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Share the baby (it’s his kid, too)

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Bonding isn't always as easy for Dad. Here are some tips on how to keep him from feeling like a third wheel.
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  • Me-yow!

    24 people found helpful
    Can cats and babies mix? Here are some ideas for maintaining friendly baby and pet relations during the crawling stage.
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  • The real dirt on baby clean

    35 people found helpful
    As soon as your baby can pick things up, she’ll start to put anything and everything into her mouth. But what’s really dirty, and what’s just kind of gross?
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  • Getting to the germ of truth

    14 people found helpful
    Is it okay to take your newborn out in public? Should you make your mother-in-law wash her hands before she touches the baby? Here are some useful ideas about babies and germs.
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  • The daddy way

    21 people found helpful
    Moms and dads may handle situations differently. And sometimes, it can be hard for Mom to let Dad have his time with baby in his way. But when she does, it can be great for everyone, especially the baby.
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  • Help your dog feel the love for the new baby

    15 people found helpful
    Some dogs are easygoing and accept just about anything that comes their way. Then there are most of the other dogs on the planet. Here's one mom's dog story.
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  • Me-Time For Moms: 6 Ways To Relax During Your Baby’s Nap

    5 people found helpful
    Two hands free for Facebook? Woo hoo! Moms share their baby’s-finally-snoozing pleasures.
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  • "The Best Baby Advice I Ever Got"

    14 people found helpful
    Experienced mothers share the best baby advice and other new baby tips and parenting advice for new and expecting mothers.
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  • No Baby Book? No Problem

    2 people found helpful
    In today’s digital world, traditional baby books seem to exist few and far between. After all, show me a mother who has time to painstakingly scrapbook every fiber of her baby’s history into a spiral-bound journal and I’ll show you Superwoman. But there are certainly ways to preserve those wonderful memories while still maintaining your own sanity. Here are five great ideas to try!:
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  • Bringing Home Baby: 4 Tips for Your Hospital Homecoming

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    Here are my tips for the big day, from one mom to another. I hope they’re helpful for you.
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  • 15 Ways To Make Daily Tasks With a Little One Easier

    6 people found helpful
    When you have a baby and a mile long to-do list to accomplish, the tasks can seem insurmountably impossible.
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  • The Top Perks of Being A Dad

    11 people found helpful
    Get parenting advice and perks of being a dad to your new baby from Huggies.com
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  • Baby Announcements & The Creative Way!

    14 people found helpful
    Get tips for cute ways to announce your pregnancy with these creative baby announcements.
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  • Great Time-Saving Tips for Parents

    99 people found helpful
    8 simple strategies to make you feel more organized and energized. Time-saving tips for parents.
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  • Your Most Embarrassing Mom Moments

    10 people found helpful
    Your Most Embarrassing Mom Moments
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  • 15 Smart Ways to Save Money for Your Family

    74 people found helpful
    15 moms from the HUGGIES Facebook community share their smart ways to save money.
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