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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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How to Buy Newborn Clothes

It’s easy to get lost for hours in the baby-clothing store—everything’s just so cute. How much cute should you buy? Keep these tips in mind.

Hit the sack. Given that your baby’s going to be mostly snoozing during his first couple of months, a sleep sack is a trés chic choice. "They’re foolproof as far as fit goes—they just cover the baby head to toe," says Pam DiCapo, a mom of two and owner of the children’s boutique Lauren Alexandra in Kansas City, Missouri. "Also, there are no snaps or buttons so diaper changes are easier, and they don’t rub against the umbilical stump, which is a sensitive area. Buy about five or six in newborn size."

"Zero" is bigger than you think.  "Most newborns are quite skinny—those rolls and dimples don’t show up until later," says DiCapo. "Even 10-pound infants wear size 0 to 3." Pick up four outfits in size 0 to 3, to be worn for visitors and photos, and let baby spend his downtime in sacks.

Don’t get too much in size 3 to 6 months. Moms tend to get a lot of baby clothes in that size at the shower or as gifts.

Forget the footies. To get the most mileage out of outfits, consider steering clear of footie pajamas for the first few months, which cram tiny toes as baby gets longer. Instead, invest in five or six pairs of baby socks. They’ll keep your little one’s feet warm—plus, they’re absolutely adorable!

New? Not totally necessary. "While I was pregnant, I hit every garage sale that advertised it was selling newborn clothes in good condition," says mom of one Kristy Norton of Little Falls, Minnesota. "I couldn’t justify spending much money on clothes that my child would spit up on and immediately outgrow. That’s not to say I never bought anything new—I did for special occasions or when I saw an adorable outfit I simply had to have—but buying the basics secondhand worked out great."


What You Need To Know About Infant Car Seats

A car seat is the most important piece of baby gear—the hospital won’t let you drive your baby home without one. Before you get behind the wheel, read this.

  1. Pricier does not mean safer.

    All car seat manufacturers are required to meet the same strict safety standards, notes Alisa Baer, M.D., a New York City-based pediatrician and certified child passenger safety instructor. "When I first shopped for a seat, I realized the difference in price is often due to a designer name or fancier fabric," says Jill Hunt, a mom of three in Atlanta, Georgia. What’s most important: making sure a model fits your car. 
  2. Go for new over used.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) caution against buying a second-hand car seat if you don’t know the seat’s history(to make sure it hasn’t been in an accident); it’s older than six years; it has visible cracks; it’s missing parts or the instructions; or the seat was recalled (check or call the NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236). Says Dr. Baer, who runs the website The Car Seat Lady, "When in doubt, it is best to buy a new car seat—it’s the only baby product parents purchase that has the potential to save a child's life." 
  3. Make sure properly installed.

    A certified child passenger safety technician can teach you how to install the seat correctly. To find one near you, visit or call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK. Breanna Gunn, a mom of one in Friendswood, Texas, got help from a trained technician at her local police station: "As a new mom, I was relieved to find someone who could make sure my car seat was installed the right way."
  4. Keep the straps snug.

    In the winter, bulky snowsuits or coats can prevent straps from fitting right. Dr. Baer recommends dressing the baby in three thin layers instead, such as a bodysuit, a footed sleeper, and a button-down cardigan, and then adding a blanket (over the straps, which should be snug against baby’s body).
  5. Keep baby rear-facing as long as possible.

    You might be eager to switch your convertible car seat to the forward-facing position, but the AAP recommends that children ride rear-facing as long as possible—until they reach the height and weight limits set by the car seat manufacturer. (At a minimum, babies should stay rear-facing until they turn 1 and weigh at least 20 lbs.) Says Dr. Baer, "Studies show that even 3- and 4-year-olds are five times safer riding rear-facing than forward." Drive safely!


Baby and Mom with Black and White Filter

This Is Motherhood

Motherhood is changing your clothes seven times a day because your newborn won the silver medal in spitting up.

Motherhood is changing your clothes four times a day because your outfit is considered a giant kleenex.

Motherhood is throwing caution to the wind and just heading out into the world with stained clothes.

Motherhood is your coffee being spilled onto the carpet every day for a week until you rein in your mommy brain and remember to keep it out of reach of Tommy Touch Everything.

