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Finger-food fun: A lowdown for the highchair

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Taste-testing finger foods is a messy job. It can also be hysterical. Here are a few nibbles from expert moms to make this new milestone deliciously fun.
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  • Broccoli, bananas and beans. Oh my!

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    Baby spitting squash all over? It's funny the first time. But it gets old fast. Here's how to get baby eating, and loving, healthy fruits and veggies.
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  • Feeding your new finger foodie

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    Baby's moving on to table food? That's big news and a big step toward independence. Plus it's the next stage of hand, eye and mouth coordination.
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  • Weaning Your Baby: The No-Worries Guide

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    5 tips from moms on weaning your kids.
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  • Protecting Our Carpet from a Messy Eating Baby

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    As parents, how can we let our babies go through this phase of learning to self-feed, and yet keep our floors clean?
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  • Different Baby Foods to Consider Feeding Your Baby

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    Taking into account that all babies are different and that you should exercise discretion in knowing whether or not your baby is ready, you can consider feeding your baby some of these foods:
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  • How to (Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully) Raise a Non-Picky Eater

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    There were very specific measures we took to try and ensure that our son Noah is more of an adventurous eater than the no-food-can-be-touching-my-God-get-this-green-stuff-away-from-me eater. And regardless of the outcome, I think they’re all steps toward healthy eating habits — which is worth discussing, regardless.
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  • Making Your Own Baby Food

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    This is the third baby I’ve made homemade baby food for. By now, even 5 years span between children, I have the routine down pat and could do it with my eyes closed. That statement is not intended as a boast or brag, but to let you know just how simple it can be to prepare your baby’s food at home
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  • How Much Food Does My Child  Really  Need?

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    Food recommendations from NYC-based nutritionist Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D.
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