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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Planning the perfect shower

When should you hold a baby shower?

Baby showers are traditionally held around the 36th gestational week. This lets guests see mom in all of her pregnant glory, but also allows a little wiggle room in case she goes into labor early or just gets too uncomfortable to enjoy herself.

Can you throw your own baby shower?

By definition, a shower is a party held by a host or hostess on behalf of a guest of honor. Baby showers were traditionally casual get-togethers hosted by the guest of honor’s closest female friend, who invited her best girlfriends to shower the mom-to-be with little handmade things like bloomers and booties. But today the tradition has evolved to include an expanded guest list, national registries, crazy games and big-ticket items (though the simple gifts like HUGGIES® Diapers and Wipes are always in good taste).

Can a shower be coed?

Absolutely. More and more, both parents are getting involved in baby planning and want Dad at the shower. And lots of moms these days have close male friends or co-workers who they want to invite.

Can you have a shower for baby number two or three?

Back when families were larger and kids are more closely spaced, it would have been silly to have multiple showers — babies after the first one would benefit from hand me-downs. But these days families are more likely to be smaller, blended or with longer gaps between kids. Holding a shower for your second baby is perfectly fine, as long as your guests won’t groan, “Oh no, I have to buy a present for her again?”

Are there other types of new baby parties?

Another option to a shower is to have a “Welcome Baby” party after the baby’s born and invite your friends over for a casual cookout or potluck to meet your baby and to share laughter, stories and support.

Sandy and Marcie Jones are the authors of Great Expectations: Baby's First Year. Order your copy from Barnes & Noble


Disney-Inspired Baby Names from A to Z

Picking a baby name can be overwhelming! Especially if you have a long list of names you love. If you’re a huge Disney fan and always wanted to tip your hat to your love for Disney, check out some of these unique Disney baby name ideas from A to Z!

    A: Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
    B: Bruce, Finding Nemo
    C: Christopher, Winnie the Pooh
    D: Daisy (as in Daisy Duck)
    E: Elsa, Frozen
    F: Fauna, Sleeping Beauty
    G: Gideon, Pinocchio
    H: Hugo, Hunchback of Notre Dame
    I: Ian, The Princess and the Frog
    J: Jane, Tarzan
    K: Kiara, The Lion King
    L: Lilo, Lilo & Stitch
    M: Merida, Brave
    N: Nala, The Lion King
    O: Otto, Robin Hood
    P: Peter, Peter Pan
    Q: Quint, Timon and Pumbaa
    R: Robin, Robin Hood
    S: Sulley, Monsters, Inc.
    T: Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
    U: Ursula, The Little Mermaid
    V: Violet, The Incredibles
    W: Wendy, Peter Pan
    X: Xerxes, Aladdin
    Y: Yao, Mulan
    Z: Zeus, Hercules

Image: Disney Baby Blog


10 Inspiring Disney Quotes for the Nursery

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

This is an all-time favorite inspiring quote from Winnie the Pooh. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised how many magical quotes are inspired from Disney movies. And well — they are just perfect for the nursery.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites. Which one do you like most?

A Favorite

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
This is one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh. Aren’t they such sweet and inspiring words from Christopher Robin to Pooh?

Wish Upon a Star

“When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are anything your hear desires will come to you.”
I always sing this song to my little ones. It’s not just a great quote for the nursery, but it makes a beautiful lullaby too!

Three Words From Peter Pan

Think Happy Thoughts.
It’s safe to say, this quote could go anywhere in your home, not just the nursery.

Oh, Pooh Bear

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart."
A perfect quote for the little person in your life and a great addition to the gallery wall in the nursery.

Don't Just Fly, Soar!

Such inspiring words from the Disney classic, Dumbo. I think I might hang this one in my office!

Hakuna Matata

“Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase”
It means no worries for the rest of your days! All of you Lion King fans will love this motto.

Advice from Peter Pan

“Never grow up!”
I am sure all parents can relate to these three words.

From Dumbo

“You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine.”
An all-time classic quote for a nursery.

Just Dance

“If you hear music, Dance”
Taken from the wise words of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Be You

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”
Walt Disney gives a reminder to be ourselves.