Motherhood is waking up at 1am (and 2 and 3 and 4) to hold and rock and cuddle a sick or teething baby.

Motherhood is waking up at 1am (or 2 or 3 or 4) to convince your toddler that it’s not time to be awake yet.

Motherhood is stepping on Cheerios a week after the box was empty and you've vacuumed roughly 72 times.

Motherhood is discovering cream cheese fingerprints on the top shelf of the DVD rack without any idea where they came from.

Motherhood is poop 24/7.

Motherhood is lying awake at night worrying your children won't have anyone to eat lunch with at school… when they're barely toddler age.

Motherhood is considering two showers a week a huge victory.

Motherhood is regretting teaching your daughter to call her pacifier a “suck” because she's way too good at the “uck” sound.

Motherhood is screaming right along with your kids when you're all having a bad day.

Motherhood is applauding your son when he takes his first steps.

Motherhood is realizing your world is over now that your son has taken his first steps.

Motherhood is stopping in the middle of a crosswalk to retrieve the doll your kid chucked out of the stroller.

Motherhood is giving your son a cookie at 10am because it's adorable when he says “peeeease.”

Motherhood is eating your kid's leftovers and calling it dinner.

Motherhood is dozing off on the couch and waking up to a toddler finger up your nose.

Motherhood is going to Target by yourself and feeling like you're on a week long vacation.

Motherhood is misty eyes when your child says “love you, Mom” for the first time.

Motherhood is bawling your eyes out because this job is hard.

Motherhood is bawling your eyes out because this job is the best.

What does motherhood mean to you?

About the Author: Toni Hammer never planned on having kids, but she’s now a stay-at-home mom to Lillian and Levi who were born 355 days apart because the universe has an awesome sense of humor.

This article was written by The Stir Bloggers from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image: Getty

Victorian Cathedral

14 Unusual Victorian Baby Names That Are Back in Style

In the 1800s, girls' names had one very desirable feature—a cutey-pie nickname that often ended in -ie or -y, the sound we associate with friendliness and affection. A few Victorian-era short forms and nicknames are becoming popular once again, in the vein of Sadie and Millie, proving that there is nothing new under the sun. But American pioneers were not shy about putting a nickname on the birth certificate, whereas today we're concerned with giving our child options by using a longer name that works on an adult in more formal situations. (Parents in the UK don't have that concern right now either.)

Here are some Victorian nicknames that, in today's naming landscape, have nearly been left in a cloud of dust. They rate high on over-the-top darling, carving out a niche for parents who love everything boldly quaint.

  1. Aggie: This pet name, often derived from Agatha and Agnes, gets extra points in Texas. Because Aggie is also a common word for fans and alumni of agricultural schools (most notably Texas A&M), Aggie may carry a certain amount of school spirit. Even though Agatha and Agnes are nowhere to be found on today's charts, they have a long history and a classic feel, and Aggie is a charming nickname that reminds us of Abby. Namipedia also shows Aggie as a nickname option for Augustina.

  2. Birdie: Yes, you can "put a bird on it"when it comes to names, as many parents did in the 1800s, often without a formal given name. Birdie is the epitome of cheerful and carefree, and it would make a perfect name for a singer or musician. It did, infact, in the case of British singer-songwriter Birdy, who got her nickname when her parents saw how she opened her mouth "like a little bird."Birdie is a pet form for a variety of names, most commonly Bertha, but including Betty, Bernice, and Bernadine as well. Actress Busy Phillips named her daughter Birdie in a tribute to Lady Bird Johnson.

  3. Clemmie: As the pet form of Clementine (or Clement, Clemence, and even Clemency), this is a distinct name with a bit of southern charm. We love its crisp beginning, similar to favorites like Clara and Chloe, but some may have a hard time with the "lemmie"portion of the name. Seeing as how Clement is a common surname, and this is a celebrity favorite, it's not out of the question for Clementines to rise in popularity, with the nickname Clemmie a sweet and natural short form.

  4. Effie: Everyone knows Effie today as the elaborately fashionable and reluctant rebel from The Hunger Games series. The character's stylings made Effie Trinket one of the top Halloween costumes for those who like to go big in the makeup/hair/wardrobe department, giving us the unshakeable impression that Effie is no longer a name for shy types. The names Euphemia or Hephzibah are far from favored today, though Effie could be used as a pet form of Josephine or Stephanie.

