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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Easy, Fun Ways to Choose Your Babys Name

Play the “This or that?” game.

Start off with two names you like—say, Jana or Sophia—and ask your spouse to pick the one he likes. Then he hits you with another choice—Sophia or Lisette—until you have a keeper (well, at least for that day).

Think outside the Bob.

Find inspiration from characters in books, songs, colors, seasons, words from other cultures and your passions, suggests Pamela Redmond Satran, developer of the online site NameBerry and coauthor of The Baby Name Bible. Kellyx (yes, that’s her real name) Nelson of San Francisco, who runs an environmental group, gave her son the name Spyder. “And we named baby No. 2 Cricket,” she says, “so Spyder wouldn’t be the only arthropod in the family!”

Go back in time.

Ask a parent to make a family tree or do your own genealogical research to find great names. Satran, who has three children, named her daughter Rory—which means “red” in Gaelic—as a nod to her maiden name, Redmond.

Re-name yourself.

A thought-provoking question: If you could make over your name, what would it be and why? Re-naming yourself (or your partner) will get you thinking about qualities that matter most: how feminine or masculine, how unusual, how ethnic, and so on.

Mix it up.

Twilight fans know all about Renesmee Cullen, whose vampirelicious name is a mash-up of Renee and Esme, her grandmothers. Play around with your own combos, and feel free to mix boy and girl names.

Meet halfway.

“We wanted an ‘M’ name after my dad, Michael, but my husband and I couldn’t agree,” says Marjorie Ingall, of Providence, Rhode Island. “Jonathan wanted Matilda, for Roald Dahl’s book of that name, but Dahl was a miserable person. I wanted Mabel, but Jonathan thought it was a dog's name. So we compromised on Maxine.”

Agreeing may be tricky but as Satran says, “It’s good preparation for a lifetime of decisions you’ll have to make for your child!”


The Anatomy of a Baby Shower


Favorite Products from the Hundred Acre Wood

By: Janssen Bradshaw

I have long loved Winnie the Pooh and all his companions. I remember my mom reading aloud the stories by A.A. Milne to my sisters and me before bedtime when I was about seven or eight, and my love for those sweet tales and characters hasn’t waned.

It’s way too fun for me to look through all the sweet Winnie the Pooh items that are available, and I’ve put together eight of my favorites (some of them are useful, and some of them are just plain fun):


Because it’s so warm in Texas (and she has the hottest room in the house), my daughter sleeps in a bodysuit every night. I love this simple, clean set. Find them here.

Tigger Towel

There is almost nothing that charms me as much as a freshly bathed baby snuggled in a hooded towel. Find it here.

Pooh Chimes

I love these darling little plush chimes that you can hang from a stroller or bouncer or carseat. Classic Pooh is a lifetime love of mine. Find them here.

Piglet Blankie

My two-year-old sleeps with her little pink lovie every night. This soft little blanket with a friendly face is just perfect for a small child. Find it here.

Pooh Slippers

I don’t know that a baby really needs slipper, but as a parent, I pretty much need to see my child wearing these darling little soft shoes. Find them here

Winnie Squirters

Not only are these little squirters fun in the tub, my daughter loves to take them outside and squirt everything in sight. Find them here.

Tub Tumblers and Tracks

Would it be so wrong for ME to use these in the shower? I think these are just too fun. Find them here.


A Gender-Neutral Disney Nursery: The Lion King

By: Michelle Horton

If you’re searching around for a unique gender-neutral baby nursery theme, and you also happen to be a fan of (ahem) Disney, here’s a cute idea:

The Lion King! Here’s why: Lion King Nursery Collection The Lion King theme for a baby nursery is the perfect gender-neutral, nature-inspired, jungle-like design scheme — and with a fun, classic Disney focus. Lion King Finishing Touches They have an extensive collection of Lion King nursery items — like sheets, a bumper, mobile, swaddle blankets, plush blankets, changing pad covers, and Simba Soother You can even buy one of these cloud B "Disney Baby Dreamy Sound Soothers" in their brand new Simba design. See more about the Simba white noise soother. Animal Print Details Finish off the room with animal-print valances, changing pad covers, and other decorative details. IKEA leaf You could also buy the IKEA LOVA leaf crib canopy ($14.99) to finish off the jungle-y look.


