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Pregnancy Cravings: I Can’t Believe I Ate That!

It’s not just pickles and ice cream—pregnant women crave a smorgasbord of bizarro food combos. See how your peanut-butter-and-tomato sandwiches compare to these moms’ concoctions.
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“I used to get a sugar craving in the early afternoons, but I kept sweets in my house to a minimum. Out of desperation, I’d mix hot chocolate powder, peanut butter, and a bit of water in a bowl. It looked like icing and tasted just like cake batter. My husband was completely grossed out, so I’d eat it when he wasn't home. It honestly tasted much better than it sounds!”

—Pam Muller, mom of one, Atlanta, Georgia

“I bought gummy bears in bulk and ate all the clear ones first. I haven’t eaten them since.”
—Meredith Eaton, mom of two, Glen Ridge, New Jersey

“For my first pregnancy, I was obsessed with crushed ice. I drank a ton of water, but still had my husband smash ice for me and put it in a huge mug, and I’d scoop it out with my fingers.
—Michele Pyle, mom of two, Frederick, Maryland

“I ate hot-pepper sandwiches—bread, butter, hot-pepper rings, and hot sauce. With a huge glass of cold milk. Mmm, mmm good.”
—Jennifer Marlborough, mom of two, Ontario, Canada

“I craved garlic French fries dipped in vanilla ice cream. I can still taste it!”
—Patty Handyside, mom of one, Buffalo, New York

“When I was pregnant I had many cravings, but the weirdest was the canned corn phase. Not fresh. Not frozen. It had to be canned. I ate a bowl of it for dinner almost every night for about two weeks.”
—Dani Johnson, mom of two, Monroe, Ohio

"I was compelled to make and eat fruit pies—strawberry, apple, cherry, a combo of strawberry and blueberry, you name it. My husband said 'Yes, dear' to everything and just helped to eat a lot of pie!"
—Julia Farrell, mom of two, Baltimore, Maryland

“I was a pregnant cliché. I seriously craved lots of ice cream—vanilla with chocolate sauce—and pickles too. But I managed to keep them separate.”
—Sarah Layden, mom of one, Indianapolis, Indiana

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