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Your Most Embarrassing Mom Moments

Your Most Embarrassing Mom Moments
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If you’re a parent, you’ve had a kid-induced mortifying moment. See how your hall-of-shame stories compare to these ones from moms on HUGGIES Facebook community.

"We were at a children’s museum and they had a kid’s cooking class where they melted white chocolate and let kids dip pretzels in it. They told the kids to go wash their hands. When they did, my 2-year-old got up and licked everyone’s pretzel."—Samantha S.

"We had visitors over when my son crawled out of my room with my bra on his head."
—Rochelle G.

"We were out at a restaurant and my 2-year-old saw an older man with an eye patch and said, very loudly, ‘Look, mom! There’s a pirate!’ The man was very nice and told me not to worry about it, but boy was I embarrassed!"—Kim S.

"When my son was about one and a half, we went to dinner with my parents and friends of theirs. The hostess had on a shorter skirt that had some pouf to it, which my toddler found fascinating. When the hostess went to set the table across from us, her back turned to my son, he promptly tilted backwards in his highchair and stuck his head up her skirt! I’m just glad the girl didn’t notice."—Allyssa S.

"One morning, in front of all the other preschool parents, I nearly face-planted while I had my 7-month-old in a front carrier. Not one of my finer moments."—Kylee W.

"This last Christmas, my parents and I took my 2-year-old to the mall to get his picture taken with Santa. It didn’t go too well. First, his shoe fell off during the process, and he jumped off Santa’s lap screaming and crying until he found his shoe. We got him back on Santa’s lap, and he smacked poor Santa right in the face with the shoe. I was trying to calm my son down and not to laugh all at the same time."—Lisa T.

"A total stranger was trying to console my son at a restaurant during a very rowdy, untypical fit of not eating. My 2-year-old turned to the stranger and shouted "NO...BE QUIET MAAAAN!" That poor grandpa didn't know what to do...and I could have died!
—Kimberly R.

"My daughter once pulled the alarm at the doctor’s office. I couldn’t even pretend to deny it, because there was an older man in the waiting room that kept pointing at us saying, "The baby did it! The baby did it!"—Angela B.

See what parents are talking about on HUGGIES’ Facebook community.

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