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When your baby loses his lovey

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blankie or a baby lamb, when your baby loses his lovey it’s stressful on everyone. But there are ways you can help make it a little easier.
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The problem with lovey items is that you never know which item your child will end up addicted to. If we knew that, we could buy them in bulk. My son had plenty of stuffed toys and blankets, but his lovey was this little yellow blanket my aunt gave him. He loved this blanket. He slept with it from babyhood — to about age five, and it was totally beat up after five years.

Cedar's blanket went from yellow to bleached white (think four million washes). In five years it had been ripped and resewn so many times that by the end it was half its original size. However, we did what we could, because Cedar wouldn't sleep without it.

What can you do when a lovey is lost or so beat up it's got to be tossed?

You can try buying doubles, although there's no guarantee. In my son's case, we couldn't find that same blanket, but when his started to get too ragged we bought similar blankets — he was not fooled.

You can let your little one know that it's okay to miss his favorite lovey. Act sympathetic, because your child does feel more secure with his bear or blanket, so a loss is big-time heartbreak for your child.

Take a picture of your child with his lovey before a loss occurs. I actually put a piece of my son's blanket in his scrapbook, and now he'll look at it and say, "Remember my yellow blanket?"

Help your little one choose a new security item. If the worst happens, say a stuffed friend is lost on a flight, allow your child to choose a new friend at a very cool toy store. It's not going to replace the old lovey, but it'll help.

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