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Flaunt that bump

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Are you past the “I just look bloated” phase and into "I'm definitely pregnant"? Here are a few tips for dressing to flatter your new curves.
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  • Lowdown on the down below

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    Hemorrhoids? Constipation? Horrible gas? No one said pregnancy was always ladylike. Get the lowdown on the stuff that can be so hard to talk about, let alone live through.
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  • You can't always get what you want

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    What if you wanted a girl and found out you were having a boy? Or the other way around? Read one mom's story about expecting the unexpected.
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  • Do you have the glow of pregnancy?

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    They promised you you'd be glowing by now. Maybe you are and don't even feel it. Hear from a few other moms-to-be about what they're feeling now.
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  • Hands off the belly

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    Every pregnant woman gets used to being stared at, but sometimes those same people also want to touch. And that's where a lot of expectant moms want to draw the line.
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  • Five things every mom-to-be needs in her closet

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    If you are newly pregnant, you might feel a little overwhelmed by everything you need just for yourself. Well, we've got five essential garments for a stylish 40 weeks.
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  • When, oh when, is this baby coming?

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    Shoes don't fit and you haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks. Plus, you're antsy to finally have a baby. Here's how to hang in there and enjoy the home stretch.
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  • You...only bigger. Embracing your growing pregnant body.

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    There is such a thing as "healthy weight gain." At least when you're pregnant. A healthy attitude and these tips can help keep you on a healthy track.
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  • Pregnant? It's time to get moving!

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    You're nauseous. Your feet hurt. And yes, you're tired. But healthcare experts agree that when you're pregnant, exercise and a balanced diet can raise energy levels.
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  • Traveling with the new bump

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    No matter where you're headed, it's all a bit different now that you're pregnant. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you travel during pregnancy.
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  • Those Baby Movements, Explained

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    There’s a rhyme and reason to your unborn baby’s bops, kicks, and bounces. Here, we explain these common belly mysteries.
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  • 10 Things to Love About Your Growing Bump

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    …besides, of course, the genius, adorable child growing within it. That one’s a given.
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  • What’s Up With Your Skin During Pregnancy?

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    You’ve got that lovely pregnancy glow—and maybe a few unexpected skin surprises, too. Dermatologist moms explain them, and tell you what to do.
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  • 5 Key Things to Know About Prenatal Vitamins

    35 people found helpful
    Whether you’re in the “maybe baby” stage or experiencing the early signs of pregnancy, popping a prenatal vitamin is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy pregnancy and baby. First, swallow these facts!
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  • Pop Quiz! How Much Do You Know About Pregnancy and Childbirth?

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    Your baby certainly has plenty of gear. Now it’s your turn. Shower yourself with Mom-approved stuff that will make those first few postpartum weeks fly by.
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  • Great Pregnancy Outfits Make Your Regular Clothes Work For Your Bump!

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    Your baby certainly has plenty of gear. Now it’s your turn. Shower yourself with Mom-approved stuff that will make those first few postpartum weeks fly by.
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  • Pregnancy Weight Gain: What’s Just Right?

    33 people found helpful
    Keep your pregnancy weight gain under control. Hungry all the time? Craving ice-cream, ice-cream, and…ice-cream? Here’s how to avoid scale shock at your next prenatal visit.
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  • 5 Truths about Labor You May Not Have Heard

    49 people found helpful
    Truth about Childbirth from moms. You’ve seen the birth class video and practiced your breathing, but there are still some things about labor that might surprise you. Moms deliver the real deal.
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  • The Top Perks of Being A Mom

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    Get parenting advice and perks of being a mom and raising your new baby from Huggies.com
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  • What Makes A Delivery Go Well

    75 people found helpful
    Mothers provide pregnancy tips for the labor process and explain how delivering your baby can be less stressful.
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  • Pregnancy Worries To Relax About

    24 people found helpful
    Get tips for pregnancy and understand which worries you should relax about so you can better enjoy your time.
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  • Pregnancy Stuff that Drives You Nuts

    33 people found helpful
    These tips for expectant mothers help with pregnancy annoyances and provide proven solutions from experienced mothers.
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  • 7 Tips for Documenting Your Pregnancy

    5 people found helpful
    When I was pregnant for the first time, I wanted to document every part of it! It was new, exciting and I really wanted to remember how I looked and felt each week. There are lots of different ways you can go about doing that but here are some tips that worked for me…
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  • 9 Months of Maternity Style

    7 people found helpful
    I am 6 months into my second pregnancy and I am pretty sure I’ve hit the pregnancy style rut. It’s hard to dress your constantly growing belly. Things that fit one day, seem to be to tight the next. What’s a gal supposed to do? Here are my tips to help along the way (and to steer clear of the maternity section)…
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  • 10 Ways To Feel Beautiful During Pregnancy

    6 people found helpful
    Whether you just need some help getting through the last few weeks, or need little pick-me-ups throughout your pregnancy, here are 10 surefire ways I’ve found to help me feel beautiful through all three of my pregnancies.
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