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The Top Perks of Being A Mom

Get parenting advice and perks of being a mom and raising your new baby from Huggies.com
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Feeling a little worn out from being home all day with the kids? Here's a boost: A reassuring reminder about the many, many benefits of being a mom.

  • Mother's Day, obviously.

  • Also Father's Day, because when else are you treated like a national hero for making pancakes and frying bacon?

  • There's no shame in needing to be needed (it does feel nice) and you know what? That kiddo does need you. For food, for comfort, for love.

  • A baggie of Goldfish in your purse at all times. Handy! Delicious!

  • One word: "Ma-ma."

  • For better or for worse, your name is the first they call when they have a boo-boo or a fever. This will be true probably through college.

  • You've got an absolutely reasonable excuse to go to bed at 9 pm.

  • And think of all the money you're saving by not going out!

  • Petting zoos. C'mon, the llamas are pretty much the most entertaining show in town.

  • Maternity jeans. As if they're just for pregnancy.

  • "We are now boarding first class...and families with small children."

  • The excitement of finding boxes of toys in your parents’ home from when you were a kid—which become your child’s new favorites.

  • Did you ever think you'd be able to order cheese-fries again after age 17? And yet...fries with calcium on top seems like a good idea with a kid around, especially one who wants to share.

"Wanna snuggle, Mommy?"

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