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Me Time

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“The Sleep Deprivation Made Me Do It!”

When you’re operating on minimal shuteye, you do some pretty silly things. Parents in Huggies’ Facebook community share the stories they’re still laughing about with friends.
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“I put ice-cream in the pantry once instead of back in the fridge, and looked for it for all day,”
—Laura H.

“I would try to make phone calls with the TV remote.”
—Marie V.

“We were going to some fancy-schmancy event (can’t remember where exactly). Needless to say, we were all dressed up—hair, makeup, etc.—and we drove to the event and I had to tell my husband to go back home…I had left without any shoes!”
—Shelby B.

“I found my keys in the freezer.”
—Stacey D.

“I was napping with the baby and my older children asked if they could go outside. Half asleep, I insisted they walk the fish first.”’
—Denise W.

“I once poured pumped breast milk in hubby’s cereal. And used formula in place of flour for gravy.”
—Samantha R.

“I tried to scramble eggshells after cracking the eggs into the trash.”
—Nanci S.

“One night I was so tired that I actually went to go to the bathroom and nearly used my 2-year-old’s potty chair!”—Sara B. “I put hand sanitizer on my toothbrush. Thank goodness I realized what I was doing.”
—Susan P.

“I was talking to my honey on his lunch break while trying to find my cell phone. I kept telling him I couldn’t find my phone. He asked, ‘Aren’t you on it?!’ I was.”
—Heather M.

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