Image: Disney Baby

mom holding baby girl

15 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Love

A year ago, I was getting ready for the birth of my third daughter. Her due date was Valentine’s Day, but she decided she’d rather wait a few more days and was born on the 18th.

Of course, we thought about lots of love-related names as we prepared to name her, since we knew she’d be a February baby.

Here are some of my favorites if you’re thinking about names inspired by love too!

  1. Amy – This French name means “dearly beloved.” If you want a more unique spin, consider going with the French spelling “Aimee” instead.
  2. Adora – For that baby you adore, try this regal-sounding name with Latin roots!
  3. Amara – This is a Greek name that means “lovely forever.” Can you imagine anything sweeter for your little girl?
  4. Carys – It’s a Welsh name that means love (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas used it for their baby daughter).
  5. Court – Short for “Courtney,” you can also think of it as a fun spin on the old-fashioned term “courting” for your beloved baby.
  6. Essie – This shortened and modernized version of the Biblical name “Esther” conjures up a woman who entreated her husband to save her people.
  7. Kayleon – An Israeli name meaning “loveable,” it’s often used for boys, but it’s so close to the feminine name “Kailee” that I like it for a girl too.
  8. Lalasa – This Indian name means “one who promotes love.” If you’re having a second or third child, this is the perfect name since it also means “peaceful,” and any second-time parent knows that’s a dream characteristic in a baby!
  9. Lovelyn – Instead of “Evelyn,” this name is perfect for your little Valentine’s baby.
  10. Maite – In Spanish, this name means “loveable. I particularly love this as a unique middle name.
  11. Mila – This Russian name means “people’s love” and it’s a perfect short and easy first name.
  12. Rose – How could this list leave off “Rose,” the most romantic flower of them all?
  13. Sonnet – One of my all-time favorite baby names, this one conjures up images of Shakespeare’s most romantic poetry.
  14. Tris – Originally a boy’s name, Tristan is a Celtic hero who killed a dragon and eventually became a Knight of the Round Table and was deeply in love with Queen Isolde.
  15. Val – If your baby hits the February 14th jackpot, you can’t go wrong with this name!

Image: Disney baby Blog


Baby Shower Games & Activities

You’ve settled on the perfect theme for your baby shower. The next item on your to-do list? Figuring out how you’re going to keep all those party guests entertained. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of crowd-pleasing baby shower games and activities. Let the fun begin!


The baby shower guests have begun to arrive. Now’s the perfect time to schedule a party icebreaker, like one of the following baby-inspired games:

    Baby Bingo:

    This one’s a fun variation on the classic party game Bingo, but, in this case, the numbers on the Bingo cards have been replaced by words from the world of babies. Or, if you prefer, challenge your party guests to a game of Baby Bling-o rather than Bingo—in which case the bingo cards are all about the baby bling. Think strollers and diapers and baby monitors.

    Baby Animals Trivia:

    Everyone knows that a baby cat is called a kitten and a baby dog is called a puppy. But what’s the name for a baby owl or a baby fish? Party guests will enjoy testing their knowledge of all things baby animals by playing a round of Baby Animals Trivia.


Baby showers are the stuff of which memories are made—and scheduling one or more of the following activities will help to ensure that your shower is every bit as memorable as it is fun.

    Tie-Dye Station

    Give party guests the opportunity to tie-dye a onesie for the new baby. For best results, use 100% cotton onesies and give the dye the chance to set overnight before washing and drying the newly tie-dyed garments.

    Dear Baby…..

    Invite party guests to write heartfelt messages of love and best wishes for the new baby. Then incorporate these messages of caring into a star mobile, a love line, or a wishing tree that can double as a baby shower decoration and a gift for the new parents.

    Wall Art

    Imagine how much it would mean to the new parents to be able to decorate their baby’s room with a piece of art made by people they love. As party host, you can make that happen by supplying non-toxic paints and pre-cut wooden letters. Encourage the party guests to strut their creative stuff and get ready to be dazzled by the results.

