp cloths:

Speaking of burp cloths, these are a must have for those spitty-uppy babies and to wipe the constant drool that starts flowing at around four months.

There are lots of lists of "essentials" out there, but the truth is that you don't need much for a newborn. The items listed here are recommendations, and of course, there are things you can't get by without, such as diapers and wipes. But ultimately, lots and lots of love is what you'll be fully stocked with after baby arrives, and that certainly goes a long way.

Image: Getty


22 Halloween-Inspired Baby Names for Boys

Want some wild, edgy inspiration on what to name your baby? Look no further than Halloween, which is filled with some doozies. And according to Laura Wattenberg, founder of Baby Name Wizard and Name Candy, ominous names are an incredibly accurate omen of what will catch on like wildfire.

"One of the most reliable hit makers for a baby name is demon spawn from a horror movie," says Wattenberg. For instance, from The Omen we have Damien, Pet Sematary's Gage, Rosemary's Baby Adrian. "It's not so much we want our children to be spawn of the devil, just that these names have a sleek edge to them. And this is especially true for boys -- parents still tend toward 'nice' names for girls."

So why not let your baby boy join the club with a spooky Halloween-inspired name? Here are some ideas below.


O'Lantern, that is. Jack started out as a pet name for John (any Kennedy clan fans would know that). Many celebs have named their son Jack -- Maya Rudolph, Matt Lauer, Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Fergie, Robin Wright, and more.


The friendly ghost. The name was originally derived from the ancient name Gasper before parents wised up that Casper sounds far better. Try it with a K (Kasper) for a hip twist. 


An homage to Wes Craven, creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's usually short for Wesley or originally Westly, someone who dwells in the west. 

Edgar or Edgar Allen

Poe, of course. Ed or Eddie would make nice nicknames. 


A dark undead antihero from The Crow. This name nonetheless means "protector of love." 


Stoker, author behind Dracula. Short for the biblical name Abraham. Bram as a name has never broken into the top 1,000 names in America, so it's bound to be unique. It's also a diminutive for Abraham. 


Kidding! But hey, you never knows what will catch on, right? (See #22.) 

Hitch or Hitchcock

In honor of Alfred Hitchcock. 


Of Krueger fame from Nightmare on Elm Street. Short for Alfred (or Frederick, Frederic, or Frederico) but Freddy (also Freddie) is far more frightening. 


The ski masked serial killer from Friday the 13th. This name was actually so popular in the 1970s, it spawned the baby-naming book Beyond Jennifer & Jason. 


Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. Also a general from the 3rd century who crossed the Alps with a bunch of elephants during the second Punic War. So all in all, it's a bad-ass name! 


As in Crane, from Sleepy Hollow fame. 


Hello, Twilight fans! Who doesn't swoon over vampire Edward Cullen? 


Malfoy, the villain from Harry Potter. Also has dark, Dracula-esque overtones. 


The psycho in, well, Psycho. Originally it meant a man from the north: Northman or Norseman. 


Polansky, creator of Rosemary's Baby. This name has been popular in recent years. Debra Messing, Cate Blanchett, Molly Ringwald, Holly Robinson Peete, Peter Krause, and Harvey Keitel all have sons named Roman. 


Creepy kid from Children of the Corn. Also the last of the Hebrew prophets who warned people about the impending Judgment Day. 


That moral murderer from the Showtime series. In Latin, it means "right handed" or "dexterous." Oddly tons of famous football players have this name. 


That lovable Frankenstein from The Munsters. There's also Pee Wee Herman, who is horrifying in his own way. (Variations include Hermann and Hermon.) 


The evil Dr. Frankenstein's hunch-backed assistant. Can't you hear the pipe organ playing? 


Vlad the Impaler was the real Count Dracula. Could also go with Vladimir. 


For Vincent Price, an old-time star of classic horror films. Vinnie or Vince could be nicknames or variations.

For more great baby name ideas that are inspired by Halloween, visit Baby Name Wizard

This article was written by Judy Dutton from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image: Getty

pregnant woman holding color samples for paint

Nursery Design: How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby

Creating the perfect space for your baby-to-be is one of the most enjoyable activities of pregnancy. While you are designing and decorating the nursery, you are dreaming of the little one who will soon occupy it and fantasizing about who that person will be.

