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Me Time

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More me time, please

When you become a mom, no one warns you that you’ll be zapped of every last bit of energy. Here are a few easy ways to take care of yourself.
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When you become a mother, no one tells you that your pre-kid rituals of sipping a glass of wine or curling up with a racy novel will likely fall by the way side. And no one cautions you that your me-time will be spent trying to get some sleep as opposed to your favorite mani-pedi.

But despite all the lunches that must be packed, laundry that must get done and a household that needs to be maintained...you also need to find time that is just for you!

"Mom alone-time" can be found with just a bit of imagination and planning. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

    Sneak in a good read

    If you've got to take one of your kids to a dance lesson or doctor's appointment, instead of biding the time waiting and biting your fingernails to the quick, make sure you've got a book handy and use that time to dive into a delectable read. It will, at the very least, provide you with a mental respite from the daily grind and it's great modeling behavior for your children, who may just take out their books (as opposed to their video games) and join you.

    Create your own at-home spa treatments

    In addition to being more cost-effective, you can whip up these quick and easy treatments to nourish your body in the comfort of your home at any time that works for you — whether it's before the kids wake up or at night after they're in bed. Here are some great mix-it-up yourself beauty treatments, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi, owner of Tela Design Studio in New York's meatpacking district and creator of Tela Beauty Organics sold in Barneys and P2, Philip's professional line of haircare products.

    • Body

      Sugar and extra virgin olive oil exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub

      Ingredients: Sugar, extra virgin olive oil

      Mix into a thick paste. Add enough olive oil to make it slippery but enough sugar to be gritty enough, about 1/4 cup sugar to about 1/4 cup plus a few tablespoons olive oil. Great for exfoliating dry feet, hands, elbows and knees. Wisk away excess sugar and then further massage in oil to moisturize.

    • Face

      Oatmeal, milk and honey moisture masque

      Ingredients: Instant oatmeal, whole milk, and honey.

      Follow the directions on the packet of instant oatmeal and make a bowl of oatmeal. Add a few drops of honey while still warm. Let cool down completely to room temperature. This is very important for safety. Do not use when oatmeal is hot. Once room temperature, apply thick layer to clean dry skin, avoiding eyes, and allow to sit on skin for about 15-20 minutes. Oatmeal, milk and honey are naturally very moisturizing and calming. Excellent on irritated dry skin.

    • Brunette hair

      Avocado hair moisture masque

      Ingredients: Avocado.

      Mash up one or two very ripe avocados depending on the length and density of your hair. Shampoo and lightly towel dry. Apply avocado masque hair to hair and massage into scalp, then wrap hair with a warm towel. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual. Avocados are naturally extremely moisturizing.

    • Blonde hair

      Banana hair moisture masque

      Ingredients: Bananas.

      Follow the same directions as with the Avocado Masque but choose bananas for blondes. Avocados are green and possibly can stain blonde hair. Bananas are naturally extremely moisturizing.

Get in some girlfriend time while you're cooking dinner

Instead of slaving over another hot stove while your kids whine in the background, invite your best girlfriend with her brood in tow to share the kitchen duties. Let the kids entertain each other while you and your mom-in-crime roll up your sleeves and plan dinner for everyone. This way you can get in a bit of a gab fest and feed all those hungry little mouths all at once.

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