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Diapering 101

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4 Ways to Get Dad to Do Diapers (Hint: Start Now!)

Worried you have a diaper-duty dodger on your hands? Try our foolproof guide to getting Dad to do his fair share. Because you’re in this together—for better or for poop.
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1. Practice, practice, practice. Even if you tried diapering at a birth-prep class, keep it up at home. Grab a baby doll, dipes and wipes, and make a date out of it. Maybe it’s not quite as fun as going to the movies, but we promise you’ll be giggling before you know it.

2. Discuss doodie duty. It’s smart to talk about diapering expectations during pregnancy so you and Dad are on the same page before junior arrives. As you practice diapering, you could say something funny but pointed like, “Honey, I’m going to be counting on you to help with diapers—you know, until the baby’s in college. You’re in, right?”

3. Get him a cool Dad bag. “I bought my husband a very hip-but-manly diaper bag: black leather, sleek, no teddy bears or pastels anywhere. I packed it with necessities and gave it to him about a month before our son was born,” says Nina Johnson, a mom of two from Durango, Colorado. “It did the trick. He was proud to carry it around and actually put it to use.” Yes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it sends a clear message: “You’ll be changing diapers too, Daddio.”

4. Let him know that Dads who diaper are sexy. Seriously! Watching your guy diaper your newborn will show you a whole other amazing side of him, and mentioning that can help him get past any lingering hesitations. He’ll be happy, you’ll be happy—everyone wins.

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    Rated 0 out of 5 by My husband actually enjoys changing the diapers. I breastfeed and he changes the baby. Great team work. September 15, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by Because I'm Breastfeeding, dd won't mind changing diapers. I already feel guilty about doing all the feelings so I look forward to breast pumping a bit to give him a chance to get more involved! September 8, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by My husband and I have actually never had a problem with this. We share the parenting job pretty equally. He changes the diaper if i'm busy or if he's simply nearer our child. I do if he's busy or if I'm simply nearer the child. Neither of us has a problem w/ handling our responsibilities as parents equally. September 1, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by my husband always changes our childs diapers especially the messy ones so no problem there August 30, 2014
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