These days, for both value and versatility, it’s a good idea not to go too “baby” when designing the nursery. Since your little one will only be a baby for a short while, why not think long-term and create a room that will grow with your child? You won't have too much added cost or effort with items that do double-duty now and later.

Designing your nursery can be a process that helps you get accustomed to preparing for the future,” says Patricia Davis Brown, a professional interior designer from Vero Beach, FL, who blogs at Almost any parent will tell you that your baby will grow up faster than you ever thought possible. By planning ahead, you can purchase items that can transition to a toddler or beyond, enabling you to make easy and inexpensive changes to the nursery decor as it morphs into a fun bedroom that reflects your growing child development and the emergence of his or her personality.

Here are some tips for creating a practical nursery:

Select non-permanent.

Instead of expensive wallpaper or hand-painted murals, choose from the wide array of removable wall decals and borders that can change with the season or your child's interests. Does your little boy love Disney one day and become fascinated with dinosaurs the next? No problem! Simply peel and stick and you'll have a whole new theme for the room.

Go neutral.

Instead of painting a room pink or blue, consider a neutral color on the walls and add splashes of color throughout with throw rugs, matching picture frames, coordinated art prints, chair pillows and curtains. You can always switch those details out at a later date and get a whole new look without a major investment or a big paint job. Don’t forget doorknobs, light fixtures and storage containers in the color scheme.

Or choose colors you love.

Thankfully, stores are filled with children's furniture and décor in a wide palette of colors, way beyond the traditional nursery colors of days past. Love black and white? Perfect for babies who see those colors first. Or consider colors in the green, turquoise, melon or primary color family.

Multi-functionality is key.

Choose “grow with me” furniture,“ says Brown. “One function is wasteful.” Ditch the changing table and opt for a dresser topped with a changing tray (make sure it is the right height before purchasing). Buy a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed and then becomes the foot and headboards for a full-sized bed that can last until your child heads to college. Instead of white, choose a wood finish that won’t be too juvenile later on.

Think long-term.

Since your infant will soon be crawling, make sure everything you buy will pass the baby-proof test. Safety first.

Use ingenuity.

Can the adorable toy chest decorated with bears and rabbits be easily painted to give it a new life later on? Can you switch out the pastel cloth storage baskets on the shelves for something sturdier when baby is crawling?

Who says a nursery has to be “cute.”

Feel free to let the nursery reflect the style you use elsewhere in your home, whether you favor traditional, classic designs or a minimalist, modern look. Furniture and accessories that aren’t meant for a baby’s room can work just fine.

Of course, there are some nursery essentials that only work for baby – a mobile, crib sheets, etc.– so have fun choosing those, too. You can always save them for your next baby or pass them along to a friend or relative when baby grows up. 

Image: Getty


15 Powerful Flower Names for Girls

You may be seeing a blanket of snow and ice out your window, but spring is less than two weeks away. To celebrate, we're looking for colorful, fragrant flower names that are off the beaten path.

They move beyond today's much beloved favorites like Violet, Rose, and Lily to florals that are a bit less expected. Some feel old-fashioned, others modern, but all are charming, evocative, and perfect for this Spring and beyond.


A beautiful genus of flowers, with origins in South Africa. The red blooms make a stunning alternative to poinsettias during the holidays, and since they received their name in part from the Greek amarysso, meaning "to sparkle," they are especially festive and bright. As a name, Amaryllis is elegant and charming, with loads of options for creative nicknames (Amy, Marie, even Rylie or Mary).


This gorgeous floral name is no longer a well-kept secret. Azalea took an intense leap in popularity recently, ranking at 631 after its second year in the top 1,000. The vividly colored flowering bush is native to several countries, but it's a true southern favorite in the U.S. Between the beautiful image this name evokes, its southern charm, on-trend sound, and the irresistible nicknames it inspires (Zalee, Zalea), Azalea is sure to please.


Botanist Carl Linnaeus may have mistakenly named the gorgeous calla lily, but we're glad the name stuck. Coming from the Greek word for beauty, Calla is a natural for a girls' name. Its sound has similarities to Callie, Kayla, and even Isla or Bella. The elegant white flower with deep green leaves is a favorite for weddings and often plays a role in Easter celebrations, not to mention religious works of art. In Victorian times the Calla Lily represented faith and purity, or wedded bliss for a newly married couple. It was used a bit as a given name in the 1800s, and we think now is the perfect time for a Calla revival.


