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Toddler-tempting healthy snacks

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Snacking keeps your child's metabolism going throughout the day. But getting a healthy choice out of a toddler can be tough. Here are some delicious tips that can keep you both happy.
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  • Bye-bye, bottle

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    Your toddler loves his bottle, but the pediatrician says it’s time to switch to a cup. Here are a few quick tips for making a no-tears transition.
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  • Nutritious and yummy: 5 toddler-friendly foods

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    Toddlers can be finicky, so getting them to eat (let alone eat properly) can be a battle. Still, some toddler picks are also nutritious. Test these surprisingly healthy classics on your little critic:
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  • Picky eaters

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    Parents’ ideas on how to break through to picky eaters.
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  • Toss the cookies. It's healthy munching time.

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    If you keep hearing "Cookie! Cookie!" it might be time to expand your toddler's palate. Try offering up a range of healthy snacks, drinks and meals.
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  • His royal "High-Chairness" is just not hungry

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    Your 12-month-old can't sit through dinner? That's called "normal." After the first year, baby's eating habits change. Here's how to adapt.
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  • Protecting Our Carpet from a Messy Eating Baby

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    As parents, how can we let our babies go through this phase of learning to self-feed, and yet keep our floors clean?
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  • How to (Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully) Raise a Non-Picky Eater

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    There were very specific measures we took to try and ensure that our son Noah is more of an adventurous eater than the no-food-can-be-touching-my-God-get-this-green-stuff-away-from-me eater. And regardless of the outcome, I think they’re all steps toward healthy eating habits — which is worth discussing, regardless.
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  • When Baby Won't Eat

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    At every stage of a baby’s life, parents worry they’re not eating enough. Whether breastfed or bottle-fed, you often wonder if baby is drinking enough milk. When they refuse the bottle or refuse to nurse, you instantly think something may be up.
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