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Changing-Table Challenges Solved!

Find out why kids bite and what you can do to stop it. Pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D.
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Diapering should be A-B-C-D-Easy, but what happens when Baby doesn't get the memo? Here’s how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Challenge: Baby keeps flipping over

Solution: "Always snap the belt on the changing table around your baby to protect her," says Amy Chezem, a spokesperson for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Also, your baby will be less likely to flip over if you keep her entertained. Sing a silly song, blow raspberries on her tummy, make funny faces—put on a show and work quickly.

Challenge: Baby cries when you change his diaper

Solution: Some tots find the sudden exposure to cold air uncomfortable, so try draping a blanket over your baby’s chest and tummy before changing him. Then rub wipes between your hands for a few seconds to warm them. Talk in a calm, soothing voice, explaining what you’re doing; you could also sing lullabies or position a musical mobile over the changing table.

Challenge: Baby puts her hands in the dirty diaper

Solution: Children’s natural curiosity leads them to investigate just about everything—including what’s happening down below during a diaper change. Keep your baby’s hands busy with a textured toy (like a rattle) that she only gets at changes. If she still insists on grabbing at her dirty diaper, be sure to clean her hands with a wipe before wrapping up the diaper change. Then take her to the sink and scrub her hands with soap and warm water.

Challenge: Baby is a kicker     

Solution: Sometimes, kids kick because they’re frustrated and want off the table. But sometimes, it just feels good. Either way, try holding both of baby’s ankles with one hand while you wipe his bottom with the other.

If the thrashing is extra strong, hold both ankles close to his body (so it looks like he’s doing a squat). Viola—no more Kung Fu baby!

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