8 Tips for a Healthier, Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

By: Michelle Horton

If you’re committed to a green lifestyle (or if you want to start being more eco-conscious), it’s only natural to take this approach with your baby, too. But it can feel like an overwhelming goal when there’s so much stuff to buy — so much furniture and clothes and short-lived baby gear that only lasts a few months before heading to storage. And what’s eco-friendly about that?

On the other hand, you might be looking into natural baby products for the health and safety of your baby, first and foremost.

Either way, here are 8 tips on making your baby nursery a chemical-free, eco-friendly haven:

1. Use VOC-free or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint in a well-ventilated room
And paint weeks before your due date so that any lingering fumes will be gone by the time your baby arrives.

2. Upcycle used furniture and decor
Although experts warn that it’s best to buy a new crib that meets the recently revised safety regulations (namely banning drop-side cribs), reusing an old dresser, glider, wall art, etc. is the more eco-friendly approach. (See which other baby products are best to buy new.)

3. Choose quality wood
If you do buy new furniture — such as the baby’s crib — look for furniture that uses real, solid wood with water-based finishes (preferably with an eco-friendly certification like Greenguard and/or wood that’s been sustainably produced). These kinds of cribs are pricier, yet, but their heirloom quality can be passed down to future babies. Examples: Oeuf, Arlington, Nurseryworks, Kalon Studios, and many, many more. "Green" companies will highlight their features on their websites.

4. Choose wood floors over carpet
But if carpet is a must, have it delivered well ahead of time so that it can be unrolled and aired out (preferably not in your baby’s room) before installing it.

5. Use organic, naturally dyed crib bedding
If you’re looking to be as chemical-free as possible, don’t forget about the sheets and blankets (which can contain nasty things like formaldehyde). It’s always good to look for an Oeko-Tex certification.

6. Don’t forget about the mattress!
It’s common to hem and haw over the perfect baby crib and then impulsively buy whichever crib mattress is on sale without the kind of extensive research that a car seat — or even a baby bouncer! — might get. But the safety of common crib mattress materials was called into question a few years back, resulting in a 2009 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that banned several types of phthalates from crib mattresses. The common offender of crib mattresses is typically the waterproof vinyl coverings, which has encouraged companies to find more natural, eco-friendly substitutions that still keep mattresses safe and dry. So in short: Don’t use a questionable hand-me-down crib mattress — especially one that was made before 2009 — and search through this guide for a safer alternative.

7. Register for (and buy) eco-friendly baby products
You might drive yourself crazy sifting through the eco-friendly products at your local Baby Superstore — combing through reviews and labels — which is why I recommend registering through an eco-friendly store like Ecomom or Abe’s Market. Abe’s Market has the biggest natural baby registry, offering thousands of products plus valuable tips and advice. And Ecomom (which also offers a gift registry) does all of the research that you don’t have time to do — conveniently labeling every product with symbols like "organic," "fair-trade production," "recyclable," and "vegan".

See some of my favorite eco-friendly baby gear here and here.

8. Use an air purifier/fresh air ventilation
If you’re not sure which room to use as the baby’s nursery, choose whichever room has the most windows for fresh air and natural sunlight. It’s also a good idea to use an air purifier to reduce common irritants like dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander.


"We're Pregnant!" 16 Real Moms Share How They Revealed the Big News

By Keiko Zoll, Disney Baby

I'll never forget the moment that Larry found out I was pregnant... because he was right there next to me! Our pregnancy story isn't like a lot of folks', as I got pregnant after years of infertility and our first round of IVF. Since we didn't make our baby the old-fashioned way, we actually had to wait for a phone call from our fertility clinic with my beta test results, ten days after our IVF procedure. Those were easily the longest ten days of our lives! We were on strict instructions not to take a pregnancy test and as much as I wanted to, I didn't and waited for the call.

When our clinic called, I put my phone on speaker and our IVF coordinator simply said, "Keiko, you're pregnant! Congratulations!" My husband and I were looking right at each other when she said it, and I'll never forget the look of stunned surprise on my husband's face. We were so excited we both couldn't stop laughing and smiling. After I hung up, I turned to Larry and said: "NOW can I go buy a pregnancy test, please?!" True story: we walked to the pharmacy around the corner right then and there where I bought a whole handful of tests and peed on them all once I got back home!

