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How To Dress A Newborn: Helpful Suggestions For Head Stumpers

Buying all those adorable baby clothes is easy (too easy). Next, you have to figure out how to use ’em. Check out the answers to common dress dilemmas and you’ll be your baby’s best wardrobe consultant.
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What's the best way to dress a newborn?
“Simply and comfortably,” says Michelle LaRowe, author of A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists and a mother of two in Barnstable, Massachusetts. “Think a bodysuit plus a cotton one-piece outfit for daytime, and a bodysuit with a cotton nightgown or one-piece sleeper for night.”

Are there any good tricks for getting clothes on a newborn?
“It’s easier to dress babies when they’re drowsy,” says Robin Bowman, a mom of two in St. Louis, Missouri. “Sometimes, my baby fusses when I put clothes on her but she’s super-agreeable after a belly full of milk!”

What’s the right way to get a bodysuit on and off?
Start by laying the baby on the floor or changing table. “After removing the arms from the sleeves, cradle the baby's head with one hand and lift the bodysuit over his head with the other,” says LaRowe. Or just avoid baby bodysuits completely by choosing a kimono-style shirt that opens and snaps closed—no over-the-head maneuver required.

How do you bundle up a baby during winter?
Make it easy on yourself. Like many moms, Alyssa Yano of Indianapolis, Indiana, used a jacket and a blanket or fleece car seat liner instead of a snowsuit: “It was quick to get the baby in and out of his outerwear when we’d go in and out of stores.”

How do you make sure you’re not underdressing a baby?
Actually, overdressing is more of a common mistake. The problem: It can lead to heat rash. “In general, a baby should wear one more layer than a comfortably-dressed adult,” says LaRowe. “You can always take a piece off if he gets too hot.”

Help! I can’t stop buying clothes for my baby—they’re all soooo cute!
Do clothing swaps with friends. You’ll still get your thrills…cheap.

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