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10 Things to Love About Your Growing Bump

…besides, of course, the genius, adorable child growing within it. That one’s a given.
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1. Catches crumbs before they hit the floor. Also handy for laundry-folding.

2. Gets you to the front of the line faster than you can say, “I realllly have to go to the bath—”

3. Makes maternity clothes look good (seriously, imagine the sacks they’d be without it).

4. Very entertaining on the dance floor at weddings.

5. When your arms are full, it’s an excellent door closer/grocery cart pusher/chair scooter-inner.

6. Yay: No x-rays at the dentist’s office!

7. It’s every bit as sexy as a celeb’s bump. Maybe even sexier.

8. Makes you The Most Awesome Woman at the gym, hands down. Even if all you’re doing is walking on the treadmill at 2 mph. Or just standing there, holding a towel.

9. Convenient perch for a good book, the remote, a cup of tea, an iPad, a box of chocolates—pick your pleasure.

10. As it grows, so does your husband’s awe and respect for what you’re doing in there.

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    Rated 0 out of 5 by I am not sure why not being able to get an xr-ay is a benefit. X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool use in all manners of the medical profession and especially important for early detection of dental decay. Why would someone feel happy about not being able to receive the benefits of this modern medical tool? July 8, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by The nurses told me not to put anything on the cord. My daughter's fell off and was healed by her 10 day appointment. June 4, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by i used alcohol on my babies cord. Her cord dried funny and i had to raise it to get alcohol around it. it was a really weird situation. her shirts kept getting caught on it causing her to get irritated and bleed! i was so happy when it finally fell off!! March 18, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by My mother told me that I should use rubbing alcohol to make it dry faster, and I think I'm gonna try it! I didn't even think about the umbilical cord to be honest until my midwife told me to only bring a NB t-shirt and diapers for the baby to wear when he is born so it doesn't mess with the cord! So I found some cute baby shirts and am just gonna let it dry out the best I can. March 12, 2014
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