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How He Celebrated My Bump

These men weren’t just fascinated with their wives’ growing bellies—they treated them with TLC (Tummy Loving Care). Perhaps your guy can get some good ideas here?!
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Lots and lots of photos. “During my first pregnancy, my husband took photos of my growing bump each week, starting when I began showing. I was always in profile so we could see the subtle changes. We still love to look at the pictures.”
—Dina Cheney, mom of two, Cos Cob, Connecticut

Sympathy gains. “My husband celebrated my belly by putting on as much weight as I did—about 25 pounds! After we brought our baby girl home, he prepared us healthy meals and returned to running five days a week, and I eased back into yoga. I lost most of my weight within three or four months, but he lost most of his in a heartbeat. Men!”
—Christina McAnuff, mom of three, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Bedtime stories. “When I was pregnant with our son, my husband liked to read to my belly, since we’d been told the baby could hear us by about the fifth month. He’d read anything—magazine articles, books, even instructions on how to assemble baby gear. It was a fun and a tradition we’ll always remember.”
—Elizabeth Jenkins, mom of two, Westwood, California

Gotta love a foot man. “Chasing my toddler around while I was hugely pregnant with my second made my feet ache by the end of the day. Every night during my last trimester, my husband gave me a foot rub—after cleaning up dinner. Bonus! It was the most relaxing thing, and it made doing it all over again the next day seem possible.”
—Jill Hare, mom of two, Dexter, Missouri

Pajama party. “One night during my third trimester, I bent over to pick up a piece of laundry and my pajama bottoms split down the middle. I ran into our bedroom, threw them in the trash and cried—I felt like a cow. My husband got a pair of his pajama pants and put them on me. They were huge, and I instantly felt better. He actually helped me feel better about my belly throughout my pregnancy, from sticking his belly out beside mine in the mirror to picking me up and acting like I was light as a feather. Love you, honey!”
—Haley Grayless, mom of one, Houston, Texas

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