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Transitioning into Training Pants

Support your child during their transition into training pants with helpful insights from the Pull-Ups® team.
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"Moving into training pants is a key sign for your child that she is becoming a Big Kid and therefore should start using the potty," says former Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partner, Page Turner.

Below are some helpful insights from Page and the Pull-Ups® Brand for transitioning tots to training pants and completing potty training:

  • Build excitement around the milestone of moving into trainings pants that are just like Big Kid underwear. To get my twins excited about becoming big girls, I had them store their training pants in the dresser drawer just like real underwear.
  • Have your child practice pulling them on and off themselves before starting to use them. In my case, practice really did make perfect!
  • Try giving your tot the chance to sit on the potty – first with the pants on and later with them off. I had my girls sit on the potty after they helped decorate it with stickers, which really helped create excitement about the whole process.
  • Teach your child about the graphics that disappear when wet and indicate the difference between wet and dry.
  • Celebrate when your toddler correctly uses the training pants to encourage Big Kid behavior. Or try celebrating with an outing they enjoy – my kids always love a special trip to the park.
  • Once you’ve made the switch out of diapers and into training pants, don’t switch back and forth. It may be confusing and slow down the process. Set backs are inevitable, but I found my kids made the most progress when I kept them in training pants, even when we went on vacation.

An article from Page Turner, Tennessee

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    Rated 0 out of 5 by I'm not too quick to put my daughter in training pants this time. My son was in them for a long time. I know each child is different, but I felt like I didn't wait for enough "cues" from my child last time. July 29, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by Just like getting your baby on a regular feeding schedule, I believe it is equally important in potty training to have a regular schedule (i.e. first thing in the morning, before and after meals etc). This way, the toddler will starting thinking in that directions. He'll know that we're going to be visiting the potty. Then he'll begin to recognize the signs and maybe, realizing that he needs to go, hold it for a few more seconds!!! I agree that once you start using training pants, to not switch back to diapers. This will confuse the child or even misconstrued as punishment and we want this to be a positive not negative experience. June 19, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by I love the advice this article gives. You really have to make it exciting and full of laughs as kids love a good game. You must have patience also ! May 24, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by Our daughter went with us to pick out the potty she wanted. I felt that was an important part of having some success with potty training. Now that she is familiar with the potty and seems at ease with it, I think it is time for her to pick out her big girl undies (pull ups). We have let her lead the way as far as the pace in which she feels the most comfortable with potty training. March 26, 2014
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