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Top 10 Must Haves For The Nursery

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What will your baby love in the nursery? Here are a few thoughts about mobiles, gliders, play mats and other necessities for a baby nursery.
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  • Is there such a thing as an organized nursery? Sure!

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    If you're expecting for the first time, you may be wondering how one tiny infant can require so much stuff! We've got some ideas that might help.
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  • What's in your birth bag?

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    Sure, you want to be as prepared as possible for giving birth. But what does that really mean in terms of packing? Well, we have a few bright ideas.
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  • What does the baby really need?

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    Didn’t get everything on your registry? Not to worry. Here's a helpful checklist of what you might need, and it might not be as much as you'd think.
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  • Making The Best Nest

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    Here are a few good ideas so that when the baby comes and you need to rest, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back and reach for a ready-made meal.
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  • Put Dad in charge. He can handle it.

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    Burping your newborn, sterilizing bottles and nipples, or doing yet another wash? Maybe it's time you enlisted some help from Dad? Here's how.
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  • A nursery that grows with the baby

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    Nursery preparation can seem daunting: where do you begin? Here are a few smart steps to get you started.
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  • Let's bring the baby home

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    Here are a few tips that can make for a calmer hospital departure for you and the newest member of your family.
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  • Secrets to A Great Baby Shower

    117 people found helpful
    It’s always great when friends throw you a party—even if it means playing that game where guests guess your girth (ugh!). Here, moms share strategies for having a corny-free day you’ll genuinely enjoy.
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  • How To Create A Nursery That Grows With Your Child

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    Teddy bear wallpaper looks sweet when a baby is no bigger than a stuffed animal, but it can get old—fast. Instead of completely redoing the room every few years, choose a style from the start that will still work as your child gets older. Designer moms pass on their best tips:
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  • Baby Stuff You Don’t Have to Buy: Essential Baby Supplies

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    Learn the difference between essential baby supplies and other items you can leave off of your shopping list.
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  • The Best Baby Present I Ever Got: Gifts for New Moms

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    Check out some great gifts for new moms and learn what some moms say is the best baby present they ever received.
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  • Pregnant Women and Nesting: Homebodies Gone Wild!

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    The nesting instinct is normal in pregnant women. Learn more about pregnancy and nesting from women who have been there.
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  • Baby Nest: Your New Baby Nesting Countdown

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    Take these tips on baby nesting – don’t lose sight of the key ways to get ready for the baby. Here is a simple plan new baby nesting.
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  • Best Organization Tips For New Moms

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    Best organizing tips for moms - they may be little, but babies come with a whole lot of stuff. Moms who work as professional organizers reveal the ways to keep it together.
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  • Baby Announcements & The Creative Way!

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    Get tips for cute ways to announce your pregnancy with these creative baby announcements.
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  • How to Buy Newborn Clothes

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    Learn how to buy newborn clothes and get other tips on baby clothes and raising your newborn from Huggies.com.
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  • Packing For The Hospital: What To Take

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    Get labor and delivery tips to help with packing for the hospital from experienced mothers.
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  • Favorite Products from the Hundred Acre Wood

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    It’s way too fun for me to look through all the sweet Winnie the Pooh items that are available, and I’ve put together eight of my favorites (some of them are useful, and some of them are just plain fun):
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  • A Gender-Neutral Disney Nursery: The Lion King

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    If you’re searching around for a unique gender-neutral baby nursery theme, and you also happen to be a fan of (ahem) Disney, here’s a cute idea:
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  • 8 Tips for a Healthier, Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery

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    If you’re committed to a green lifestyle (or if you want to start being more eco-conscious), it’s only natural to take this approach with your baby, too. But it can feel like an overwhelming goal when there’s so much stuff to buy — so much furniture and clothes and short-lived baby gear that only lasts a few months before heading to storage. And what’s eco-friendly about that?
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