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The scoop on poop

It's a subject you've become intimately aware of, for better or worse. Here's a rundown (pardon the pun) of everything you never wanted to know about your baby's poop.
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  • Secrets of a smart diaper bag

    Once you get the diaper bag, you may wonder: What do I put in here? And will I ever really use all this stuff? Let's prioritize.
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  • Please tell me that’s a raisin!

    Once your baby starts solids, diaper changes can get downright weird. Find out what’s normal in the Dirty Diaper Department.
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  • Keeping the house clean, even with a busy baby

    Cheerios between couch cushions. Toys all over. Yup. Your house is officially a baby-gone-wild zone. Try these tips to keep your house clean.
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  • Let's do the diaper, step by step

    Getting a tiny or wiggly baby all ready can be quite a juggling act! Here are some tips to make diapering an enjoyable experience for everyone.
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  • Clean-up time: Bottom-up basics

    Every baby arrives smelling brand new and wonderful, but let's face it – keeping baby clean takes work. Here are some "Baby Basics” that might help.
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  • What to Pack in the Diaper Bag

    When you have your first baby you put everything but the kitchen sink into the diaper bag. Why? You think you need all that stuff in there because that’s what every book tells you you’ll need. But what do you really need in that bag? Is it really necessary to be lugging around 40 pounds of baby paraphernalia?
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  • Leaks. Rashes. Blowouts. Who needs 'em?

    If you're not careful, there are lots of diaper mishaps that can happen. Luckily, with a little know-how, these common pitfalls can be avoided.
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  • Change is good

    Diaper changing is a delicate art. Master it and everyone will be happier. Here's how.
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