  5. Eppie: It's no wonder we haven't seen this name in a while, as it's another pet form of Euphemia or Hephzibah, both of which died out by the early 1900s. What makes matters worse is the resemblance to the EpiPen, a medical treatment for anaphylaxis, as well as possible confusion with Abby. But does this mean that Eppie is doomed? Not necessarily. She's a spirited, beloved little girl in the classic Silas Marner, and used in a Scottish ballad by the name of Eppie Morrie. Eppie may be bold but it's not without some charm. Other names that could lead to an Eppie are Elspeth, Eponine, Pepper, or September.

  6. Florrie: Coming from the neglected classics Florence and Flora, Florrie is a beautiful pet form that still holds on to the the floral statement the original names make. It's similar in sound to Lori and Tori, making it a bit familiar but still altogether different. Those are just a few reasons we prefer Florrie over Flo and Flossie. That being said, Florrie has lots of potential to stand on its own.

  7. Hattie: Hop across the pond, and you are much more likely to find girls with this adorable nickname. Most often short for Harriet and Henrietta, Hattie is right on trend with today's old-fashioned favorites like Addie and Maddie. In the 1800s, parents were wild about this once top-30 name, which was more fashionable than Harriet was as a given name. Today, Hattie may not be as popular as Harriet in the UK, but it's not doing too badly there, ranked at 284.

  8. Lettie: This sweet Victorian-era name once came from the related names Laetitia, Letitia, and Lettice. But today, we're bringing it back as a nickname for a mix of vintage and literary favorites like Charlotte, Juliet, Scarlett, and Violet. You may not find Lettie in the top 1,000, but as a pet form for some quite popular choices, it's an under-the-radar hit.

  9. Mamie: Primarily short for Mary or Margaret, Mamie became a star on its own in the late 1800s. Case in point: The most famous Mamie to date, First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, whose given name was Mamie Geneva. Today our favorite Mamie happens to be the talented actress Mamie (Mary) Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep. And while Mamie may be a rare choice for a given name, we think this pet name has potential. You won't find this name in French-speaking countries, though, as it's a pet name for grandmother in French.

  10. Minnie: In 1880, it was hard to beat the red-hot name Minnie, a top five choice that was uber-stylish. Fast forward a few decades and the famed icon Minnie Mouse (short for Minerva) made her mark on this name, a legacy that continued to thrive long after the sounds of her name became passé. Minnie has its roots in Wilhelmina, a classic choice featuring abundant nicknames. It's proof that parents of the past weren't afraid to think small when it comes to names. Today, the sound-alike abbreviation for miniature reminds us of skirts, golf, or technology. That's a fairly big barrier, and along with the countrified character Minnie Pearl, Minnie may always feel like a name of the past. That's great if you're into statement-making Victoriana. Not so great if you can't get past the Disney superstar, ipads, or flower-donned straw hats with a price tag dangling over the side.

  11. Nettie: A darling of the 1880s, Nettie was much more popular as an independent given name than any of its relatives, including Annette, Henrietta, and Jeanette. This name may bring to mind two wildly different namesakes; Celie's sister in The Color Purple, and reality star of TLC's Gypsy Sisters, Nettie Stanley. Neither one is very iconic, making Nettie's only true distinction its pioneer-era charm.

  12. Polly: An upbeat, fresh take on Molly, Polly is an old-fashioned choice that's once again found more success in the UK. It's not too big of a mystery as to why more Americans aren't on board with this sweet name. The sad truth is that it's just not long and formal enough. If that's holding you back, Polly is an independent name, but it could work as a pet form for Paulina and other feminine forms of Paul (or, there's always Apollonia). The name has loads of namesakes and associations, including a character in the Netflix dramedy Orange is the New Black.

  13. Posy: If you're looking for a name that's darling, old-fashioned, and a little bit floral, look no further. Posy is a sugary sweet pet form of Josephine, and it's a word for a small bouquet as well. She's a Hunger Games character (Gale's sister), and the name Posie was used for a character in TV's Charmed. On a scale of one to adorable, this name is off the charts.

