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Diapering 101

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Where Do You Keep Diapers?

Moms share diaper tips including where to store diapers around the house.
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Every parent knows that carefully-stashed diapers can be a real lifesaver. Moms share their secret hiding places—and smart storage tips.

Diapers on board: "I keep several diapers and a small pack of wipes in my car's glove compartment. When I forget to refill my diaper bag—often!—or end up with a ton of unanticipated errands, I'm always thankful for that extra stash."
—Jessica McGuffey, mom of one, Puyallup, Washington

Basket case:
"I have diapers everywhere. They’re even in the den, stored in a chic wicker basket under the coffee table, which blends in with my décor. I also have a couple in every bag I own since you never know which one you'll decide to grab. It's good to be prepared."
—Jessica Linquist, mom of two, Anchorage, Alaska

Short stack:
"When my kids were newborns, I stashed diapers in the pretty fabric diaper stackers my mother-in-law made. I’d keep them there until the kids got older and started pulling them out and tossing them all over the room—at which point I’d hide them in their dresser drawers!"
—Rebecca Geisler-Chittom, mom of three, Clinton, Mississippi

"There are going to be situations where you don't want to lug a diaper bag around, like tailgating. I skip the diaper bag and just stuff a couple of diapers in a big purse with a travel pack of wipes and a couple of small toys."
—Amy Ward, mom of one, Metairie, Louisiana

One step ahead:
"For whatever reason, both of my daughters like to go to the bathroom right after I pull them out of the tub. I used to have floor accidents before I could get a diaper on them, and got tired of washing the rug. So now I keep diapers in the bathroom vanity and get them wrapped up as quickly as possible!"
—Megan Crume, mom of two, Waynesville, North Carolina

Show ‘em off: "This may sound weird, but I really like the way diapers look when stacked in a neat pile. White, crisp, clean—they just fit the décor of my nursery. I keep two stacks on the shelf beneath the changing table. It’s so convenient; I can just grab one while keeping a hand on my baby. Between the two stacks of diapers, I keep a cute little bunny that my mom gave me when I was a kid, so the shelf looks designed, like something you’d see in a catalog. I love it!"
Christina Edmonds, Pearl River, New York

Floor plan: "
I always make sure that there are diapers on both floors of our home—I keep some in my daughter's room, and some in the pocket of her playpen downstairs. There's nothing worse than having to run up or down a flight of stairs in the middle of a change."
—Amanda Pincomb, mom of three, Jacksonville, Florida

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