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What Was Your Weirdest Fear About Having A Baby?

Aw, come here, you. Plenty of women have yikes-I’m-having-a-baby freakouts. Read for yourself, and relax.
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Freezer-phobia! “When I was pregnant with my first, I started dreaming I was taking my baby out in the cold. Once, I even dreamed he was napping in the freezer section of a supermarket, snuggled in with the ice cream. At that point, my mother went out and bought a few sleepers and blankets—and I quit having the dreams!”
—Ashley Drake Gephart, mom of two, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Diaper-phobia! “I’m not at all neurotic, but during my pregnancy, I worried about dealing with diaper changes. How could I coordinate a baby, wet wipes, and a diaper with only two hands? What about accidents? I not only figured it out fast, I mastered it.”
–Emily Hill, mom of four, Salt Lake City, Utah

Cyclops-phobia! “I dreamed my first baby was going to be a Cyclops. Yes, a little baby with a single eye on his forehead. He came out gorgeous, two eyes and all.”
—Sherlyn Pang Luedtke, mom of two, West Hills, California

Cruise-phobia! “My in-laws went on a cruise while I was pregnant, and the whole time they were on there I was thinking about how if I went on a cruise with the baby, what if it turned into the Titanic? Never mind the fact that I never went on boats, or had plans to.”
—Angela Johnson, mother of one, Boise, Idaho

Boy-phobia! “My weirdest fear was that the baby I was carrying would be a boy. I’d had a girl two years before and she was my mini me—I totally got her. I didn’t think I’d know how to handle a boy, not to mention the extra equipment down there. Of course, when he came out, I immediately fell in love and quit worrying.”
—Ellen Matheson, mother of two, Lithia, Florida

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