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Diapering 101

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6 Reality Checks About Changing A Diaper

Veteran moms and dads like to freak out newbies with tales of diaper-changing drudgery, but here’s a dirty little secret: It isn’t so bad. Before you believe the diap hype, let us dispel the myths.
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What you’re thinking: You'll be changing diapers every single hour.
Reality check: You’ll want to keep your baby as dry as possible to decrease the risk of diaper rash, so regular changes are important (to help you keep track, check out this feeding and diapering chart.) But even newborns, who typically require more frequent fresh diapers, can be changed once every few hours, no prob. And if she’s sleeping peacefully, do not disturb!

What you’re thinking: Putting diapers on right is tricky.
Reality check: Parents typically worry about making a diaper too tight or too loose, says Blythe Lipman, a Scottsdale, Arizona mom of two and the author of Baby Instructions. Her simple solution: “If your entire hand fits between tummy and diaper it's too loose, and if you can't get a finger between tummy and diaper, it’s too tight.”

What you’re thinking: It's going to be gross.
Reality check: Pleasant, it ain’t, but you’ll get used to it. To minimize the ick factor, have everything you need within reach—diapers, wipes, a bag for the dirty diaper. “I was always afraid my son would spray my face,” says Derrick Hayes, a father of four in Columbus, Georgia. “I overcame it by wiping him off fast!” It also helps to place a wipe over a baby boy’s penis to prevent accidental sprinkles.

What you’re thinking: Leaks and blowouts are unavoidable.
Reality check: Accidents happen, but they won’t happen that often if your baby’s wearing the right size diaper. That might mean moving up to a larger size before your child reaches the weight limit of their current size, especially overnight. Happily, both HUGGIES® Pure & Natural Diapers and HUGGIES® Little Snugglers diapers have a pocketed back waistband to help keep in the runny mess. Click here to learn more about HUGGIES products.

What you’re thinking: Diapering on the go is hard.
Reality check: If you have everything handy in a diaper bag, you’ll deal…and get to be a pro. Can’t find a flat surface? Recline the stroller seat. Or pick a discreet spot in a park or playground. In a real pinch, carefully change baby on your outstretched legs.

What you’re thinking: Changing diapers is The World's Worst Chore.
Reality check: “Diapering can actually be a great bonding experience,” says Diana G. Blanco, mom of two and parenting coach at Smooth Parenting in New York City. “Keep up eye contact with your baby, make faces, sing songs, tickle her feet, massage her legs.” You’ll see: diapering can be a welcome break for both you and your baby.

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    Rated 0 out of 5 I hope baby girl is easy to change, I don't worry about the pee or poop it's all natural, putting on the diaper right though was something that had me nervous though! THis article helped! October 20, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by I think it just depends on the baby, not every baby is the same as what the article states. My baby girl doesn't need to be change every hour and its very easy to change her diaper October 17, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by Well it's really not that bad... and after a while you can figure it out before even removing the diaper... so best and easy way to do this is to sweet talk to the dad and have him change the diaper... October 16, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by My baby is soo squirmy its hard to get her to sit still sometimes to get the tabs straped. October 7, 2014
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