Every pregnancy reveal story is always a little different, and it's always fun to share the news with others. But that first moment when you share your news with your partner stands out from all the other announcements. Here 15 more real moms share about how they told their spouses and partners they were pregnant!

Once Upon a Dream
"One of my girlfriends texted me and told me she had a dream where I was pregnant. I just laughed it off but the more I thought about it, the more it made me want to take a test. Much to my surprise it was positive! I took a picture and called my husband, telling him I had something to tell him but he needed to sit and I would text him. The rest is history and our baby boy is due in May!" - Sara S.

Not Entirely Convinced
"My husband was there through every moment of our 'we're pregnant' discovery. I peed on the pregnancy test, then left it to do it's thing. We went in together to look at the results. The line was so faint the first day that he thought it wasn't a positive result. It took about another three mornings of tests before we were both convinced that we were really pregnant." - Cait D.

Bachelor Party Surprise
"My husband was at his BACHELOR PARTY in New Orleans and I went to CVS and bought a pint of Chubby Hubby ice cream (projecting? Possibly.) and a box of pregnancy tests. I called him from the parking lot and made the announcement. He was actually super excited!" - Meredith B.

Honeymoon Happiness
"During our honeymoon we heard that Carly Rae Jepsen song Call Me Maybe constantly. I found out I was pregnant shortly after we got home, so I waited a few days until his birthday and made him a card that said "Hey I just wed you and this is crazy, but Happy Birthday... we're having a baby!'" - Patrice G.

We're Both Going to Be Moms
"Given that we're both ladies, my wife and I did IUI treatments. We had gone through three cycles and were incredibly anxious. We went in for the third month and I remember having a really good feeling about it. We were both antsy the entire two-week wait. I kept thinking I felt a little different, but the fear of disappointment kept me from testing until exactly 14 days later. I woke up like a kid at Christmas at 4am that morning and nervously took the test... It was positive! I hadn't even thought to do something fun or cute to tell my wife, so I just ran back to our room grinning like an idiot and just said 'Yep, this is actually happening!'" - Pao M.

My Husband Told Me
"We did it together: I took the test and then we paced the living room for the longest three minutes of our lives. I made him look first!" - Samantha L.

What's For Breakfast?
"I ran downstairs while he was cooking breakfast and screamed that the pregnancy test was positive and we needed to run to the store and get more just to be sure! I ended up using eight tests. All eight pregnancy tests were positive within seconds!" - Kate M.

What's For Dinner?
"I made dinner for him: meatloaf in the shape of a plus sign!" - Amy W.

What's For Dessert?
"Had a cake made with pink and blue icing and little plastic babies wearing pink and blue. After dinner, I gave him the cake for dessert and he figured it out pretty quickly!" - Kristina E.

Hey Teacher, Are You Okay?
"I texted my husband right before homeroom (he's a teacher). The kids came in and were all concerned because he was pale, pale white. One of the kids ran and got the nurse!" - Lynne S.

At the Movies
"I just blurted it out in the middle of a movie we were watching! I was so nervous about his reaction that I had kept it from him for a few days. I took six tests before I decided to tell him, Funny thing is, we had decided to start trying so I don't know why I was so nervous!" - Tyra H.

An Out of Town Surprise
"My husband was out of town when I found out, so I took a picture of the million positive pregnancy tests and put it into a shadow box frame with little baby things and a sign that said, 'Soon to be Daddy!' I gave it to him the minute we got home saying, 'I have a present for you, it's not finished yet but I thought you might like to see it anyways.' When he saw it he just smiled, dumbstruck for a minute, before he began laughing and crying, finally asking, 'Is this for real?!'" - Charlotte A.

A Whole New Kind of Ride
"My husband rides motorcycles and it was about a week after we came back from a bike rally. I got him a motorcycle model kit and stuck the positive pregnancy test behind it. So when he opened it, he instantly knew!" -Stephanie J.

