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Do you have any type of program for parents of twins, triplets, etc.?

We offer a one-time gift of coupons to parents of twins, triplets, etc. To receive this gift, please send a copy of the birth certificates to: U.S. Requests: Kimberly-Clark Corporation Department QMB P.O. Box 2020 Neenah, WI 54957-2020 Canadian Requests: Kimberly-Clark Corporation Department QMB 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y5

What can I use my Rewards Points for?

You can use your Rewards Points to submit entries into a Sweepstakes and/or play an Instant Win game for a chance to win great prizes. You can also use your Rewards Points to purchase Rewards such as gift cards, toys, and great Huggies® products. There are also opportunities to donate your Rewards Points to a charitable cause.

What is a Huggies® Sweepstakes?

Huggies® Sweepstakes are chances to win big prizes! And they’re easy to enter: all you have to do is visit the Redeeming Points page, select the Sweepstakes you’d like to enter and submit your entries for a chance to win. At the end of each Sweepstakes promotional period, we’ll randomly select the winner(s) from those who have entered and notify them immediately. Each sweepstakes includes the ability to submit multiple entries.

What if I refer a friend who already was referred? Will I still get Rewards points if he/she signs up?

You cannot refer a friend who already has received an email invitation to join Huggies® Rewards.

Can I transfer Rewards Points to someone else or merge my Member Account with theirs?

Rewards Points accrued in Huggies® Rewards are non-transferable to other members, and member accounts cannot be merged.

I won a Sweepstakes, an Instant Win or purchased a Reward with my Rewards Points. How long will it take for my Reward to be delivered?

Allow 6-8 weeks for verification and shipment of your prize. In some instances, it may take up to 10 weeks. If it has been more than 10 weeks, and you still have not received your prize, then please send us an email and we will gladly look into it for you. Make sure to include details such as the date you received your winning/order email confirmation and the prize or Reward. Also, make sure to let us know the address where it was supposed to be shipped, so we can verify that information.

I don't have the number of Rewards Points required to enter a Sweepstakes, Instant Win or purchase a Reward. Can I purchase the extra Rewards Points I need?

Rewards Points are not available for purchase and can only be earned by entering applicable Rewards Codes or by participating in featured activities.

What is an Instant Win?

Instant Wins are quick, fun games you can play for a chance to win prizes right now. There is no waiting to find out if you’re a winner – your results are displayed on-screen immediately following your Instant Win play. Visit the Redeeming Points page to play.

How can I use my Rewards Points to enter a Sweepstakes or Instant Win?

Go to the Redeeming Points page and select the Sweepstakes or Instant Win you wish to enter. The number of Rewards Points required to enter each will be displayed on-screen in every given Sweepstakes or Instant Win prior to submitting your entries or plays. Make sure to review the applicable Official Rules and Regulations for details. When you enter a Sweepstakes and/or Instant Win, the applicable number of Rewards Points will automatically be deducted from your Member Account. Please remember Rewards Points cannot be refunded after entering a Sweepstakes or Instant Win.

I have a military mailing address. Can I still register for Huggies® Rewards?

Yes, we’re happy to say that people with military mailing addresses can sign up for Huggies® Rewards.

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What are Rewards Codes?

15-character codes on participating Huggies® Products that you can use to earn Huggies® Rewards points!

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What are Rewards Offer Codes?

Offer Codes are limited-time offers to earn bonus points. They're 8 digits long and must be submitted at the same time as a participating product Rewards Code.

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