    DIY Terrarium

    Send each party guest home with an attractive baby shower memento: a one-of-a-kind terrarium. Plan to hit the thrift shop ahead of time to load up on an assortment of clear containers with wide-opened tops—like fish bowls, vases, and oversized mason jars. Then swing by the gardening store to pick up the other materials you’ll need for this eye-catching craft: sand, stones, potting soil, aquarium gravel, and an assortment of small, slow-growing plants. When it comes time for your guests to assemble their terrariums, they should: Start out with a layer of stones at the bottom (to provide drainage). Add a layer of sand and then a two-and-a-half inch deep layer of soil (enough soil to cover the roots of each plant). Dig a hole in the soil for each plant. Add their plants and decorate the final layer of the terrarium with stones and other decorative elements. 


For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!


Create a Retro Baby Shower at Moms Diner

The coffee's always hot, the pancakes always fluffy, and the conversation is always full of wit and fun. Comfort food goes hand in hand with golden oldies playing on the jukebox at this diner themed shower, where a 50s backdrop keeps things retro, but cool. Invite your best friends over for an old-fashioned milkshake and some very modern twists on a classic American favorite.

Red and white gingham décor sets the stage for a 50s diner themed baby shower, and can easily be found at a local party supply store or online. Checkered tablecloths, vintage-looking straw containers, red food baskets, napkin dispensers, and guest checks create a tablescape that evokes the classic diners of the 50s. Keep your flowers simple. Retro staples like carnations, go well with this theme – and are super affordable!

A diner wouldn’t be complete without doo-wop and golden oldies tunes playing the background. You can find toy jukeboxes online to use as props, or create a playlist of your favorite 50s songs with the word “baby” in the title for extra special fun. Play "Name That Tune" and let guests guess the song or the next string of lyrics as they sing along. Winner gets a CD with your full party playlist!

The best part of a diner theme is the comfort food, of course!  Keep it simple with stacks of buttermilk pancakes, delicious mini milkshakes, sides of bacon and sausage, and some mini burgers and fries. Don’t forget the ultimate diner classic – the ice cream sundae with a cherry on top! Create a toppings bar for your guests to decorate their own sundaes in retro parfait glasses.

huggies2.jpg   632f1e8176a8a6f1c300d8a2aaa72152.jpg

If you have some teenagers in the family you can enlist them to don a custom apron and act as waiters or waitresses at the diner. They can help bus tables, set out baskets of mini-muffins, and write up the “to-go” orders for each guests as they leave, giving each of them a cup of coffee and some treats on their way out. It’s a fun way to involve older kids in a shower, and add to the diner theme.

No shower is complete without a themed diaper cake. Tightly roll the diapers into three tiers and secure with red and white gingham ribbon.  Place a toy 1950s convertible with a teddy bear at the wheel as a memorably fun cake topper!

Good times are sure to be had at Mom’s Diner when great friends and yummy comfort food come together to celebrate the mom and baby to-be. Remember to focus on simple food, playful décor and retro themed music and details to produce a baby shower as sweet as a chocolate milkshake!

For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!

woodland creature baby shower menu

An Outdoor Woodland Baby Shower

Fresh air, lush greenery and natural elements come together in a woodland wonderland baby shower that takes advantage of the great outdoors. Your backyard, a local park, or a restaurant with a private garden are perfect locations to set your woodland shower. Carry the theme throughout the décor, games and food to create a memorable event.


Keep the tablescape simple, incorporating natural materials such as wood, glass, paper, pinecones, evergreens, and twine. Mix and match wooden chairs, use a picnic table or wooden farm table, and create centerpieces from branches and moss to set the stage.

outdoor baby shower gift table 

Delight your guests with fire-grilled food like mini hamburgers. Bowls overflowing with ripe berries, trail mix, and nuts are perfectly on theme, while treats such as caramel dipped apples served on branches rather than sticks are unexpected.

  baby shower outdoor decor  baby shower menu

Hands-on Activities

Include fun and simple craft projects in your woodland shower.  Guests will love folding paper owls, foxes, and bears, which come together to form a hanging mobile for your baby’s nursery. It’s a hands-on activity that lets your guests explore their artistic side, and results in a wonderful decorative memento for you and your growing family.