  14. Tillie: We aren't exactly strangers with Tillie today, as it comes from a lovely pioneer-revival name, Matilda (it's also short for Ottilie). One clear difference, though, is that we expect Tillie to grow out of her pet name someday, and to put her full name down on that resumé. When it comes to Matilda, Mattie is often the nickname of choice, but Tillie is a fresh way to shorten it.  

Which of these Victorian names is your favorite?

For more great baby name ideas, visit Baby Name Wizard.

This article was written by Laura Emerson from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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10 Baby Registry Must-Haves for New Moms - Ana Flores' Blog

As soon as the first trimester uneasiness starts to subside, most new moms start to focus their attention on getting ready for the arrival of their baby. A highlight of all that expectation is preparing the nursery and setting up the baby registry. For moms like me that have family and friends spread out all over the country and even internationally, it’s important to have a well-curated list online that allows anyone to be part of the gift-giving to welcome in the little one, and that also meets the needs of new parents entering this stage in their life.

The first time you go through the process of selecting new baby essentials for your registry can be incredibly overwhelming. We worry about safety, price, durability, ratings, comfort, and so many other things. Now there are great tools like Huggies Respuestas de Mamá and the very useful Guía Bienvenida a tu Bebé that provide lists and endless information to help new moms. It’s also wise to spend some time researching and polling your friends for recommendations on the pricier and most-used items like your baby’s crib, car seat and stroller. Besides those three essentials, here are 10 more that all new moms should include in their baby registry list.

  1. Diapers and wipes:
    Of course you know you’ll need diapers, but you probably still don’t realize exactly how many diapers a tiny person feeding on milk can go through in a day. Huggies Little Snugglers and Huggies Natural Care Wipes are essential to stock up on, especially for newborn babies.

  2. Onesies:
    This sounds a bit obvious and you might think that you’ll probably be gifted so many of these that there’s no point to get more. Trust me on this one -- you can never have enough onesies. Put on your registry many options from sizes 0 months-1 year. Infants are messy by nature and you’ll be glad to always have a new and fresh onesie in his dresser and diaper bag to grab at a moment’s notice.

  3. Swaddle blankets:
    These are a life-saver. Babies sleep so much better when they are wrapped snug and tight. Stock up on these for the first months and make sure to get the appropriate thickness and fabric for your climate when your baby is born.

  4. Diaper bag:
    This item will become an essential part of your personality and style for a while. The best diaper bags are a bit pricey, but most are worth it. You want a bag that’s durable, easy to clean, that has many easy to reach compartments to keep things organized, and one that both you and your husband will feel comfortable carrying around.

  5. Baby swing or bouncy seat:
    Want a few minutes to yourself to grab breakfast or even attempt to shower? Get a baby swing or a bouncy seat! Babies love the constant motion and laying them in one of these is very soothing to them. Swings may take up a lot of space, but you will not regret it.

  6. A set of baby bottles:
    Even if you plan to breastfeed your baby, you should have a set of baby bottles to use at any time.

  7. Baby sling or carrier:
    There’s no doubt that babies need to be as close to you as possible, and nothing calms them down more than being next to you. However, mom also needs to get things done and use her hands. Make sure you have a few slings and/or carriers and find the most comfortable one for both you and baby.

  8. Baby monitor:
    Nowadays, these come with so much range in technology that you’ll have to select based on your needs. You might consider choosing one with video so you won’t have to open baby’s door to check on her once you’ve finally put her down to sleep!

  9. Diaper pail:
    At first they look like just a fancy trash can, but the reality is that diaper pails are made to keep both the sight and odors of your baby’s multiple daily dirty diapers far away. You’ll want one.

  10.   Glider or rocking chair:
      This one you’ll have to test out for yourself before you add it to your registry. It might be a pricey gift for one person, but perfect for a group gift. Make sure the     chair is comfortable for you to sit in while holding a few pounds for a while and that the movement is effortless.

Ana L. Flores has over 15 years of experience as a content creator and television producer, with a specialty in the U.S. Hispanic industry. After becoming a mom, she co-founded SpanglishBaby, the go-to online community for parents raising bilingual and bicultural kids, which was chosen as a “Must Read Mom's Blog” by Parenting magazine, as well as Babble's “Top 100 Mom Blogs” in 2011 and 2012. She was recently named one of "6 Bloggers to Watch" by USA Today's Hispanic Living.

