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What’s Your Trick For Changing Diapers On The Go?

What’s Your Trick For Changing Diapers On The Go?
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Stick to a three-diaper minimum. “I always have at least three diapers in the bag—one for the change I anticipate, one for the change I don’t, and one as a ‘sacrifice’ diaper, when the change I didn’t anticipate turns into a blowout.”’
—Lori Rosen, Summit, New Jersey; mom of two.

Prepare for change. “From watching the Food Network, I’ve learned that French chefs have a technique they call ‘mis èn place,’ which means ‘putting in place.’ They know that dicing and slicing before they cook helps everything go smoothly. I apply the same to diapering. I make sure I’m ready for action—with wipes, a plastic bag and a change of clothes—before the diaper’s off.”
—Taylor Newman, Austin, Texas; mom of one.

Create a distraction. “My smartphone is my secret to getting the job done quickly. I stream some children’s music, lay the phone on the changing table, and it mesmerizes my baby. It’s so much easier to change a calm baby than a wriggly one.”
—Stephanie O’Hara, Long Island, New York; mom of one.

Keep it clean. “I have a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in my diaper bag that I refill from a big bottle at home. I use it after diaper changing to wipe my baby’s feet, hands, and whatever else got pooped on.”
—Peggy Cheng, Oakland, California; mom of two.

Pick up a portable changing pad. “I use something called the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station. It's a clutch that folds out into a changing mat and has pockets for wipes, diapers and cream. It’s nice and flat, so I can put it on gross public changing tables, in the trunk of my car, or even on the ground.”
—Nora McCarthy, Norwalk, Connecticut; mom of two.

Go in style. “I bought a chic, oversize purse to fit diaper essentials and all my stuff. I have everything in easy reach for quick changes in restrooms and it helps me feel like a woman…not an overpacked mom!”
—Pamela Yonkin, Portsmouth, New Hampshire; mom of two.

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