Making woodland masks from online printables will provide your guests with the perfect costumes to wear in a DIY photo booth!  Hang a sheet adorned with a forest themed print as a backdrop for your photo booth and set a camera on a tripod so it’s always centered and focused! You’ll be thrilled to have a scrapbook filled with spontaneous photos and memories after the shower is long over.

Diaper Cake:

Continue the woodland theme when building the always-anticipated diaper cake. Be sure to wrap the diapers tightly so they hold the “tier” shape, and stack the diaper layers in three tiers using various natural materials like moss, moldable birch bark, and twine that has been braided into a wreath so that it can encircle the “cake.”

The crisp, clean air and rich, earthy colors create an atmosphere of abundance and whimsy. Bringing your baby shower outside allows you to celebrate your pregnancy, and the baby you will soon welcome into the world, surrounded by luxurious natural beauty. There’s something extra special about hosting an event focused on the joy of new life while sunshine streams through the trees and birds chirp overhead.

 woodland theme diaper cake

Make sure to slow down and savor the special details of your magical woodland baby shower. Soon enough you’ll be sharing these lovely memories with your new natural wonder – your baby!

For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!


soap party favor

Farewell Favors For Every Baby Shower

What’s a baby shower without a fun giveaway at party’s end? It’s always nice to send your guests on their way with a takeaway to remember the day. Some are useful, some are decorative, some are delicious, but all are appreciated.

It’s always a good idea to tie your favor to the party theme. Get creative and think outside the box to give something that will have lasting utility, or just be a reminder of a great party and a wonderful mom-to-be.

Here are some farewell favor ideas for all sorts of shower themes to get you started:

For a Green Shower:

Give your baby shower guests a gift that keeps on growing with herb plant favors. Watch how your plants grow and thrive, just like the soon to arrive baby. Have a craft serve two purposes with a build your own terrarium. Bring the outdoors in by setting up a station with stones, ferns, succulents and soil. Have fun at the party and send guests home with their own creation.

favort board - terrarium.jpg

For a cook’s shower:

Do you have a special recipe? Spread the love by mixing up a batch of your homemade jam, banana bread or chocolate cookies. What a sweet and simple way to indulge and send your guests home with something delicious. They’ll think of you with every bite!

For a prince/princess shower:

Spread the love by engraving a beautiful spoon with a sweet saying for the little one in your guest’s lives.

For a music theme:

Compile custom CDs or streaming playlists with the mom-to-be’s favorite songs. Choose classical, top 40, oldies, or even a playlist that’s full of lullabies for baby.

For a camp theme:

Wrap up happy camper marshmallow packs with all the ingredients to make s'mores in the oven or by a cozy fire.

For a storybook shower:

Mark the occasion with these storybook candle favors. Wrap glass candle holders with pages from your favorite children’s books tied with ribbon or rick rack. They’ll make great décor and lovely favors to take home.

For a sweets shower:

Sweets are the treat that make showers so much fun, so send your guests home with something indulgent. Get a batch of pretty jars, tins or bags and fill them with an assortment of sweets.

You can color-coordinate the offerings with your theme or go pink or blue if you know the baby’s gender. Or there’s always yellow if the news is unknown.

For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!

star decorations

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – A Star Light Star Bright Baby Shower

Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? What a great winter wonderland theme for a celestial baby shower, complete with white, silver and gold glittery details. Start the party off right with shimmery or star-shaped invitations announcing “A Star is Born.”


This shower has all sorts of sparkly details including garlands of hanging stars, candles nestled in bowls surrounded by glistening glass gems and twigs spray-painted white and silver covering gold, silver or white tablecloths. Be sure to include lots of white flowers on every table top.

Look for holiday lights you can use to hang around the entrance, or even all around the room for a festive touch. Add more sparkle to the table by liberally sprinkling star and moon confetti all over the table, covering it like stardust.

Star-shaped cookie cutters will be this party’s best friend. Cut out star sandwiches and stick a sparkly-topped toothpick into each to brighten up the table. Sprinkle cookies with edible glitter or cover them with various sugar decorations that you can find in the baking aisle of your supermarket or party store.  

