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Me Time

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Me-Time For Moms: 6 Ways To Relax During Your Baby’s Nap

Two hands free for Facebook? Woo hoo! Moms share their baby’s-finally-snoozing pleasures.
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1. Do some Windows shopping. “When the baby naps, I fantasy shop on sample sale sites like Rue La La and Haute Look. These days, it’s the closest I'm going to get to the real thing!"
—Ana Teague, mom of two, Miami, Florida

2. Whip up a treat. "The other day while my newborn napped, I made my favorite dessert. It’s insane—crushed Butterfinger, saltines, and graham crackers on the bottom, vanilla ice cream and pudding in the middle, and whipped cream on top. I even had the chance to dig in!”
—Cassie Kunkel, mother of one, St. Cloud, Minnesota

3. You nap, too. “I nap when the baby naps—well, at least the first one of the day. If I am really feeling inspired, I’ll take the baby monitor to the basement and hop on the treadmill. I am not often feeling inspired.”
—Danielle Welsh, mom of one, Madison Heights, Michigan

4. Hel-lo, husband! “When my husband is around, we use nap time as our intimate time. It's like, wait, we both aren't doing anything and we have energy?!'"
—Jenna Stow, mom of two, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. Trade notes with friends. “When my daughter was an infant, I’d go on Facebook to catch up with friends. My friends and I shared everything—especially the gross-ness, from poop blowouts to volcano levels of spit-up. It was reassuring to hear we were all dealing with the same stuff.”
—Brigette Wolf, mom of one, Chicago, Illinois

6. Take a coffee break. "I have a specific routine during Milo’s hour-long morning nap. I pour myself a cup of coffee, slather an English muffin with Nutella and a sliced banana, and I read. It's my hour, it keeps me sane, and afterward I feel energized and ready to be a great mom!"
—Marina Cowal, mom of one, Louisville, Kentucky

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    Rated 0 out of 5 by It amazed me how quickly I became comfortable with my son. In no time I was tossing him over my arm, picking him up with one hand, and even tossed him in the air! January 24, 2014
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