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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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8 Tips for a Healthier, Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

By: Michelle Horton

If you’re committed to a green lifestyle (or if you want to start being more eco-conscious), it’s only natural to take this approach with your baby, too. But it can feel like an overwhelming goal when there’s so much stuff to buy — so much furniture and clothes and short-lived baby gear that only lasts a few months before heading to storage. And what’s eco-friendly about that?

On the other hand, you might be looking into natural baby products for the health and safety of your baby, first and foremost.

Either way, here are 8 tips on making your baby nursery a chemical-free, eco-friendly haven:

1. Use VOC-free or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint in a well-ventilated room
And paint weeks before your due date so that any lingering fumes will be gone by the time your baby arrives.

2. Upcycle used furniture and decor
Although experts warn that it’s best to buy a new crib that meets the recently revised safety regulations (namely banning drop-side cribs), reusing an old dresser, glider, wall art, etc. is the more eco-friendly approach. (See which other baby products are best to buy new.)

3. Choose quality wood
If you do buy new furniture — such as the baby’s crib — look for furniture that uses real, solid wood with water-based finishes (preferably with an eco-friendly certification like Greenguard and/or wood that’s been sustainably produced). These kinds of cribs are pricier, yet, but their heirloom quality can be passed down to future babies. Examples: Oeuf, Arlington, Nurseryworks, Kalon Studios, and many, many more. "Green" companies will highlight their features on their websites.

4. Choose wood floors over carpet
But if carpet is a must, have it delivered well ahead of time so that it can be unrolled and aired out (preferably not in your baby’s room) before installing it.

5. Use organic, naturally dyed crib bedding
If you’re looking to be as chemical-free as possible, don’t forget about the sheets and blankets (which can contain nasty things like formaldehyde). It’s always good to look for an Oeko-Tex certification.

6. Don’t forget about the mattress!
It’s common to hem and haw over the perfect baby crib and then impulsively buy whichever crib mattress is on sale without the kind of extensive research that a car seat — or even a baby bouncer! — might get. But the safety of common crib mattress materials was called into question a few years back, resulting in a 2009 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that banned several types of phthalates from crib mattresses. The common offender of crib mattresses is typically the waterproof vinyl coverings, which has encouraged companies to find more natural, eco-friendly substitutions that still keep mattresses safe and dry. So in short: Don’t use a questionable hand-me-down crib mattress — especially one that was made before 2009 — and search through this guide for a safer alternative.

7. Register for (and buy) eco-friendly baby products
You might drive yourself crazy sifting through the eco-friendly products at your local Baby Superstore — combing through reviews and labels — which is why I recommend registering through an eco-friendly store like Ecomom or Abe’s Market. Abe’s Market has the biggest natural baby registry, offering thousands of products plus valuable tips and advice. And Ecomom (which also offers a gift registry) does all of the research that you don’t have time to do — conveniently labeling every product with symbols like "organic," "fair-trade production," "recyclable," and "vegan".

See some of my favorite eco-friendly baby gear here and here.

8. Use an air purifier/fresh air ventilation
If you’re not sure which room to use as the baby’s nursery, choose whichever room has the most windows for fresh air and natural sunlight. It’s also a good idea to use an air purifier to reduce common irritants like dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander.


Comic Book Baby Shower

Motherhood: it's the ultimate action adventure. Good thing every mom is a superhero -- at least in her baby's eyes.

You can help the mom-to-be in your life master the superhero moves of early parenthood by tapping into the wisdom and advice of other parents at this comic-book themed baby shower.

Here's what you need to know to pull it off in style...



Set the tone for this baby shower by playing up the comic-book theme in your invitations. Mimic the look and feel of your favorite comic books: think crazy-big fonts, eye-catching graphics, and completely over-the-top dialogue (“Sadie and Adam are having a baby!” “OMG” “No Way!”) You get the picture….

Party Decorations

Had fun designing the baby shower invitations? You’re going to have an absolute blast creating the party decorations. This is your chance to truly strut your creative stuff. What you want to do is come up with a series of comic-book styled word bubbles that immediately set the tone for the ultimate “Welcome, Baby!” celebration. After all, isn’t that what baby showers are all about?

Keepsake Pennants

If it takes a village to raise a child, imagine what a village of superheroes could do. That’s what this fun ice-breaker activity is designed to do—encouraging your resident posse of superheroes (a.k.a. party guests) to express their love and support for baby by creating a series of keepsake pennants for baby’s wall. Whether it’s sharing a favorite quote or penning some other inspiring message to greet the soon-to-be new arrival, party guests will savor the chance to welcome baby to the world in such a fun and creative way.