Ana also founded Latina Bloggers Connect, a boutique social media agency where she creates strategic digital campaigns connecting brands and social causes with bloggers. She coauthored the book Bilingual is Better and is a regular blogger on Babble Voices, a passionate advocate of the Moms Clean Air Force, and a UN Foundation Shot@Life Social Fellow.

Family Summer Walk

It's a Baby! Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on and off Line

On the day I received word from my doctor that I was pregnant with my first son, I bought yellow roses (a neutral color) and showed up at my husband’s office to present them to him. It took him a moment to understand…yes; we were pregnant! It was great to tell him in person and a lot easier than waiting until he got home from work.

These days, parents are a lot more imaginative in making the big reveal to their spouse, family and friends, often taking to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to make their announcements.

Since so many people share all of life’s major milestones on social media these days, “It's no surprise that sharing their pregnancy news online is one of the first things couples do after they tell their closest friends and family,” says Cathleya Schroeckenstein, Managing Director of 

What used to be a simple line or two of text, or a snapshot of the ultrasound announcing a pregnancy, has become an elaborate ritual,” she says. Couples ramp up the creativity “so they stand out in the virtual crowd.”

Celebrities, of course, love to share their news on social media. Country music star Carrie Underwood marked the end of last year’s Labor Day weekend with her own labor-related news. The star tweeted a photo with her pups wearing “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister” t-shirts, along with the line, “Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier.” Baby Isaiah was born in February.

Last January, singer Gwen Stefani took to Instagram to announce her third baby boy was on the way. The caption read, “I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys.”

Regular people are also telling their news online, too. Last April first, Marjorie and Sean Comer of Charleston, SC, posted a picture on Facebook of a chalkboard that read, "We're not expecting."

“We confused a lot of people,” she says, especially when her husband added a sonogram photo in the comments section. One of her favorite posts read: "Please tell me this is your April Fools, and it means you are!!!"

And yes, they really were pregnant. “My husband is in the Navy, so it was a fun way to tell our extended family and friends who haven't seen us in a while,” she says. Baby Henry was born on October 16th.

Need inspiration? Head to Pinterest and you’ll see hundreds of ways couples announce they are expecting. That’s where Emily Rittenberg of Penfield, NY, got her idea.

When she discovered she was pregnant, she wrapped up her pregnancy test to give to her husband, Josh. Then she stuck a ciabatta roll in the oven for a photo that was posted on Facebook with the note: “Yes…it’s true.”

Most people got the “bun in the oven” reference right away, she says. She loved being able to share her big news on Facebook. “In everyone’s life you have a lot of friends from school, camp, work and it’s a great way to tell them all at once. Who’s not happy about a baby?”

Some share the news in a more traditional way.

“After many pregnancy losses, fertility money spent and all the stress that goes with that when it doesn't work, we did IVF one last time,” says Randy Bieniek of Atlanta. “Being in our mid 40's we knew this was our final try.”

But sadly, she didn’t feel pregnant. She prepared her husband for the worst when he left for work. “Well, lo and behold, our fertility group called to say I was, in fact, pregnant. I was in complete shock,” she says.

Bieniek and her then 12-year-old son from her first marriage painted yards of butcher paper with the message, "Welcome Home Daddy!" and hung the sign across the entire front of the house. They covered the mailbox with pink and blue balloons. When husband Stan drove up, he couldn't believe it.

The biggest surprise of all, however, came weeks later, when the couple discovered they were having triplets.

Image: Getty


25 Groovy 'G' Names for Baby Boys

letter G alphabet cubes font

Because of the strong sound and powerful look (seriously, how cool is the cursive G?), 'G' names for boys have always been popular. From the classic George to the more modern Greyson (or Grayson!), the monikers have topped baby name charts and have been in the popular consciousness for years. And rightfully so.

Settled on naming your little guy something that begins with a G? 

