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Shamelessly Mushy Things I Do With My Baby

Moms and dads share moments of pure love insanity. Bet you can relate!
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“When my son was a baby, I’d gleefully announce ‘Kiss Patrol!’ and kiss him all over his belly. Now that he’s 10, I yell, ‘Kiss Patrol,’ chase him around the house, tackle him, pin him down, and kiss his belly. Each time it gets harder to do, but I still win!”
—Sherry Belul, mother of one, San Francisco, California

“When Evan was a baby, I’d squish his cute little bottom and tell him he had sweet cheeks. It definitely made an impression on him! When we were at a wading pool when he was 2, he walked over to a little girl, patted her, and called her sweet cheeks! Me and the other mom both cracked up.”
—Shana Davis, mother of two, West Linn, Oregon

“Our first son was 9 pounds when he was born. He was cute as a bug, so we called him ‘Buglette.’ When our second son started to walk, his toddling gait was so cutely troll-like that we came up with an appropriately cute troll-like nickname: ‘Shtunkles.’ My wife and I still use those names, in various forms, for codes and passwords in our lives!”
—Jamie Felberg, father of two, Lubbock, Texas

“I’ve always been partial to belly smooches—the more lip-smacking the better. My baby’s reaction? Big belly laughs, of course!”
—Bob Brody, father of two, Queens, New York

“Once in awhile, I throw on my swimsuit and get in the tub with my son. He loves it when I squirt water at him with this little whale toy. It’s just good, clean fun—literally!”
—Michael Kline, father of one, Woodland Hills, California

“You know that teardrop divot between your nose and your upper lip? On my twin baby boys, they are absolutely irresistible kissing spots. I swear, I must kiss their upper lips a million times a day.”
—Melissa Clark, mother of two, Rapid City, South Dakota

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    Rated 0 out of 5 by Thanks for the tips! I just ordered my glider/recliner and can't wait until it gets here. October 26, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by One thing I always made sure I had with both of my other 2 kids were a wipes warmer and diaper genie, I will not be using either of those for this baby, I just realized I don't need it, I would forget to clean it out (genie) and its faster and better just to use those little poop bags or a regular plastic bag...the warmer would usually burn the bottom of the wipes so I'm not using them... October 17, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by I'm glad they included all the info about the "white noise" machine...I remembered that it had been recommended with caution, but did not really understand why. September 30, 2014
    Rated 0 out of 5 by Good advice on the rocker. I'll have to make sure to add that to my registry. September 24, 2014
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