This flower may not be an easy sell because of its spelling, but it has a charming sound and is the star of a beloved children's book about a mouse who overcomes teasing despite herperfect name. Though we have Spring on the mind, mums are a beautiful fall favorite and make a fitting namesake for autumn baby too. Possible nicknames could include Chrys, Annie, and more.


This sweet floral often blooms in a dazzling geometric that resembles honeycomb. It's another southern favorite, and the national flower of Mexico. Its sound is gorgeous. Unfortunately, "Black Dahlia" is the nickname given to a murder victim in the 1940s (the nickname was based on the film noir Blue Dahlia.) But that dark association isn't hand-in-hand with the flower, and ranked at 431, Dahlia is the most popular of the unique florals we're featuring.


There isn't a more lush, floral name that declares "garden" quite like Gardenia does. The flowers have a boldly sweet scent and are most often a brilliant white color. It may seem like a mouthful, but it's a nice mouthful, and shortening it to Denia is a possibility that makes our hearts swoon.


Lavender is a lovely flowering shrub that wears a famed soft blue-purple hue. It's incredibly versatile, prized for its use as an herb, a fragrance, an essential oil, and an ornamental in the garden. But as a name, Lavender has yet to catch on. It's too bad, because aside from its very positive floral and color associations, and a Harry Potter character to boot, it has a wonderful sound. Forty-seven baby girls were given this name in 2013.


We hope it's only a matter of time before Lilac catches on. With similarities to Lyla and Lyric, Lilac is a natural contender for the top 1,000 and is just waiting to be discovered. Its sound is truly trend-worthy, and it's a floral star, known for its pale violet color.


Add two simple vowels to the end of botanist Pierre Magnol's name, and you have a very good thing. This gorgeous name is inspired by a flowering plant species known for its snow-white petals. The flowers hold a special place in the heart of the South, especially since the debut of the play and movie Steel Magnolias. We've seen it on a character inHart of Dixie and as the home design company of Fixer Upper fame. This name recently appeared in the top 1,000 and we expect it to climb quickly.


These flowers have qualities any girl would like to share, with their bright, cheerful, and sunny blooms. The two simple words that inspired its common name come from early Christians who would offer the flowers at the feet of statues of the Virgin Mary. These sweet flowers, together with their history and religious namesake, make for a familiar floral that's anything but ordinary.


The vivid color of poppy blooms, their tasty seeds, and their medicinal properties are just some of the reasons we love these flowers. They are also a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who have died during wartime. As a name, Poppy can be given in reference to the flower, but it's also a tried-and-true nickname for Penelope and Calliope. It's darling and contemporary, a bit unusual but definitely not unheard of, which makes it a perfect pick for many. Poppy was chosen by chef Jamie Oliver and his wife for one of their daughters (sister to Daisy, Petal, and Buddy), while the most recent Poppy in bloom is the daughter of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.


In Victorian times, "posy" was used much more often than it is today to describe a small flower or a small bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, the name Josephine gives us the darling nicknames Posey and Posy. Posy is a sweet "little" name with floral overtones and a sense of vintage whimsy.


It's one of the earliest flowers of the season, making the pale yellow primrose a perfect way to welcome Spring. In fact, that's how it was named, from prima rosa, meaning "first rose." Shakespeare referenced the flower in Hamlet with the (already established) phrase "primrose path," or an easy, pleasurable life that may end badly. It's also a Scottish surname, and now it's known for a character in The Hunger Games trilogy. All of these facts point to one sure thing: primrose is a flower that's seen as pure, innocent, and cheerful, which are great qualities for a name.


Another name of The Hunger Games fame, Rue is a flowering herb that has a simple, sweet sound. It's also a word that means "bitter regret," though in French it translates to "street." We think this name is lovely, but for some it lives in the shadow of the book and movie series. Twenty-seven girls were named Rue in 2013.


This energetic floral name is ready to hit the playground with friends like Sienna or Savannah. It starts with an ever-desired z, and moves on to repeating consonants and a splash of femininity with its ending. Add the attraction of this bold-colored blossom, and there's no reason why Zinnia shouldn't make your list of favorites.

This article was written by Laura Emerson from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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