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Can cleaning really be fun?

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Take the drudgery out of housework by encouraging your kids to help. Check out this smart mom’s tidying tips guaranteed to bring some good clean fun.
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  • Why music education rocks!

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    Budding pianist? Drummer wannabe? Suzuki violinist? Experts agree that having your child pick up a musical instrument is great. Here’s why you should get them warmed up to the idea.
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  • Must-have boredom busters

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    Antsy toddlers are normal, but that's no reason to get on grandma's last nerve. Keep this list of "Boredom Busters" handy, and everyone will be thrilled.
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  • Super Easy DIY Sock Puppet Toddler Craft Activity

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    Want to make your own sock puppet for baby or let your toddler create his own? It’s really easy!
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  • 5 Fun Games to Play with Your 1-Year-Old

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    Babies love to play! Luckily, playing with a 1-year-old toddler is easy and fun! Here are 5 fun ideas for games and toys you can play with your 1-year-old.
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