Advice Cards

Here’s a playful twist on the traditional baby shower guest book: a series of fill-in-the-blank advice cards for the parents-to-be. (Example: “I’ve known Sadie and Anthony for ____ years, and I know they’ll be _____ parents. I’m so ____ for them. Little ____ is the luckiest baby ever to have such ____ parents.”) Your party guests will have a great time trying to outdo one another as they come up with increasingly wacky child-rearing advice. So much fun!

    pinterest-huggies-pennant.jpg   pinterest-huggies-advice-cards.jpg   pinterest-huggies-invitations-signage.jpg

Baby Notes

Encourage party guests to include a brief note to baby as part of their baby gift. The parents-to-be can showcase these notes in a comic-book themed scrapbook—a great way to savor these messages of love and caring for many years to come.

Don’t Forget Dad

Make sure Dad gets full credit for his superhero moves, too, by ensuring that there are at least a few shower gifts intended just for him. Case in point: the Super Dad Diaper Backpack, which should be fully loaded with everything he could possibly need while he’s soaring above the city with Super Baby.

And Finally...

Don’t forget to acknowledge your own superpowers. You’ve done a super-nice thing, planning a baby shower for the parents-to-be. That makes you a superhero, too. So go ahead and hang up your cape. Your hard work is done for now.

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! Huggies Baby Shower Planner Comic Book Board


Ready, set, register!

Step one: Make a list

You’re itching to wield the registry wand. But before you hit the shelves you should start with a checklist. There are lots of reputable baby gear book or web sites that can help you list out what and how many of everything you’ll need. Always be a little skeptical of any registry list supplied by a store itself.

Step two: Do your research

An alarming number of baby products, including cribs, crib bumpers, quilts, infant slings and bath seats have been associated with serious baby accidents but are still sold anyway. You want to make sure your list is only safe stuff that you really need. The Web site for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ( is a good place to become familiar with baby product risks.

Step three: Field test

Don’t be shy about doing some hands-on field-testing for big-ticket items like your baby’s crib, stroller, high chair and car seat. Go to a store that lets you get hands-on and “test drive” models, buckling the buckles, taking high chair trays off or folding and unfolding the strollers. Remember, if a buckle is annoying or difficult in the store, you’re going to face that same problem a thousand times when you’re using it with your baby.

Step three: Edit down to your essentials

Here’s another money and space-saving tip: don’t register for too much of the fun stuff. Sure, the dress-up outfits, toys and novelty pacifiers are adorable, and if there’s something you’re absolutely dying for, put it on the list. But it’s also fun to let your friends and family surprise you with that cute-and-yet-totally-impractical stuff. Keeping a short and simple list will help your friends and family focused on what you truly need to keep your bases covered when the baby is born.

Step four: Exchange

If you do get a dozen baby monitors, save those gift slips and don’t hesitate to exchange extras for what you’re lacking. You can also get gift cards to use later — they will come in handy as your baby grows older to buy bigger sized baby clothes or even diapers and wipes.

Sandy and Marcie Jones are the authors of Great Expectations: Best Baby Gear. Order your copy from Barnes & Noble


Organizing the Nursery

organizing the nursery info graphic


Use Printables to Create a Unique Baby Shower

Creating a customized baby shower begins with a theme.  Around that theme you build a color scheme, games, food and takeaways.  It can be intimidating when you have a vision in your mind of the perfect baby shower, but find that you are not naturally crafty or artistic. That’s where printables come in!  Thanks to the Internet you now have creative, interesting and, most of all, easy templates just a click away.

Paper goods such as invites, menus, place cards, food flags and game boards can be simply printed at home. Purchasing a heavier card stock will lend a touch of elegance and a premium feel to your printables.  Just make sure that your printer has a manual feed and can handle the thicker paper.

You can also purchase sheets of sticker paper to create custom themed stickers to use throughout your shower. Personalize gift bags, votives, and even plastic drinking cups with cute stickers like these camp themed ones.


Why have plain white menus when you can fill in and print whimsical templates online that add adorable art to the tablescape? This woodland themed menu printable is an example of how something simple will add personality in an instant. Just type in your text with the delicious offerings your guests will be enjoying during your shower.


No shower is complete without fun games. Using printables allows you to make professional looking game cards and print exactly the amount you need for your guests.  These parenting advice cards are wonderful both at the shower itself and for the mom to be to keep long after the shower is over.


Another option for a keepsake printable is a letter to the newborn baby. This lovely touch is something your guests will enjoy filling out and provides a sweet welcome to your baby once he or she arrives. 