Bust out your baby name list, and add these great 'G' names for boys:

  1. Gabriel: The Biblical name, which means "God is my strength," has Gabe as a nickname and is one of the most popular 'G' names for boys. Ever since 2012, it's topped the charts in multiple countries around the world.
  2. Gael: The Gaelic name, pronounced GAH-ehl, literally translates into "Irishman" and has recently become a more popular name for little boys. Before 2012, the name hadn't been on many parents' radar screens, but actor Gael Garcia Bernal has helped it reach higher levels of popularity.
  3. Gage: Whether it's spelled Gage or Gaige, the name is similar to other strong-words-turned-names like Chance or Stone. It's also the name of one of the main characters in the 1989 horror film, Pet Sematary.
  4. Gannon: The original Irish last name means "descendant of the fair-haired man," is a character in the "Legend of Zelda." Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit also used the name for her first-born son.
  5. Garrett: Originally a spin-off from Gerald, which means "spear rule," and Gerard, which means "brave with a spear," Garrett has been a top name for boys ever since the 1990s.
  6. Garth: The Middle English garth means "an enclosed yard or garden" and was used as a nickname for anyone in charge of a garden space, but singers Garth Hudson and Garth Brooks give the name a musical twist.
  7. Gatsby: Taken from the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby, the name has immediate connections to the roaring 1920s and classic American literature.
  8. Gavin: The classic Gaelic name means "a hawk" and "a blow, battle," and it can also be attributed to the historical Arthurian stories. Sir Gawain (or Gavin) was a knight at the Round Table.
  9. Geoffrey: Originating from the Old French Geoffroi and an alternative to Jeffrey, the name has been made popular by English author Geoffrey Chaucer and Australian actor Geoffrey Rush.
  10. George: The classic boys name means "earth worker" or "farmer" and was most popular in the 1880s. But thanks to the royals and Prince George, the name has become a bigger possibility for today's parents.
  11. German: Though it's obviously an adjective for people who hail from the European country, the baby name is actually a version of Hermann, and means "soldier, warrior." 
  12. Gideon: Meaning "one who cuts down" in Hebrew, the name gained extra popularity when Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka named their son Gideon Scott in 2010. 
  13. Gilbert: The original French name Guillebert means "pledge" and "bright or famous" and was most popular back in the 1930s. It got worldwide recognition thanks to Gilbert Blythe of Anne of Green Gables.

 Which 'G' name for boys is your favorite?

For more great baby name ideas to find your perfect baby name match, visit Baby Name Wizard.

This article was written by Suzee Skwiot from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image: Getty 


25 Cool Names for Boys Whose Initials Make Great Nicknames


When choosing a baby's name, pondering the initials isn't always an afterthought. Sometimes, they can become a focal point for parents who crave an initial-based nickname like A.J., J.R., or P.T. And these punchy initial names are particularly popular for boys.

"Initials have the fun, informal style of classic nicknames, but with extra energy," explains Laura Wattenberg, baby name expert and founder of BabyNameWizard. "They're not diminutives -- compare the nickname T.J. to Timmy -- so they grow up well."

In case you're looking for such a combo, keep a few rules in mind: "It's all about rhythm," says Wattenberg. "And one-syllable names are the key. They're hugely popular as middle names to go with a longer first name, and it can work in the other direction, too."

To get your gears turning, here are a few two-name combos with cute initial nicknames to consider:


  • Albert James -- A strong, classic name with German and Latin roots.  

  • Alexander Joel -- Long first names often pair well with shorter seconds, which makes this Greek-themed combo a winner.

  • Ashton Jacob -- Ashton, a "place name" derived from a town in England, gets a good rhythm going with this Latin middle name.


  • Cameron Jett -- This zippy middle name adds zing to a long Scottish first name.
  • Colby Jarrett -- An Old Norse first name meets an English middle for a sophisticated combo.
  • Cole Jamison -- A simple first name pairs well with this longer, more lyrical English name in the middle.


  • Drew Jackson -- Drew is short for Andrew, but the surname-derived Jackson gives it weight ... and how cool is it to raise a baby DJ?
  • Dylan Julius -- The l's in each name add a lyrical quality.


  • Jayden Dean -- Jayden, a combination of Jacob and Aidan, rose to popularity thanks to Will Smith's son; Dean provides a gentle echo.
  • Jasper Dax -- One of the Three Wise Men had the first name, while the middle means "leader."
  • Jonah David -- A classic biblical combo with a snappy nickname when you use the initials.


