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Red carpet lashes in a blink

Red carpet? Playground? They’re not so different. At least not when you’re batting the same long, lush lashes worn by Hollywood beauties. Our celebrity makeup guru shares his secrets to amazing lashes for mom.
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Oscar nominees and winners were not just sporting gowns, precious gems and upswept dos on the red carpet this year. In fact, makeup guru Christopher Drummond, a model turned professional makeup artist who's launched his own all-natural, eco-friendly, organic-based line of cosmetics Christopher Drummond Beauty, says this year's must-have "Red Carpet Looks" at the 2010 Academy Awards were all about false lashes.

Long, lush lashes that call attention to the beautiful shape of one's eye were worn by everyone from Zoe Saldana to Sigourney Weaver.

According to Drummond there are many different kinds of false lashes: strips, individuals and partials. Generally, strips are the easiest and individuals are the most complicated to apply. When applying falsies, remember this: Practice makes perfect. Nobody ever did it right the first time. It takes patience to learn how to do it properly and, also, perseverance.

Drummond offers these six tips to help you get that celebrity red-carpet lash look.

  1. Learn to apply individuals first

    This way, it was much easier to learn to apply strips. To me, individuals are actually easier, because you are dealing with a smaller area, and if you mess up, you pull it off and start again.

  2. Anchor your hand.

    Place your hand on your cheek, or place your elbow on the table, so that your hand is steady. If your hand is floating in midair, there is a lot more room for mistakes!

  3. Tips for strips

    Apply a small amount of glue to the lashes, and let it dry for a short period of time before applying to the lashes. Get the strip as close to the lash line as possible. Use a tool to help you push the falsies into the proper place.

  4. Start with the inner corner of the eye, and go out to the outer corner.

    Anchor the inner corner, then the outer corner, then work on the rest of the strip that is in between.

  5. Tips for individuals

    Be sure you anchor your hand. Don't use too much glue. And try to get the base of the falsie as close to the base of the natural lash line as possible. After positioning it, make sure it is pointing in the right direction.

  6. Tips for both

    Apply a strip that is rather thin and sparse. There is nothing worse than drag queen lashes when you are trying to look glamorous. Then, fill in the outer corner of the lashes with individuals. This will look naturally gorgeous, and also make your eyes look like you just had an eye tuck, by pulling them out and up.

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