Use the printable stickers to decorate a small box in which you will keep the letters.

You can also use printables to simplify a shower craft project. Since you never know which of your guests will be artistically-challenged, providing pre-printed art materials will make everyone feel comfortable. This woodland themed origami printable allows guests to each make a beautiful element of a hanging baby mobile that will be hung in the nursery. 


Don’t be intimidated by the perfect baby showers you see on your social media feeds or online. You can create truly special moments at your shower by using the many resources available to you. Printables are the perfect way to impress your guests, customize your shower, add imaginative elements, and not break your budget.

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! Huggies Baby Shower Planner Printables Board


Going Green - Hosting an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Green is in, and we don’t just mean the color. Everyone is trying to be more eco-friendly these days, so why not throw a baby shower that’s good for the environment? You can still celebrate in style by following the three Rs that cut down on waste – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Here are some practical ways to keep the planet healthy:


Forget paper and go green with online evites and RSVPs.  You can still create elegant, custom, paperless invites complete with engraved-looking type, calligraphy and photos. And it’s much easier to let your hostess know you are coming with a click of the mouse. For the rare relative who hasn’t entered the 21st century and doesn’t have email, make a friendly phone call to tell them the details and check whether they’re coming.


Think local when choosing your menu. Purchase fruits and veggies at a nearby farmer's market. If you really want to go with the “green” theme, there’s lots of food that would work: think fruit salad made with kiwi, apples and grapes, cucumber sandwiches, punch made with lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda and a cake decorated with crushed pistachios.

Dining ware

Instead of disposable paper, plastic or Styrofoam, look for plates, cups, utensils and napkins made from recycled, re-usable, biodegradable, sustainable, or organic products. Or consider renting linens, china, wine glasses and place settings, so nothing goes to waste.


Keep with the theme by using glass bowls filled with limes or green apples, or vases with wildflowers, branches and leaves as your table decorations. Create centerpieces by grouping individual potted plants in repurposed thrift shop mason jars that everyone gets to take home as a favor. Recycle containers like old milk crates, metal buckets and vintage chalkboards to add some flare to your tabletops. Fill a box with a bed of green grass to hold cake pops and use the board to write out your menu. For other decorations, use paper flowers, soy candles, rocks and seashells for a naturally festive look.

cake pops.jpg


Encourage guests to skip traditional gift wrapping methods and use earth-friendly alternatives like brown paper grocery bags and reusable gift bags. Or be sure to use compostable and biodegradeable gift wrap that’s recycled at party’s end. Ask everyone to bring their favorite children’s book to be added to the new baby’s library. Instead of buying new, encourage them to pass along a well-loved book from their own child’s shelves.

Diaper cake:

Create an all-natural, organic diaper cake with Huggies Diapers, recycled ribbons or burlap and local garden greenery to top it all off.

organic diaper cake.jpg


Set up a green paint station where guests create a special gift for baby. Supply wooden letters to spell out the word “BABY” or if known, the baby’s name or initials. Supply eco-friendly paints. Everyone can decorate them and add their signature or well wishes on the back of each letter for a room decoration that has lasting meaning.

paint station.jpg


In lieu of a giveaway, let your guests know that you have made a donation to your favorite environmental cause in their name.  Or consider giving out fair trade chocolate bars and supporting cocoa farmer cooperatives.

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! Huggies Baby Shower Planner Going Green Pinterest Board


Baby Shower Registry Essentials


The Four Seasons Baby Shower

4 Seasons of Baby Showers

Pregnant woman with a checklist

Our Favorite Unisex Baby Names

First popular in the 1960s, gender-neutral names have been on the rise since. As parents-to-be carve out ways to give their baby a distinctive name and personality, unisex names have continued to surge in recent years. According to Jennifer Moss, baby name expert, founder and CEO of and author of “The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book,” the past year has shown an uptick in open-gender names. Check out some of her favorite monikers — as well as other unisex names from the most recent Social Security Administrations (SSA) baby name list.

This past year, there has been a boom in unisex name popularity. Jennifer Moss, baby name expert, founder and CEO of and author of “The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book,” says there has definitely been an uptick in unisex names over the past year. Here’s a look at Moss’ top five names:


Origin: English; Greek cognate of the Hebrew Elijah (meaning, “Jehovah is God”); also from the Old French surname Elie.
Meaning: The Lord is My God. Elliot is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elijah. Elliot sits at 217 on the SSA’s baby name list.