Happy Valentine's Day
"I found out I was pregnant a few days before Valentine's Day. I got my husband a card from me and a kids' card addressed to daddy. We had been trying for months so he knew exactly what it meant!" - Vanessa A.

Merry Christmas
"With our second child, I suspected I was pregnant right before Christmas, so Christmas morning I got up early and took a test, which came out positive. I put the positive test in a sandwich baggie, wrapped it in gift wrap and woke him up to give him the special gift - all before our three-year old was ready to see what Santa had brought." - Liz M.

Read more from Keiko at her blog, Go Team Zoll! or follow her along at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Image: Getty Images


Unique Baby Names: Do You Dare?

Pamela Redmond Satran,

Reading the latest birth announcement from England's Telegraph newspaper, I can't help thinking that a lot of the names, while wonderful, might give many sensible parents pause.

Wilfred may be cool, after all, but it's also undeniably nerdy - by choosing this name, am I condemning my child to playground marginalization? Is Zephyr too wacky, Ophelia too tragic?

The question isn't really, do you dare to give these names to your children, but should you dare?

As many Britberries have pointed out, the names usually found in the Telegraph represent not widespread British naming trends but eccentric aristocratic tastes, so perhaps most of us aren't debating the merits of Digby and Venetia in any case.

Before we focus on our question, a few trendlets to note: Several girls named Jessica. Middle names Tom, Sue and Adventure. And in a reversal of American style, boys' names generally more daring than girls'.

Back to the issue at hand: What do you think of these adventurous, intriguing, but perhaps too-challenging names taken from recent Telegraph birth announcements? Would they work in the U.S... or anywhere else, for that matter?

Deliciously daring or just plain dangerous?









































Nameberry is a baby-naming site produced by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, co-authors of 10 bestselling baby name guides, including the newest, "Beyond Ave and Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby." See more at

Image: Getty Images


Fun Ideas for Toddler Birthday Parties

We can’t all be Martha Stewart. Luckily, we can grab cool themes from party pros and look just as good.

Bug ’em. "We did a bug theme for my daughter’s third birthday party; she loves bugs," says Laura Northrop, a mom of one in Birmingham, Alabama. "We had a picture of her dressed as a bumble bee on the invitation and put plastic bugs on the cake and table. We decorated with bug balloons and handed out bug catchers with gummy worms inside as favors. The guests had a great time looking all over the house for the bug toys we hid!"

Down on the farm. Cover tables in red-and-white checkered tablecloths. Wrap utensils in bandannas and place in a tin bucket. Put out a few bales of hay and pass out straw hats (you can usually find them in dollar stores). Make or get a cake in the shape of a pig or cow. Let kids play "Duck, duck, goose!" and sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Hide eggs and have kids go on a hunt.

Back to school. "My son’s birthday is in August, and when he turned 2 we did a back-to-school theme," says Colleen Peterman, a mom of three in Birmingham, Michigan. "I took pictures of each guest to place in a ‘yearbook’ that I had guests sign. The kids ate on trays, and I served milk in the little cartons. The cake was shaped like a school bus, and my son was dressed in a plaid outfit that looked like a school uniform. I had his name embroidered on his shirt as a special touch!"

Choo-choo cute. Try a train-themed party: Decorate an iced sheet cake with model train pieces on top. Pick up inexpensive conductor hats and whistles online. Decorate with red and blue balloons, and use red bandannas for napkins. Let kids play "Conductor Says" (same as Simon Says) in the backyard.

Go fish. Pick up an inexpensive fish bowl or two at the pet store and serve snacks inside (goldfish, anyone?). Fill a small tub or kiddie pool with dirt, plastic worms, and some little shovels—the kids can go digging for worms. Fill another pool with water and let children pretend to fish. Instead of a cake, decorate cupcakes with a pretzel pole and a candy fish. Bucket hats can be purchased from an online party store for about a dollar a piece and passed out as favors. Use nets and a tackle box as decorations.

Out of this world. "For my son’s most recentbirthday, we did a space theme," says Amy Berkheimer, mom of one, in Selah, Washington. "I cut a rocket out of cardboard and decorated it for the cake table. I made cupcakes with colored candies and space-themed stuff from the scrapbook section of the craft store. For an activity, we gave kids piles of cardboard boxes, egg cartons, paper towel tubes, pipe cleaners, and tape, and let them make their own robots. It was a huge hit!"


