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8 Reasons You Won’t Miss The Sleep (No, Seriously!)

Here it is: the words of encouragement you need to stay up real late or wake up insanely early. Or both.
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1. Because the nursery's rocker might have cost as much as your mattress, but it's far more comfortable.

2. Because changing dirty diapers and swabbing spit-up is so much better than cramming for a final exam, which is what you were doing the last time you saw the dark side of 4 a.m.

3. Because baby burps sound way cuter than daddy snores.

4. Three magic words: Oprah, after hours.

5. Because at some point, it’s all one big blur, anyway.

6. Because you wouldn't want to miss that miraculous moment when your baby grapples for the pacifier with her tiny little fist and finally finds her mouth.

7. Because those wee-hour infomercials are shockingly entertaining. Grater plate, anyone?

8. Because one look into your baby’s eyes and suddenly, you’ll feel insta-energized by love.

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