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Your little bundle of joy

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Nearly all cultures across the globe have learned to snuggle wrap baby in a blanket both to carry them and to help with sleep. Here's a step-by-step guide.
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  • Don’t mess with the snuggle

    221 people found helpful
    Your arms are aching and your mother-in-law says you’re spoiling your baby by picking her up when she cries. Don’t sweat it. Snuggling may be exactly what she needs.
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  • Why can't she sleep on my schedule?

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    Newborns may sleep often, but their patterns can be wacky, and they definitely aren't on your schedule. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
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  • Baby Bundling 101

    129 people found helpful
    Newborns love the secure feeling of being tight in a cozy blanket. Here are the steps to the mysterious art of the baby burrito.
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  • 5 Ways to Start Good Sleep Habits Now

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    The good news: You will sleep again one day. The great news: That day may come sooner than you dreamed, thanks to these tips from pediatrician moms who took the advice they dole out...mostly.
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  • Get The Baby To Fall Asleep

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    How do you encourage your baby to sleep like …a baby? Try these last-resort tricks that have helped other desperate parents snag some shuteye.
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  • Your Top Baby Sleep Questions, Answered…Fast!

    63 people found helpful
    Get new baby bedtime tips and all of your baby sleep questions answered from pediatrician and author, Harvey Karp M.D.
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  • Sleep Training Your Baby

    314 people found helpful
    Get your little one to snooze like a champion with this advice.
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  • How We Started Sleeping Through The Night

    64 people found helpful
    There is no one right way to teach your baby how to sleep. This is the very true, very unscientific way we regained our sanity and started getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night…
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  • On Stroller Naps

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    Tips on how you can find your own meaning of life with your young one
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  • Working Around Baby's Nap Schedule

    19 people found helpful
    Here are a few tips to help preserve a nap routine, and also allow you to get out of the house.
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  • Tips for Coping With Long Term Sleep Deprivation

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    If you’re riding in the sleep deprivation wagon, I’m so sorry, but also: welcome! Feel free to try any of these tips to help you make it through.
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  • The 4 Hour Schedule At 4 Months That Helped Us All

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    Right around the time my son turned four months old, we started to notice a bit of a change in him, in particular to his sleeping and eating patterns.
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  • How to Double Swaddle a Baby

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    All three of my babies have loved to be swaddled. The problem is, around three months they started “breaking out” of their swaddles and getting really sad.
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