Spring Inspired Baby Girl Names

By Rudri Patel, Parent Society

Expecting a Spring baby? Is it a girl? Spring is the perfect season to inspire a sweet baby name. Blue skies, colorful flowers, and a beaming sun offer plenty of inspiration for baby names. Consider these fun and adorable names for your Spring baby girl:

  • Jasmine - Who can resist the smell of jasmine? This flower emits a sweet and spicy aroma. The name Jasmine has gained in popularity because of the movie Aladdin, but this name has all the classic hallmarks of Spring.
  • Emerald - When you think of Spring, your mind immediately thinks of all things green. Plush grass, crisp leaves, and full shrubbery all come to mind. Emerald is a name that emits the essence of a Spring day.
  • Rose -Rose is a classic name that brings vibrant red colors to mind. Some people opt to put a twist on this conventional name. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban named their little girl Sunday Rose.
  • April - According to Nameberry, April is ranked as the most popular 'month' name. And why not? The months of March and April are the most clearly associated with the beginning of Spring.
  • Violet - This purple flower is rich in color, but delicate in structure. One of the most popular name searches on Nameberry, it may have gained more popularity after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their little girl Violet.
  • Chloe - The symbolic meaning of Chloe indicates fresh growth. It continues to be a name that is rising in popularity in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Hyacinth - Want a unique flower name for Spring? Consider Hyacinth. It's a bold name choice for those parents who want a name outside the box.
  • Jade - A precious green stone which symbolizes wisdom and clarity, this name ranks high in France. It also is a name that has a exotic quality to it.
  • Iris - This name is gaining more appeal recently. Iris means rainbows and in ancient times it symbolized majesty and power.
  • Willow - Want a whimsical name for Spring? Consider Willow. It is associated with a tree that contains magical power and often appears in Shakespeare's works as well as Harry Potter.
  • Ivy -This botanical name is enjoying a resurgence. Beyonce paired Ivy with the color blue, naming her Blue Ivy. Considered a quirky and offbeat name, it is a perfect characterization for Spring.
  • Lily - Lily ranked #12 in popularity in 2012. Classic, but elegant, it is a charming name that is reminiscent of innocence.


Spanish Names That Work Great in English

By CafeMom

In our home, we speak both English and Spanish. I am Chilean, my husband is from Wisconsin, and we have agreed to raise our children bilingual. When deciding on names for both of our children, we agreed that we wanted strong names that could work in both English and Spanish so that neither side of the family was left out. Meaning, we wanted his parents to be able to pronounce them and my family too.

Also, for me it was important that my children’s names reflect who they are culturally and for them to have a connection to their Chilean roots. I just couldn’t bear for my children not to have Spanish names — it wouldn’t feel natural, and I am thankful my husband agreed. Besides, we found names that worked perfectly in both languages! Yep, Little L is Lucía and M is Matías.

I know there are many, MANY families in our situation wanting to give a nod to their Hispanic background — so I put together a list of boys and girls names that work in both English and Spanish.

Of course, there are tons more, but here’s a selection of my favorites. Maybe a few have accents, but that doesn’t matter; what counts is that it is easy to pronounce and read.

¡Disfruten! Enjoy!


  1. Maura
  2. Victoria
  3. Carla
  4. Sara
  5. Mariana
  6. Aurora
  7. Angela
  8. Alana
  9. Daniela
  10.   Gabriela
  11.   Monica
  12.   Claudia
  13.   Olivia
  14.   Isidora
  15.   Lucia 
  16.   Paula
  17.   Juliana
  18.   Natalia
  19.   Martina
  20.   Micaela


  1. Elias
  2. Julian
  3. Benjamin
  4. Matias 
  5. Tomas
  6. Oscar
  7. Nicolas
  8. Daniel
  9. David
  10.   Tobias
  11.   Martin
  12.   Felix
  13.   Cristian
  14.   Sebastian
  15.   Victor
  16.   Max
  17.   Gabriel
  18.   Lucas
  19.   Samuel
  20.   Mateo

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