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Diapering 101

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Change is good

Diaper changing is a delicate art. Master it and everyone will be happier. Here's how.
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  • Leaks. Rashes. Blowouts. Who needs 'em?

    If you're not careful, there are lots of diaper mishaps that can happen. Luckily, with a little know-how, these common pitfalls can be avoided.
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  • 6 Reality Checks About Changing A Diaper

    Veteran moms and dads like to freak out newbies with tales of diaper-changing drudgery, but here’s a dirty little secret: It isn’t so bad. Before you believe the diap hype, let us dispel the myths.
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  • 4 Ways to Get Dad to Do Diapers (Hint: Start Now!)

    Worried you have a diaper-duty dodger on your hands? Try our foolproof guide to getting Dad to do his fair share. Because you’re in this together—for better or for poop.
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  • Get Dad To Do The Diapers!

    Experienced mothers provide diaper changing tips, specifically on how to get dad involved with changing diapers for your new baby.
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  • Where Do You Keep Diapers?

    Moms share diaper tips including where to store diapers around the house.
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  • 9 Smart Diaper Habits To Start Now

    These 9 smart diaper habits and diapering tips will save you time, sanity, and maybe even your wardrobe.
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  • Changing a Toddler's Diaper: Real Mom Tips

    I never thought I’d say that I miss changing a baby’s diaper, but the truth is that save for no diapers at all, it’s the next best thing to changing a toddler’s diaper. Changing a toddler’s diaper can be a trying, challenging, and humorous part of parenting. You may not laugh in the moment, but let’s face it, chasing a toddler running away in his diaper is funny stuff. Let’s take a look at a few challenges that come with changing a toddler’s diaper (and a couple of tips), shall we?
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  • How to Make Diaper Changing More Fun

    There are certain things about having a baby that are breathtaking. And others that take your breath away. And others yet that make you wish you could hold your breath for a really, really long time. Those last ones, that’s what this post is about. And it turns out those diapers don’t change themselves, so you may as well have a bit of fun along the way. Right? Right.
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