  • John Junior -- if you want your husband's name passed down but worry about the ensuing confusion, J.J. is the perfect way to tell them apart!
  • Jeremiah James -- A long first name pairs well with a short, stately middle one.


  • John Paul -- Naming your kid after the Pope has to bode well for his future, right?
  • James Patrick -- Patrick, named after the patron saint of Ireland, pairs well with this solid first name.
  • Jean Pierre -- These two French names go together like peanut butter and jelly. 


  • James Roderick -- Reality star Rosie Pope chose this name for her son; the middle name is German for "ruler."


  • Justin Thomas -- A masculine, Latin-derived name with the double s's adding a hint of breeziness.


  • Mason James -- This masculine, yet unusual, first name goes well with a more classic middle one, plus the "a" sound provides a nice echo.


  • Preston Philip -- The first is an English place name that you don't hear too often, the second is for an English royal -- perfect for any Anglophile.
  • Paxton James -- Paxton is hot due to Angelina Jolie, while the middle name maintains a classic streak.


  • Phineas Taylor -- This was beloved circus founder P.T. Barnum's full name, so your kid will have some fun-loving shoes to fill. 


  • Robert John -- A classic male name combo with a jazzy two-initial nickname.


  • Travis Jordan -- This first name, French for "to cross," meshes well with this middle name which means "to flow." 
  • Tanner Kendrick -- English and Scottish surnames combine for a unique name that can be shortened to a cute nickname.

How do you feel about nicknames derived from initials?

For more great baby name ideas, visit BabyNameWizard

This article was written by Judy Dutton from CafeMom and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.


100 Best Fall Baby Names

fall baby names

While 'Pumpkin' is a great nickname for your little cutie, most people wouldn't put it on the birth certificate. I think it's adorable, but I tend to like different names. And now that Fall is just about here, I'm thinking of all the beautiful baby names that go well with my favorite season. The air gets more crisp, the leaves change into vibrant colors and then fall, and we harvest for the winter. Sounds like the perfect time to have a baby and then nest.

Check out 100 of the best autumn baby names -- 50 for girls, 50 for boys, and of course many on both lists that could work for either. Some are unique, some common -- there's a name for everyone this season.


  1. Autumn
  2. Amber
  3. September (Sepi for short)
  4. November (Nova for short)
  5. Berry
  6. Ivy
  7. Emerald
  8. Emmy
  9. Eve
  10. Jade
  11. Jada
  12. Coral
  13. Cora
  14. Saffron
  15. Cinnamon
  16. Ginger
  17. Raven
  18. Moon
  19. Rain
  20. Breezy
  21. Gusty
  22. Apple
  23. Willow
  24. Juniper
  25. Laurel
  26. Hazel
  27. Ruby
  28. Crimson
  29. Scarlett
  30. Paisley
  31. Tawny
  32. Topaz
  33. Sapphire
  34. Velvet
  35. Opal
  36. Roux
  37. Octavia
  38. Maple
  39. Kaede
  40. Sienna
  41. Sparrow
  42. Sage
  43. Goldie
  44. Maize
  45. Aster
  46. Celeste
  47. Lavender
  48. Lily
  49. Anise
  50. Tabitha


  1. Fall
  2. Sorrell
  3. Russet
  4. Azure
  5. Indigo
  6. Indie
  7. Goren
  8. Garner
  9. Adam
  10. Rye
  11. Jet
  12. Finn
  13. Finley
  14. Sawyer
  15. Crispin
  16. Gold
  17. Flint
  18. Mica
  19. October
  20. Octavian
  21. Forrest
  22. Rowan
  23. Leaf
  24. Hawk
  25. Red
  26. Rusty
  27. Ash
  28. Asher
  29. Reed
  30. Oliver
  31. Oak
  32. Wood
  33. Hunter
  34. Kale
  35. Tree
  36. Harvest
  37. Wheatley
  38. Barley
  39. Jasper
  40. Bruno
  41. Samhain
  42. Storm
  43. Dionysus
  44. Dion
  45. Bacchus
  46. Carmine
  47. Gerald
  48. Rory
  49. Harkin
  50. Chestnut

Which Fall baby name is your favorite?

Image Source: Getty Images

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