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The Top Perks of Being A Dad

Get parenting advice and perks of being a dad to your new baby from Huggies.com
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Call your sweetie over to the computer and show him this!

  • First, there’s the biology: No morning sickness, no 30-pound weight gain (OK, maybe five), no labor.
  • Also, the breastfeeding. Who knows why men have nipples, but aren’t you glad they’re purely decorative?
  • All that aside, once you’ve held that baby for the first time or watched those eyes go closing-closing-closed as you sway around the room, you know that baby is absolutely yours, just as much as hers.
  • The ridiculously cute team gear available in sizes newborn to 4T, boys and girls.
  • Pleading ineptitude. You totally know she’ll do the poopy diaper if you get it wrong. Although maybe you should read this. [Editor’s Note: Embed link to "Get Dad To Do The Diapers"]
  • One word: "Da-da."
  • And yet, nothing is more vindicating than those moments when your alterna-parenting (a piece of Scotch tape to secure the wrapped blanket, air guitar to solve the 5pm cranks) beats the Mommy way of doing things.
  • That first fist bump.
  • Baby carriers look amazingly sexy on dads.
  • The cool noises you get to make: "Bzzzzzz" goes the airplane! "Wee-ooo-wee-ooo" goes the ambulance! "Vrroooom" goes the motorcycle! "Fore!" goes the golfer!
  • You now have a friend who will not judge you when you make some, er, noises of your own.
  • Popcorn and cotton candy at various circuses, carnivals, ice shows, and other activities that are far more fun than you like to admit.

  • Your child will someday totally strengthen your argument for why you need a dog.

  • "Wanna snuggle, Daddy?"

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