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Saying "No!" to midnight snacking

Want your baby to sleep through the night? Curbing nighttime feeding could help make it happen.
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One of the biggest keys to getting your baby to sleep through the night is thought to be stopping the nighttime feedings.

Besides getting junior to sleep at night, stopping the nighttime feedings is important to healthy teeth development. Sugars from breast milk and especially formula will stay in your baby's mouth through the night, and can cause early tooth problems.

Another reason to halt nighttime feedings is that babies shouldn't associate sleep with eating. You want your baby to understand and like other sleepy-time methods like holding, playing soothing music and so forth.

To transition your babe from night feedings, try gradually cutting back the amount of milk he drinks at night — very gradually: about an ounce per feeding over a couple of weeks. Eventually, he'll sleep through the night instead of waking up and expecting food.

By the time he's one year old, he really should have no issues sleeping through the night. If he does, talk to your pediatrician to get some advice.

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