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Taking the bite out of the molar meltdown

Soothing a teether, especially when your baby’s cutting a molar, can be brutal. But everybody’s got to get teeth. These ABCs of molar pain relief should help get you both through.
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Generally, you can expect your baby's first molars to come in around the ages of 10-16 months. You can also expect some — maybe even a lot — of discomfort for your baby as they push through the gums—ouch!!

Big and blunt molars can be brutal for your baby and of course — for you too — when you see your little one in pain. Gerber has some good advice. Read on to check out the ABCs of baby molars to help ease the pain for everyone involved:

  • Apply pressure to the affected gum with your finger; rubbing the gum firmly might bring some relief.
  • Biting on something cold — a gel-filled teething ring or frozen banana — can help.
  • Cups or bottles of icy cold water might make her feel better.
  • Dab teething gel along the gum line to numb the pain.
  • Eating soft stuff — applesauce or puréed fruits — should alleviate some of the woes.

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