Origin: Irish; one of the great heroes of Irish mythology (Finn MacCool or Fionn mac Cuumhaill, legendary Irish third century hero similar to the English Robin Hood).
Meaning: Fair; also a Nordic name meaning "Man from Finland”. A top-10 favorite name in Germany, this iconic name first popped onto the SSA baby name list in 2000 and how sits at number 234.


Origin: English surname
Meaning: From Hadda's Field; from the health-covered meadow. Currently at 99 on the SSA baby name list, Hadley conjures visions of green fields or sun-spotted glens. Hadley is the name of author Ernest Hemingway’s first wife (born Elizabeth Hadley Richardson).


Origin: English (from the Middle English surname)
Meaning: An occupational surname referring to a harp player. Harper is a far more common surname than given name. Famous people with the name Harper include Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Harper rose to No. 11 on the SSA baby name list this past year.


Origin: Irish; English form of the Irish surname, Ó Ceallaigh.
Meaning: Bright-headed; warrior. Perched at 431 on the SSA baby name list, Kelly is an Irish surname that became increasingly popular to both genders during the tail-end of the 20th century.


Origin: English (a surname from the city of Lincoln, in northeastern England)
Meaning: An early Roman settlement in England, located at a pool or lakeside. The name Lincoln harkens back to the revered president, Abraham Lincoln; the name currently is No. 87 on the SSA baby name list and is being used more and more frequently for both boys and girls.


Origin: Irish; Scottish.
Meaning: Descendant of Conn; Gaelic meaning is “Counsel” (referring to wisdom and intelligence). This name has deep, ancient roots as a Scottish and Irish surname and is currently ranked 126 on the SSA baby name list. A long-favorite boy’s name, the moniker became a unisex favorite in the mid-1990s (possibly due to the TV show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”), and has continued to be popular.

More Name Ideas

For additional inspiration, check out the following unisex favorites from the SSA’s list of top 100 baby names for the past year:
  1. Angel
  2. Avery
  3. Cameron
  4. Charlie
  5. Dakota
  6. Emerson
  7. Gray
  8. Hunter
  9. Justice
  10. Kendall
  11. Kennedy
  12. Logan
  13. Parker
  14. Peyton
  15. Phoenix
  16. Rowan
  17. Sawyer
  18. Skyler
  19. Taylor

Shelves in a nursery room with toys and clothes

Project Nursery: Small Space Nursery Design

Working with a little room for your little one? Learn tips and tricks to help open up your nursery space and make it a welcoming and warm room for your new baby. We have insights and advice from design expert, Sherri Blum Schuchart of Jack and Jill Interiors Inc. (

Expert Tips for Small Spaces

A large majority of the nurseries I design are actually the smallest bedroom in the home,” says design expert Sharri Blum Schuchart a certified designer at Jack and Jill Interiors Inc. ( If you, too, are working with a small space for your newest family member, use Schuchart’s simple tips to help create a beautiful nursery that will easily grow with your child.

Make a Small Space Look Big

  • Stick to the essentials
    In small nurseries, this means a crib, dresser and comfortable chair. Don’t clutter the floor with toy boxes, baskets, cubbies and bookcases.
  • Use one color or pattern for all four walls.
    In smaller spaces, different color walls draw the eye inward and close up a room visually, Schuchart says.
  • Use lighter, paler colors or wallpaper on the walls and the ceiling.
    “A small room doesn’t need to be all white and boring, but lighter colors will give the illusion of light in the space and the room will feel more open,” says Schuchart. Keep things interesting by using one color or wallpaper on the walls and a contrasting or complimentary color on the ceiling.
  • Vertical stripes
    Can help make a room feel bigger by visually opening and widening the room.

Double Duty Tricks & Tips

  • Invest in a comfy nursing chair.
    “A quality chair can be quite an investment, so I advise clients to purchase a chair that can later be moved to another room of the home, such as a family room or master bedroom,” says Schuchart. Thinking ahead, choose fabric that will work well in other rooms of the home.
  • Skip a traditional changing table
    Instead, purchase a dresser and add a changing table topper. (Ensure that it’s properly fixed to the back of the dresser for baby’s safety during changing times.) As baby grows, move the topper, and you have a beautiful dresser that can grow with the child through teen years.
  • If space allows, add an armoire.
    Use it to house hanging clothes, blankets and more for baby. Later, it can serve as a computer or homework station — in addition to a backup closet — for your child.
  • Look for a double-duty desk.
    Use it as a vanity, with a mirror placed atop it. This works well if as the child grows and he or she shares a bathroom with siblings, or a bathroom or dressing area is limited.

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