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Pencil in some tummy-time

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Tummy time is essential for a baby's development, and here are six great ideas for making tummy time more fun for both of you.
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  • Books: good to read, good to chew on

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    According to one mom, the earlier the better for reading to your baby. And it won't hurt if the books are good for chewing on, too.
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  • Massage? Oh yeah, baby.

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    Massaging your baby can have an amazing impact, from relieving colic to improving sleep. We thought you'd like that improved sleep part. Here are a few techniques.
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  • The Best Ways to Save Money On Toys

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    Bargain ideas for keeping your baby entertained with baby toys. Who knew having a good time could be so wallet-friendly?
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  • How to Clean Baby Toys: You’re Fuss-Free Guide to Toy Cleaning

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    Your little one isn’t going to just play with her toys—she’s going to nibble and gnaw on them, and maybe try to stick them up her nose. So you want to keep those playthings as germ-free as possible.
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