Look for the biggest star cake topper you can find or make your own out of cardboard, spray-painted with glitter paint. Use a stencil in the shape of a moon and stars on top of the cake and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Remove the stencil and you have a simple yet beautiful decoration. Garnish glasses of non-alcoholic punch with slices of star fruit and make star-kabobs by skewering cut out star-shaped strawberries, pineapple and assorted melons with grapes in between as spacers.


Supply some gold and silver pens and a “Wish Upon a Star” guest book that everyone fills with their hopes, dreams and wishes for the new baby’s future. Or have guests write them on 3” stars cut from sparkly craft paper. Add to the decor by hanging them from a mobile for all to read. When the party’s over, compile them into a special book for the mom-to-be to share someday with her child.

Party Favors

When the party’s over, send your guests home with inexpensive candles from the dollar store that you’ve wrapped with shiny scrapbooking paper. Tie each with a coordinating ribbon and attach a few sparkly stars. Everyone will be sure to remember mommy and baby as the season’s brightest stars!

For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!


Thanks For the Memories: How to Host a Camp-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, the great outdoors! The sun-filled days of playing soccer, canoeing in the lake and singing around the campfire. Even though summer camp was ages ago, it’s not too late to recreate some of the good times for a baby shower, especially if you’re still friends with your former bunkmates. It’s also a great theme for an outdoorsy mom who’d rather wear hiking boots than heels.


For many, just the thought of camp brings back all sorts of memories that lend themselves to fun food, crafts, decorations and general good times, whether you host a baby shower in the woods or your own backyard.

Start the day off right by handing out stickers that look like badges when everyone arrives. Your guests can wear “Most Goals”, “Best Sportsmanship” and “Dodgeball Star”. Of course, the mommy-to-be gets to be “Camper of the Week!”

To greet your crowd, create a banner for the party entrance. Cut out large triangles from brown paper bags and hang upside down so they look like pennants. Write one letter on each to spell out “Welcome” and hang from a rope with clothes pins. Add vintage felt flags or those from your old camp.


Get in the mood by covering tables with burlap. Collect piles of twigs and pinecones that you can tie with twine to create all sorts of creative centerpieces... the more rustic the better. Fill glass bottles with woodsy flower arrangements and large glass vases with pine cones, leaves, rocks and moss for an outdoorsy look. Stick an inexpensive lantern on each table or archery arrows in an old thermos for a cool accent. Instead of table numbers, designate each: “Bunk 1,” “Bunk 2,” etc. If your party is inside, consider purchasing some posters of tree-filled forests, scenic vistas and waterfalls for a fitting backdrop.

Food and drink:

Remember bug juice, that sticky sweet bright red and orange stuff you gulped by the gallon? Create a much better tasting punch made with cranberry and orange juice, seltzer and berry sherbet or crushed fresh berries. Serve it in plastic cups with a camp logo or the mommy’s initials as a take home souvenir from a fun-filled day. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are a must, along with healthy versions of the old camp standbys: potato salad and coleslaw. Add big bowls of cut up fresh fruit and some crudités, and you’re all set.


What’s camp without s’mores? If you are able to build a fire, give everyone a marshmallow on a stick and let them roast away. If not, pack up little goodie bags filled with fixings for sweet treats to take home later. You can also make s’mores on a stick by dipping marshmallows in melted chocolate and rolling them in crushed nuts. Or set up fondue pots and let everyone go dip crazy! Be sure you supply an assortment of goodies that taste great gooey, including pretzel rods, strawberries, bananas and pineapple.

Decorate cookies to look like Girl Scout badges. Or if you have an in with a local troop, buy a batch of Girl Scout cookies and serve the real thing.


Crafts are not only fun to make and a great favor, but they also give guests the opportunity to chat and mingle, perfect for parties where the guests haven’t seen each other in a while or don’t know each other well. Set up a station to make friendship bracelets, tie-dye onesies for the new baby, or get crafty with ice pop sticks.


You might want to forgo tug-of-war with pregnant women in the mix, so opt for something tamer like singing your old camp faves. If there’s a guitar player in the bunch, ask her to bring her instrument or download some appropriate tunes. For the super creative, take a favorite song and change the words to fit the mom-to-be and her new baby. It will be a gift she’ll never forget!

For more Baby Shower inspiration visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner Pinterest Board!

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